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UK Newswire Archive

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Goldman Sachs White House: Latest Coupling of Capitalism With Slaughterhouse

30-03-2008 15:11

Long before J P Morgan was making his fortune selling filthy meat to the Union Army
in the Civil War, capitalism has been wed to slaughterhouse products.

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SOCPA Victory? Campaign for Free Assembly Demo 1pm April 5th Trafalgar Square

30-03-2008 12:30


Jack Straw announced plans to replace SOCPA sections 132-138, which ban spontaneous demonstrations around Parliament, and make it a criminal offence to demonstrate without police permission - to get maximum positive PR from the ever compliant press, Straw only announced the repeal now, while the need for new laws was hidden in the small print. One battle may soon be over, the struggle continues on the streets.

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Alms for the Poor, Smash Libel Tourism, ebook

30-03-2008 03:52

Naughty Brit mercenaries in Equatorial Guinea, UK government up to its neck in shit??? D Notice anyone?
Saudi Billionaire and Wahabbi Dog sues global publisher in UK court for libel. You can be sued too!

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Action Needed In Solidarity With Melanesia Climate Refugees

30-03-2008 03:35

'Carteret Islanders are victims of climate change, we do not emit greenhouse
let alone drive cars on the island, do not
have an airstrip on the island, yet we have become victims of others doing'.

Probably get there by the end of next year on my yacht.

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RMT and TSSA vote for joint strike action

30-03-2008 00:35

RMT station staff and train operator members voted Thursday by a margin of five to one for strike action in defence of safety on the London Underground.

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Global food prices rise and famine increases

29-03-2008 23:26

The United Nations body World Food Programme (WFP) has warned that the rise in global food prices will reduce its ability to feed hungry and malnourished people.

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Mumia Abu-Jamal: planning meeting for next protest action

29-03-2008 23:15

Planning meeting: Thursday 3 April - 7pm. To prepare for a protest outside the US Embassy at 1pm on Saturday 19 April to coincide with other international protests.

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The sieges of Basra and Sadr City: another US war crime in Iraq

29-03-2008 22:38

US fighter planes and helicopter gunships struck the southern Iraqi city of Basra and the teeming slums of Baghdad’s Sadr City with bombs and missiles Friday as the offensive launched by Iraqi puppet troops against the Mahdi Army, the Shia militia loyal to Muqtada al Sadr, faltered badly.

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Wife of Avon & Somerset Police Chief bags privatised force job

29-03-2008 22:00

Sue Barnes, Wife of Local Chief Constable Colin Port, is Project Director for Privatised Force
Quisling Moira Hamlin, chair of Avon and Somerset Police Authority, said: "I am disappointed that a local MP has hidden behind parliamentary privilege to make allegations about individuals and the processes around this decision." Would she have sued him? I think not it would attract too much publicity.
Looked at together these three articles reveal an intelligence-insulting degree of secrecy and cronyism. To add to the fact that the financial backers leased Hollerith machines to Hitler's Nazis during the second world war. Their punch card data machines were used to round up Jews, Communists, Romanys, Trades Unionists and others.

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Zimbabwean Asylum Rights Demo @ Speakers Corner, Nottingham

29-03-2008 21:44

At 2pm on Saturday 29th March, on the day of the Zimbabwean elections, folks gathered to highlight the dangers that people who have fled Zimbabwe will face, if they are forcibly returned there.

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FEM 08 Announced!

29-03-2008 20:53

FEM 08 - the fourth in the widely acclaimed series of FEM Conferences - will take place on Saturday 26 April 2008 at Sheffield University Students Union. The conference is free and open to all women.

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Westgate Demo Photos

29-03-2008 16:59

ahem. I'm sure one of the lovely IMC folk will realise that the previous post was missing its rather important part. That is the photos. *Blush*

So here's some Photos of today's demo against tripling the size of the Westgate Centre, and effectively privatising public space.

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ALF 4 actions worldwide - foie gras, leather, fur farm and butchers

29-03-2008 15:29

Four actions recently reported by the ALF

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Save Our Blood Service - 11th April Watford

29-03-2008 15:27

demonstrate friday 11th April 12pm in Watford to defend the National Blood Service and defend the NHS. Meet at 12 outside Watford Junction station.

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Four seal hunters drown after boat capsizes

29-03-2008 15:06

Four seal hunters drown during hunt

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Live report on protests in Slupsk (Poland) against anti-missile missile base

29-03-2008 15:04

Live report on protests in Slupsk (Poland) against anti-missile missile base - wiki translation from Polish original. Reload frequently.

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The Tibet Card: Punishing China for its reluctance to impose sanctions on Iran

29-03-2008 14:18

It seems that the US government excels at propaganda for it continues to win over the very people it has betrayed and caused to be killed; buying their trust, it offers a friendship that is only self-serving.

Engaging China in a Tibet uprising would distract or dissuade it from building alliances with Iran. Iran must be kept isolated at all costs

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Mexico on the brink?

29-03-2008 12:13

In reponse to government attacks, indigenous join the ranks of the ERPI.

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Asking Sarkozy to kick Total Out of Burma at Arsenal Summit

29-03-2008 11:57

Arsenal Armoury Cannons
At the Anglo-French summit held at Arsenal Emirates Football Stadium on Thursday 27th April, protesters asked French President Sarkozy to kick French Total Oil out of Burma. President Sarkozy has previously told Total not to make further investment in Burma, but Total currently funds the brutal military regime with over 500 million dollars a year. In December it upgraded its offshore gas platform whilst asking its corrupt military partners for a maritime exclusion zone around the platform.

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CDG - the lying continues

29-03-2008 11:49

The lying at CDG has evolved from little white lies to massive big black lies.
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