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UK Newswire Archive

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Invitation to Expedition in the Napo-Ucayali Corridor: June/July 2008

17-11-2007 23:19

Contemporary developments in the global economy are very significant for the Amazon rain forest. While this might be said to be true for anywhere at any point in time there are nevertheless good reasons for paying special attention to what maybe the last battle for the survival of the largest rain forest in the world, the loss of which it should need no further justification to lament – and that is the basis upon which this invitation is written….

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Mazuz OKs Cuts to Gaza's Electricity

17-11-2007 23:04

Remember, everything Hitler did was 'legal' too. This is intended to provoke a violent response, which can then be used to 'justify' the massive Aggression Israel plans to undertake following Annapolis.

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IAEA Again Verifies Iranian Compliance

17-11-2007 23:02

Israel's 'pre-emptive' attacks on El Baredei BEFORE the report only proves that these Extremists know full well that there's nothing to the fearmongering they're again attempting to use to dupe people into supporting their planned Aggression.

Nonetheless, I grew dizzy last night, as I watched the media desperately spinning this into something it isn't.

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Israel's Demands Threaten Annapolis

17-11-2007 22:59

ALERT: Annapolis a Charade: Olmert Plotting Massive Aggression

In Germany, according to historian Richard Evans, in 1931-1932, if enough Germans of conscience had begun to say No -- history would have had an entirely diferent outcome.

If we go any further down this road the tears will be those of conservatives as well as progressives. They will be (Israeli) tears.

The time for weeping has to stop; the time for confronting must begin.

Adapted from "American Tears"

The timing is interesting, given the upcoming "Annapolis Conference", which serves to be about PR alone, as Olmert has already ruled out any Negotiations or Compromise in the name of peace.

If you follow the events surrounding Israel's "Disengagement" from Gaza, you will quickly understand that this was the plan all along. While Israel was making a public spectacle of "forcing Jews to leave their homes", it was quietly surrounding the Strip with artillery emplacements, in an operation ominously named "First Rain".

Under this operation, Gaza basically became a "Free-Fire Zone", and several artillery and gunship strikes killed a high number of civilians. Finally, when one of these batteries fired upon and murdered a Palestinian family - picnicking on a beach that had been Segregated "Jews Only" only weeks before, Hamas finally decided to call an end to its unilateral, two-year cease-fire.

(In essence, they took Israel's bait. After all, you can't excuse your Aggression and label it "defense" if you're not being intermittently attacked. Never mind the hypocrisy underlying the entire media's framing of that whole debate ...)

When the Palestinians responded by electing Hamas to power (yes, elected), Israeli Extremists and their Ideological, bought foreign co-conspirators imposed unilateral sanctions on Gaza, a bit of Collective Punishment which increased the hardship of those stuck in the world's largest Concentration Camp.

When they felt Gaza had been substantially weakened, the US and Israel undertook a Coup attempt, using corrupt elements within the Fatah Party, provoking a violent response by Hamas, which expelled the group. Most of the world's media ignored the events leading to this "crisis", and instead only repeated the Propaganda emanating from the US and Israel, which used this to further increase sanctions against Gaza.

Most recently, Israel stepped up its Collective Punishment, except that human rights groups and legal advisors to the Government halted some of its approved measures, because they run contrary to International Humanitarian Law.

This was sold as another "response to rocket attacks" (again highlighting the hypocrisy of the debate's Framing - are the Palestinians allowed to defend themselves from strikes which actually KILL people ... ?), even though high-ranking officials said that this was NOT, in fact, a response to these attacks, but a way to "distance Israel from Gaza's infrastructure".

The real reason for this whole episode, of course, has been to "soften up" the Gaza Strip for a long-planned military attack, a way to undermine the resolve, and hopefully rid this territory of Palestinians altogether.
Olmert signalled long ago that he would not entertain any serious discussions at this summit, essentially selling out the Israeli public's desire for peace.

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Eucharia and Timeyi Jakpa granted asylum!

17-11-2007 20:52

After over two years of campaigning, on 5 November 2007, Eucharia Jakpa received a letter confirming her's and her 7-year-old son Timeyi's right to stay in Britain.

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Report - March against Racism! Saturday 3 November 2007

17-11-2007 20:46

Saturday's demonstration in support of asylum rights saw up to 50 people join in a militant and noisy march from Whitworth Park through Rusholme up Dickenson Road past Longsight Market ending with a rally outside Slade Lane Neighbourhood Centre. There were banners from North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group, British Libya Solidarity Campaign and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! The march was also supported by members of the International Organisation of Iranian Refugees and the Anarchist Federation with food provided at the end rally by Manchester Food not Bombs.

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Iranian asylum seeker, Omid Karimi, speaks out against racist police and asylum

17-11-2007 20:43

Omid Karimi is a Kurdish asylum seeker from Iran. The Kurds are an oppressed minority in Iran. Britain deported 315 Iranians between January and June 2007. Thousands of asylum seekers are left to rot, slowly starving to death on electronic vouchers; many are not allowed to work. Many are forced to live in appalling conditions including in the worst housing, while the British Home Office's NASS-contracted accommodation providers like M&Q, make huge profits every year.

The following is a letter sent to NWASDG from Omid Karimi after he was arrested one night after an argument with one of the four people squeezed into a 1-bedroom house in Longsight, a suburb of Manchester. Under these conditions conflict is inevitable. The ultimate responsibility lies with the racist British Labour government whose racist asylum laws oppress asylum seekers, disperse them to areas where they have no social support and forces them into poverty, destitution and homelessness. - NWASDG

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Antifascist Concentration Sat. 24th November

17-11-2007 20:06

A memorial for Carlos, murdered spanish antifascist, and a protest against the banning of the antifascist demo that had been called for that day.
Meet at 12 by the International Brigades Monument @ Southbank
Jubilee Gardens, close to the London Eye.

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I'm Tony, fly me

17-11-2007 20:04

Tony Blair demands private jet per speaking engagement

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HLS Shareholders Dropped! Wachovia, Axa & Rathbones

17-11-2007 19:52

Rathbones, after one demonstration out side their office in London, made the right decision and sold their 20,000 shares in HLS. Huntingdon Life Sciences are on the ropes after AXA and Wachovia both sold all their share very recently. Please get out and help kill off this sick and dying company once and for all.

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Why I Walked Out In Richard Reed Of Innocent Drinks

17-11-2007 18:12

Ok, being uber-cool in jeans, t-shirt and Ugg boots on a stage in front of 300 environmentalists of varying shades is not, in itself, reason to have someone walk out on you, but I did give it at least 2 minutes before I left. Here’s why.

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The Iraqi 'surge'...

17-11-2007 17:57

...whats actually happend is that the Americans have discovered a new tactic - bribery. Thats whats bringing some militias/areas in line, but the reduction in attacks is being atributed to the 'surge' in the usual dodgy polictrics type way. It amazes me that they took so long to suss out this technique - considering the amount of money thats been wasted so far on this military exercise. Will the relative peace sustain? Lets hope so. If Al Qa'ida get squeezed out then so much the better. The overall outlook is relativly nightmarish as usual, world chaos rising...

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Cambiad furia y tristeza a resistencia !

17-11-2007 17:21

Today, saturday the 17th of november over 100 Antifascists participated in a rally, expressing their anger and sorrow about the killed Antifascist Carlos Javier Palomino.

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New Norwich Social Centre!

17-11-2007 15:14

The Where Will It Be Collective (WWIB) announce the opening of a social centre in a squatted building in Norwich city centre. Come and visit! Here's the press release:

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Total petrol station demo in Wrexham

17-11-2007 14:52

Wrexham Women for Peace and supporters held a demonstration at a local TOTAL petrol station in support of the people of Burma (Myanmar) this morning in advance of a national day of action against TOTAL next Saturday 24 November. Campaigners targeted the petrol station on the A483 Ruabon by-pass to draw attention to the links between French-owned TOTAL Oil and the Burmese military junta.

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Thoughts on evolving strategy

17-11-2007 13:47

While battles are fought against the police, protests raged against politicians and corporations, I want to raise the more thorny issue of what do we, as activists, do about the "common people", the general mass of "ordinary" people who make up the bulk of consumers (and producers)?
In this short piece I argue that it is necessary to obtain support from people in the street for a number of reasons: first, because of the groundswell support that this group could lend to the cause(s) and second, because it then becomes that much more tenuous for the authorities to dismiss the cause(s) we fight for as radical, or reflecting fringe interests.

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On Iran, no news is good news for U.S.

17-11-2007 13:25

The IAEA’s latest report on the Iranian civilian nuclear programme will take the wind out of the sails of the war party in Washington. It suggests Tehran might be telling the truth about not having worked as extensively on its centrifuge designs as the Anglo-American bloc alleges it has.

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Calling international solidarity with the anti-fascist murdered by a nazi in...

17-11-2007 13:12

Calling international solidarity with the anti-fascist murdered by a nazi in Madrid

Recently nazy-groups' agressions have increased in Madrid, assaulting immigrants by daylight under total authorities' impunity.

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Your tax money for earthquake-prone nuclear power station in Bulgaria?

17-11-2007 03:52

If you pay tax in the UK, some of the money your government takes off you and gives to the European Union might soon be used to build a Russian-designed nuclear power station in an earthquake-prone area of Bulgaria.

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unknown major Babeuf manuscript discovered in Moscou yesterday

17-11-2007 03:21

Moscou: unknown 1790-manuscript of the French Social Revolutionary Graccus Babeuf found in former Soviet collection
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