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UK Newswire Archive

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Meltem, emergency demo tomorrow at 12 noon

13-11-2007 19:20

To put pressure on Germany we are having a demonstration in front of German Embassy,
23 Belgrave Square
nearest tube Sloane Square
tomorrow Wedesday 14th November 12.00 noon.

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Northern HLS Collaborators - All Listed Here!

13-11-2007 19:19

Every single person has a part to play in closing down Huntingdon Life Sciences. Going on a march or two isn't going to stop the animal abuse. Listed below are the Northern companies dealing with HLS. Politelty contact them and demonstrate outside your local sites.

Form a local SHAC division and help bring attention to HLS in your area.

Hand out leaflets in the high street on a saturday afternoon and make everybody aware of Huntingdon and that companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, whomake products they may buy including Lucozade and Ribena, are involved in killing animals every single day inside HLS. As HLS's biggest client, GSK fund an experiment inside the lab 365 days a year - it only makes you wonder how many animals die for this sick company.

During weekdays and Saturday mornings hold demo's outside companies in your area propping up HLS and increase awareness about the 500 animals who die every day.

As Roche, an ex-HLS client and one of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world, said - It's not a question of if Huntingdon close down, but when. Make it happen - for Greg, Natasha and Heather and for the animals dying inside the labs.

SHAC Yorkshire

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Time to re state the rules

13-11-2007 18:48

Recently I've been hearing lots of stories of the government monitering the migration patterns of birds to help prevent the spread of a terrible disease so I think it's time to remind everyone of three important rules in preventing a cull.

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Nuclear Warhead Convoy Blockaded in Scotland

13-11-2007 16:31

Warhead convoy passing through Balloch at night
Activists from Faslane Peace Camp stopped a nuclear convoy near Balloch for half an hour whilst it was en route from RNAD Coulport to AWE Burghfield.

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The summit debate...

13-11-2007 15:35

Never before had a dialogue of this nature taken place between heads of State and government, most of whom represented nations that had been pillaged by colonial and imperialist powers for centuries. Nothing could have been more instructive...

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Fresno, CA- Veteran Needs Food and Shelter

13-11-2007 15:09

Socialist Party USA and Peace and Freedom Party have been sharply critical of the Democrats and Republicans, due to their failure to make ending homelessness a national priority. As a result of this failure, the nation’s homeless population may experience sharp increases within the next two years due to the recession and inflation. Federal assistance is now imperative.

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Palestine Today 111307

13-11-2007 14:43

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday, November 13th, 2007.

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Press Release - Palestinian Primary School to be Demolished

13-11-2007 14:39

Brighton-Tubas Solidarity Group Press Release

Palestinian Primary School in Fasayil to be demolished on the 29th of

For More Info Contact Tom Hayes or Sarah Cobham on 07846506710 or /

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Armenia - The Unanswered Question

13-11-2007 13:57

On Tuesday 6th November, Aegis Trust and Nottingham Student Aegis Society, in association with Nottingham Playhouse, a pre-show talk for Beast on the Moon to look at the history behind this compelling play took place.

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Manchester petrol station blockaded in Burma protest

13-11-2007 13:44

Yesterday, up to 20 human rights campaigners blockaded a TOTAL garage on Oxford Road, Manchester. This was in protest at Total Oil's investment in the military regime of Burma.

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VIDEO: Ashonti Alson speaks at AK Press Event on Zapatistas

13-11-2007 13:10

Alson, a former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army activist speaks about his experience of revolutionary activism in the US and what he learned from the Zapatisas.

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Freecycle threaten to sue community group!

13-11-2007 12:32

A Slough community-arts festival, FennerFest, included a "Freecycle: bring & take!" night, to celebrate the sharing & waste reduction ethos of the Freecyle movement - little did they know Freecycle is actually a private American company with trademarks, who turn the lawyers on anyone they don't like (eg us), and are also sponsored by a large American waste company!

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Meltem, 14, and her mother, deportation Thursday

13-11-2007 12:32

Meltem Avcil and her mother Cennet, who have been held in Yarl's
Wood detention centre for almost three months, are facing removal to
Germany on 07.30 Hrs, Thursday 15 November. Meltem is just 14, and has
been living in this country for six years. We visited her last week and
saw how depressed and scared she was. Her mother and father were
persecuted in Turkey for being Kurds, and she and her mother are in a
terrible state at the prospect of being deported to Germany from where they
fear they will be sent on to Turkey.

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Black Flag magazine's formal launch announced

13-11-2007 12:19

To mark the re-launch of Black Flag, a meeting is going to be held at Housmans bookshop (5 Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London) on Wednesday, 12th of December (6.30 for a 7pm start) .

The evening will include a brief introduction including the history of the Black Flag, the magazine and the anarchist symbol itself, followed by a discussion in which comments and suggestions for the new version.

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France: updates on student strikes

13-11-2007 11:17

Updates and reports from AG, blockades and strikes across France.
This update is not comprehensive but it has most of the available information, additionally some universities are still on holiday and therefore no action can take place.

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Shell's Wild Lie Corners Shell In Aberystwyth

13-11-2007 10:25

Aberystwyth Arts Centre is currently hosting the 2006 Shell Wildlife
Photographer exhibition, organised by the Natural History Museum and BBC
Wildlife magazine. The day after it shut, on November 10th, the Centre began
showing the counter-exhibition, 'Shell's Wild Lie', which will run
until November 17th:

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Take Action - Palestinian Primary School to be Demolished on the 29th November

13-11-2007 09:22


Palestinian Primary School in Fasayil to be demolished on the 29th of November!

Education not Occupation

Stop the Occupation from destroying yet another community project aimed at building a future for Palestinians

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Nandigram massacre over Special Economic Zone in West Bengal continue...

13-11-2007 02:47

This follows the article posted on the 11/11/07

Originally forwarded by Narmada Andolan campaign...

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Art of War : Armistice Day

13-11-2007 01:40

The War to End All Wars
Armistice Day

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Rant or Reality?

13-11-2007 01:37

Gentrification of all inner city areas is the name of their game!
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