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UK Newswire Archive

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More Nottm Animal Rights Events

26-04-2010 23:16

A Minority Pastime - print & display poster
Vegan Cake, demos, film shows, animal rescue work and more.

... and Vegan Cake!

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Take action to stop Anselme being deported

26-04-2010 21:17

Anselme Noumbiwa is a person seeking sanctuary in Great Britain. He faces deportation to his home nation, Cameroon, where he will be in danger of torture and possibly death. Please take action to stop his deportation.

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S036.NET attacked by German Police

26-04-2010 19:41
German Radical ISP has homes and data centre raided by German cops

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Palestinian Bedouin communities resisting violent Israeli settlers

26-04-2010 18:53

Between 20 and 30 armed settlers from the Maskiot settlement, supported by the Israeli army and police from the settlement, yesterday erected a tent flying Israeli flags just 10 metres away from the entrance to the Palestinian Bedouin community of El Maleh and ordered the Bedouin community off the land.
Their aim is to terrify the community into leaving and claim the land to expand Maskiot settlement.

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Posters go up, posters come down, another hard day for Zippos Circus

26-04-2010 18:40

Today Zippo's Circus started their campaign of blitzing Sidcup with posters. Literally hours after the posters went up, ACATA activists were on the street to educate the public and shop owners about what happens behind the scenes at a circus which the public never get to see.

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It's Now or Never: Hands Off Mother Earth!

26-04-2010 17:44

This article sums up the essential findings of the People's Agreement, the final document of the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, from April 19th to 22nd. The writer calls on readers to join the HANDS OFF MOTHER EARTH CAMPAIGN, launched as an immediate first result of the People's Conference.

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Capture the Flag in Newcastle City Centre

26-04-2010 17:42

This Friday! 7pm at Monument!

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Critical Mass! This Saturday in Newcastle

26-04-2010 17:40

Critical Mass as part of DIY Aye radical festival

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DIY Aye! Radical Festival - This weekend in Newcastle

26-04-2010 17:38

2010 Poster
DIY Aye! returns

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New animal lab at Leicester; New nationwide campaign to start

26-04-2010 16:52

Following the news Leicester Univestity has started work on a new animal testing facility a new nation campaign will be launched in the next few days, please keep an eye on Indymedia for more info and in the meantime contact Leicester Uni on - 0116 252 2522 to complain

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The Michael Stone Award for Rough Justice

26-04-2010 16:08

The Michael Stone Award for Rough Justice is now open.

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It's all happening at Royate Hill Community Orchard

26-04-2010 15:22

View across the allotment to the orchardThe Royate Hill Community Orchard needs you! On the first and third Saturday of every month we gather for our work-days. The season is really kicking off now, and we're already harvesting spinach, salad, brocolli, and rhubarb in abundance. In the coming weeks there'll be plenty of opportunity for people to come and enjoy a bit of digging in a beautiful setting, with a delicious reward at the end of the day!

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Third UK Election Debate Location.

26-04-2010 14:16

Third UK Election Debate Location.

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Sizewell Campers Mark Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster

26-04-2010 14:14

Monday, 26 April 2010

Around twenty activists from the Stop Nuclear Power Network [1] have held a ceremony on the beach in front of Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk (England) this afternoon to mark the 24th anniversary of the world's worst ever civil nuclear disaster, at Chernobyl (Ukraine). [2] They are looking to highlight the risk of a similar catastrophe happening in Suffolk, due to a reactor meltdown [3,4] or major radioactive waste incident.

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Plane Stupid targets Red Bullshit

26-04-2010 13:30

Plane Stupid targets Red Bullshit
Environmental campaign group, Plane Stupid, has deposited a large mound of manure outside the south London HQ of soft drink giant Red Bull. Three activists, dressed as ‘avenging air hostesses’ in wigs and mini-dresses the same colour as the company’s logo, crowned the mound with placards reading: ‘Red Bull-sh*t’, ‘Red Bull gives you (plane) wings’ and ‘No second runway by stealth.’

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Bristol and Bath Rising Tide Stop Coal Train

26-04-2010 12:02

Today, people involved in the Rising Tide Network have literally puts their necks on the line by chaining themselves to the rails in order to block the rail link to the Ffoss y Fran Open Cast Coal mine near Merthyr Tydfil. They are currently blocking the movement of coal trains from the mine to Aberthaw Power Station.

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Jus' Take up Your Tools - Bristol Ecovillage is Born - Urban Center for Alt Tech

26-04-2010 11:54

On 17th April 2010 around 45 people occupied a piece of unused land in Bristol, England to set up Bristol Ecovillage, a Center for Alternative Technology. By the end of the day they had established themselves and even had built raised planting beds. This film tells the story of this day.

Watch the video at

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Sanctuary for Cameroonian's, Jean Mathurin Tadjiokeng Yves Yitgna Njitchoua, Ans

26-04-2010 11:32

Jean (Fifth attempt), Yves (Sixth attempt), and Anselme (seventh attempt), long time residents in the UK and currently detained in Colnbrook IRC, are once again facing deportation by charter flight to Cameroon on Wednesday 28th April 2010 on flight PVT 003 @06:30 to Douala.

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Raytheon 9 Film +talk by Joanne Baker

26-04-2010 10:29

In solidarity with the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, PalestineSupport the EDO decommissioners, trial starts 17th May
"Every bullet that is fired, every bomb that is dropped has to be made somewhere and that somewhere can be resisted"
The story of Raytheon 9, how 9 people took on an international arms company and won...inspiring film.
Plus an informative talk by Joanne Baker on the terrible consequences that the arms trade unleashes on a civilian population.
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