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UK Newswire Archive

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20-11-2004 23:50

Protestors picketed Starbucks in Edinburgh’s High Street for three and a half hours on Saturday 20th November. Demonstrators served up free zapatista coffee, proclaiming solidarity with the rebel indigenous movement in Mexico and with New York Starbucks workers in dispute with the coffee giant. The action was jointly organised by Edinburgh Branch Industrial Workers of the World and Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group.

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20-11-2004 21:53

Zombie Wire RFID World News
RFID NEWS from the other side of the machine

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Brutality of the Islamic Regime

20-11-2004 20:58

IRI Brutalities
The Unknown Victims of the 1999 Student Uprising

November 20, 2004
Iran va Jahan
Koorosh Sehati

Translated from Persian text: Potkin Azarmehr

After the student uprising in July 1999, a massive crackdown took place in Iran. Many students were imprisoned, many disappeared and many were seriously injured. However, the crackdown in Tehran and some other cities like Tabriz was so severe that the events in other Iranian cities were somewhat under shadowed. Ahwaz, a hot Southern Iranian city was one of those where the suppression of the uprising was under reported.

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20-11-2004 18:57

George W. Bush
The current president's parents both have Graves' disease. According to Hossein Gharib, MD, fifty percent of either one's children will inherit the disease. Since both have it, that means Dubya's chances are 50% to 100%.

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Airbus Fails to Expropriate Farmland

20-11-2004 18:03

Airbus fails to Expropriate Farmland in Germany- Jobs go to French Unions

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Terror Attack in Venezuela Kills State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson

20-11-2004 17:47

bush 2nd term priorities?

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More Beyoncé for our bucks - or why we need a maximum wage

20-11-2004 17:45

Some may regard Beyoncé as a child of destiny, but does she deserve $3 million for a day spent reclining on a sofa? Sex certainly sells, but Khaled Diab thinks the price is getting too high – the time has come to put in place a maximum wage, he argues.

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EADS/Airbus violating EU Environmental Regulations

20-11-2004 16:44

Europe is focused on celebrating its ariline company they ingore the abuse of power by
these elite beneficiaries of state aid

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Street protests greet Apec summit

20-11-2004 16:18

More than 4,000 military-style police on the streets, using water cannon and tear gas on protesters in Santiago ahead of a summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation forum (Apec). Just hours before US President George W Bush arrived, crowds threw stones and chanted slogans against the US leader. Up to 250 people were arrested on the fourth day of confrontations between police and protesters. Mr Bush and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are to attend the summit, where talks will focus on security and trade.

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Interview with Rebelión Animal from Uruguay, animal liberation

20-11-2004 15:27

Interview with Rebelión Animal from Uruguay, animal liberation

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Urgent appeal from Fallujah

20-11-2004 14:57

The following messages begin to give a sense of the level of destruction and death the U.S. has brought the city of Fallujah. Described below are massive war crimes, plain and simple. Please read and forward widely the appeal of NGO’s in that suffering city.

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Press Conference with Naomi Klein:

20-11-2004 14:07

Press Conference with Naomi Klein:
‘Now we’re taking you to court!’ - Protestors insist on trial as government and ‘plunder promoter’ drop charges
Naomi Klein, award-winning journalist and author of No Logo, had been scheduled to give evidence at the trial. She will take part in a press conference alongside the defendants and their lawyer at The National Union of Journalists, 308 Grays Inn Road, WC1, 4pm this Tuesday 24th November.

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Indymedia cinema at RampArt

20-11-2004 13:10

An ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalization throughout the world.

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20-11-2004 04:28
queer mutiny now
queers against capitalism

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pir8 radio 4 actikids

20-11-2004 02:29

Illustration - Johnny Depp checks out 'Making Waves'
This is a new booklet called 'Making Waves' which is written for UK activists as a guide to setting up pir8 radio stations.

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A Press Release from Home Office

20-11-2004 01:41

A press release from Home Office which was published on Nov 11.

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Caracas: the opening of a Libertarian Centre & social library

20-11-2004 00:55

* The Venezuelan Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) calls for solidarity with a project which is the first of its kind in our country: the opening (sunday 14th November 2004) of a Libertarian Social Studies Centre (Centro de Estudios Sociales Libertarios - CESL), together with a social library.

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Excellent interview with activist from the Polish Anarchist Federation

19-11-2004 23:52

This is an interview conducted by a Boston indymedia person, posted up on Infoshop. Unemployment stands at 18% in Poland at the moment. The Polish AF has been at the forefront of autonomous support of workers' struggle (like the Ozarow cable factory workers dispute last year) and also supported a Yemeni Imam and lecturer who was expelled from Poland for his critical lectures on the role of Poland in occupying Iraq (it controls 5 provinces and some 15 multinational divisional forces and is the third partner in crime in the occupation). Moffaz, Israeli defence minister is currently visiting Poland to build arms trade links with Poland too (theyre already very strong with the US, Poland signed a strategic military relationship with the US in 2002 and aqcuired 48 F16 jets). The first US Military base is also to be built on Polish soil soon near Poznan.Polish people and the anarchist activists amongst them need our solidarity! There is a serious struggle ahead of us there.

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Foxhunting Banned - class war, coming soon, to a street near you

19-11-2004 23:39

This article suggests the way ahead against the landowners and other assorted aristos who make up the Countryside Alliance. Reversing the normal expectation of political legality this is deeply subversive.

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fat cat does charity

19-11-2004 22:43

Thought this might reflect the lead story
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