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UK Newswire Archive

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Unchosen Bristol Film Festival - final night

24-08-2010 10:22

Raising awareness of human trafficking
Tuesday 9th November 7.30pm Hall 2, Colston Hall Tickets £2

CARGO – live musical with animation
DIrected by Unchosen Patron Paul Field

CARGO tells the story of the appalling struggles of African slaves and the Abolitionists’ fight to end the slave trade 200 years ago. The musical exposes that it’s still in existence today, here in the UK. It aims to show how in the past and the present ordinary people can make a difference.

Introduced by Nick Kinsella,
European Human Trafficking Consultant

Post-film talk & Q&A’s by:
Director/Composer Paul Field

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Queeruption Manchester 2010

24-08-2010 09:25

QUEERUPTION is a free DIY radical queer gathering that has so far happened in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Sydney, Barcelona, Vancouver and Amsterdam. Every Queeruption is a little different from the last one, shaped by the people who plan it, the community that makes it happen, and the possibilities of each new location.

In some of its previous incarnations, QUEERUPTION has been dubbed a radical queer encuentro (New York, 1999), an explosion of sex and politics (London, 2002), and a great queer camping trip (Berlin, 2003).

Past QUEERUPTIONS have included shared vegan meals, political discussions, direct actions, skill-shares, workshops, bands, spoken word, dressup and cabaret, dance parties, bands, film screenings, radical sex, spontaneous haircuts, and more.

The first Queeruption happened in the spring of 1998, when about a hundred queers spent a weekend together in a squatted building in South London. The goal of the organizers was to make a politically inspiring and educational gathering that was open to all, and was about us all taking initiative, creating and participating, instead of just consuming a lifestyle sold to us.

Since then, Queeruption gatherings have happened in New York, San Francisco, London again, Berlin and Amsterdam. In London, Berlin, and Amsterdam, Queeruption took place in a single location where everyone who wanted to could live together communally. In Amsterdam, Queeruption was held at the old Afrika and De Zwijger House squat. In San Francisco and New York, the gathering was spread throughout the city space, with events, meals and accomodation in different locations. In London it was possible to squat a building, use it for one week, and then exit, leaving it once again an anonymous, unused space.

In New York and San Francisco, queeruptors were welcomed into a variety of venues, including warehouse collectives, clubs, art galleries, infoshops, an alternative college campus and individual homes. In Berlin, the political crackdown on squatting made it impossible to house everyone together centrally, so the gathering was held outside of the city on squatted land.

While some gatherings have been more communal and others more spread out, some held in the city and others rurally, the overall effect is one of building radical queer community both within the local scene and internationally. Ongoing discussions within the community include\topics of race, class, and cultural exclusivity, ablism, gender binarism/transphobia, and the reproduction of oppresive sexual norms within radical communities. These topics are of central concern to many of us in our personal lives as well as in the political sphere and they also come up within the context of Queeruption itself. As a community, in an evolving way, we are grappling with these issues.

QUEERUPTORS are active and support each other in a wide variety of political projects, including Black laundry (queers against the Israeli occupation), Gayten-LGBT (queer safety, visibility, and solidarity in Serbia), Anarchist People of Color (building a revolutionary anarchist people of color movement), Queer Mutiny and Gay Shame (creating queer alternatives to political apathy and cultural consumerism), Indymedia (international, community-based alternative media), Paper Tiger TV (challenging and exposing corporate control of mainstream media), Women on Waves (providing safe, legal abortions in countries where it's illegal), PISSR (trans rights campaign to legalize unisex public bathrooms), the Noborder Network (opposing border fascism in the EU), Disarm DSEI (protesting Europe's largest annual arms fair), and numerous campaigns against the propagation of state terrorism, economic globalization and wars without end.


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Unchosen Bristol Film Festival

24-08-2010 09:22

Raising awareness of human trafficking
Opening night - Tuesday 19th October 7.30pm Hall2, Colston Hall
‘Paths of Pain’ UK PREMIERE

The Paths of Pain are populated by men and women of all ages, suffering from lack of affection, lack of money, mental problems, alcoholism and drug addiction, or they are simply people who have come to a new country in search of a life that is a little better.

Introduced by June Burrough, Founder of The Pierian Centre, Bristol. Lead on 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion

Pre-film performance: Mimi (La Boheme)
sung by soprano Heather Keens

Post-film talk & Q&A’s by:
Portuguese Director Rui Simoes
With Interpreter

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Stop a new Opencast Mine Application

24-08-2010 07:24

The Minorca Opencast Protest Group is today launching a Public Appeal for people to object to UK coal's plans for an Opencast Mine on the Minorca site as our PR 73 " A Public Appeal for help to stop a new Opencast Mine Application from succeeding in The Heart of Englsnd" on Climate Change and Environmental grounds explains.

MOPG PR 73)                                               24/8/10 




Local people in Leicestershire have been battling for nearly two years now against plans by UK Coal plc for an opencast mine on the Minorca Site between Measham and Snarestone. UK Coal plan to extract 1.25m tonnes of coal and 250,000 tonnes of fire clay from a site which is in the Heart of the National Forest. The Minorca Opencast Protest Group (MOPG) was successful during the first round of consultations in getting all the local representative bodies to oppose the application. Then it seemed there was a united wall of opposition to the proposal. Now with the second round of consultations underway, the situation has changed.


UK Coal plc has now offered to help restore part of the Ashby Canal. This has encouraged the creation of a group which advocates the development of the opencast mine solely because of the alleged benefit restoring a small section of the Ashby Canal will bring locally.  In addition, MOPG understands that other canal associated groups are now writing to Leicestershire County Council voicing their support for the proposed surface mine. MOPG is aware that this ‘canal lobby’ can be persuasive and creditable, having worked hard to revive the UK canal system through voluntary work and effort over the last 50 years. There are now over 30,000 registered boat users on Britain’s canals and this interest and love of canals supports three commercial magazines. Potentially quite a lobbying force!!


But their view that their interest in seeing part of a canal restored should override the interest of all other parties is misguided. MOPG is quite capable of mounting its own objections on how this application affects local people. What we are now encouraging people and organisations to do is to voice their criticisms about this proposal to Leicestershire County Council on Climate Change and Environmental grounds, matters which affect everybody and on which anybody can register a protest. MOPG appeals to all persons concerned with the issue of Climate Change and the potential damage to both the countryside and to a Special Area of Conservation, as seen on The Country file  Programme broadcast on BBC 1 on August 15th 2010, to protest to the fact that, if permission was given to UK Coal to mine the 1.25m tonnes of coal from Minorca that this would result in the emission of over 2,700,000 tonnes of CO2 (1) , a far more significant issue for many people than restoring a canal, let alone the matter of destroying a cherished landscape for up to twenty five years and risking damage to a Special Area of Conservation.


You and your organisation can act now to prevent the vested interests of a minority amenity group from allowing their concerns to restore a small section of a canal (which does not from part of the proposed site anyway) from flying in the face of all the evidence about the fact that burning this coal without carbon capture and storage technology being in place will contribute to global warming.


The date on which Leicestershire County Council will be making a decision on this planning application is the 15th October 2010. If you write to the person below on these issues it will help to prevent a successful application.  Write to the Case Officer of Leicestershire County Council (LCC), Peter Bond who is dealing with this application. He will be compiling a report on this application for LCC and it will include information on what opposition there is to this proposal. Details of how to object plus a draft of an objection letter are available from the Minorca Protest site on the leicestershirevillages/measham web site @


If you and any group you belong to do decide to object, then please leave us a message of support on our Guest Book page @


 If you are representing a group you could let us know how many people are in the group and we will try to keep a running total on the MOPG web page.


END                                                                         END



1) Amount of CO2 gas produced by burning 1.25m tonnes of coal is based on calculations already provided in the following source   “Ref 2010 Guidelines to Defra / DECC’s GHQ Conversion Factors for Company Reporting,  Annex 1 p 7, August 2010 @




 tel 05601 767981,                                                                      email


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“Countdown to Zero” — or to War on Iran?

24-08-2010 07:00

Countdown to Zero is now playing in a theater near you, at least if you live in a very “blue state” or a “blue neighborhood,” for example, Cambridge, MA, my hometown, or San Francisco. The movie is aimed squarely at the antiwar, anti-nuclear pro-Obama audience, which dwells therein and is all too susceptible to the “humanitarian” streak of imperialism. It is a very shrewd propaganda flick, as Darwin Bond-Graham demonstrated in his superb review, a film which in fact helps to pry open a little bit further the door to a war on Iran.

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Boycott Heineken Music Conference in Tel Aviv (by Latuff)

24-08-2010 04:33

Boycott Heineken Music Conference in Tel Aviv
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

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Juarez Narco-Violence Marked by Maquiladora Exception

24-08-2010 01:38

Mexican Border Town’s Industrial Parks Have Become a “Green Zone” in the Drug War

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Climate Camp: The health effects of Tar Sands

24-08-2010 00:26

The local effects of tar sands.

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Get cruelty off the menu in the Midlands

24-08-2010 00:17

More cruelty on the menu in the Midlands.

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Shell's Drilling Work Stopped by Shell to Sea Campaigners in Ireland

24-08-2010 00:12

Shell''s survey work was stopped for about three hours on Monday afternoon when people walked out at low tide and got under Shell's drilling platform. This is a continuation of this summer's 'Beat the Boreholes' effort to stop Shell's Corrib Gas pipeline from being built.

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Unity Day 2010

23-08-2010 23:23

This year's Unity Day was full of sunshine and good vibes. It saw thousands of people come to Hyde Park/Woodhouse Moor in Leeds to eat, drink, dance, and generally have a good time together.

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People resisting climate change shut down Royal Bank HQ

23-08-2010 23:23

People resisting climate change closed down the Royal Bank of Scotland's Global HQ at Gogarburn near Edinburgh and took direct action at numerous sites throughout Edinburgh today 23rd August.

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Radical Routes Summer Gathering

23-08-2010 23:23

The summer Radical Routes Gathering was an exciting time for co-ops in The North. Held at Berrington Hall Housing Co-op near Shrewsbury, the event saw representatives from housing, workers' and trading co-ops come together in a weekend of sharing ideas, working together and having fun.

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Free Benefit for Taunton Womens Refuge: Rat Attack, As We Sink!, Fights & Fires + More

23-08-2010 22:22

16th Set @ Roadhouse, Taunton: Rat Attack, As We Sink!, Fights & Fires, Subgenerates, Bats About Bats
RAT ATTACK ---- "Flying the flag for UK hardcore" Rocksound

AS WE SINK! ---- More Lockjaw Records hardcore from Cornwall

FIGHTS & FIRES ---- Chaotic, melodic hardcore from Worcester

SUBGENERATES ---- Taunton's favourite alternative punks

BATS ABOUTS BATS ---- Bristol based hardcore punk

A share of the bar takings will go to Taunton Womens Refuge

Free & tasty vegan food as per usual!

Free entry!

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The Long Road to The Hague: Prosecuting Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

23-08-2010 19:52

Former PM Tony Blair testifies before the "Iraq Inquiry" on 28 January 2010
Ex-Prime Minister and post-Downing Street millionaire Tony Blair, to celebrate the publication of his book A Journey, is holding a ‘signing’ session at Waterstones, Piccadilly on 8 September. That this man, responsible for taking us into an illegal war, playing his part in the ruination of an ancient country because he ‘believed he was right’, should advertise himself in this way has caused outrage. Time, I think, to look at where we, and Blair, actually stand in terms of what we can and cannot do to call him to account.

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Police at Climate Camp

23-08-2010 17:23

Following the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in the UK last year, and the heavy-handed policing of the Kingsnorth climate camp in 2008, the policing of Climate camp 2010 in Scotland has seemed much less extreme. After the site was taken at 9pm on Wednesday 20th August, RBS seemingly designated the land as offical climate camp grounds and in doing so gave them leave to stay.

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23-08-2010 16:49

In order to have an understanding of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, It's important to have a sense of its history.

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Palestine Today 08 23 2010

23-08-2010 16:24

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, August 23rd, 2010.

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Bristol anarchist bookfair organising meet

23-08-2010 16:22

less than 3 weeks to go...
Regular organising meet of the anarchist bookfair collective.
From 7 to 9pm at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY
With the stalls booked, and workshops timetabled, we now concentrate on the small but key issues: other events, finances, running the actual day, banners and venue decs, and crucially publicity distro - if you can help us publicise the event...please do! Posters etc are available on the website, or pop into the meeting to get some.

We are also looking for helpers on the day, to shake collecting buckets, and staff an infopoints giving meeting locations and the like to members of the public. Email us your name and tel no. if you can spare an hour. Thanks.

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Bristol Animal Rights Collective Meeting

23-08-2010 16:22

Bristol Animal Rights Collective will be having their fortnightly meeting tonight (Wed 25th August) at 7:30PM at Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY - All Welcome!
Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) are an autonomous group of compassionate individuals dedicated to ending all forms of animal abuse and suffering. We campaign on a number issuses, including: veganism, hunt sabotage, anti-vivisection, zoos & circuses and many others!

Come along to our meeting if you'd like to get involved with animal rights in your local area or just want to see what it's all about. Everyone is welcome. We meet every fortnight on Wednesday at Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY at 7:30PM.
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