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UK Newswire Archive

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Festival for World Vegan Day - Sat 1st Nov

15-10-2008 21:18

Promote the festival - order or download some leaflets/posters below
Whether you`re vegan, an aspiring vegan or just vegan curious, there`s only one place to be on Saturday 1st November 2008!!

At the West Midlands Vegan Festival, there`ll be a feast of food, 55 stalls, 3 cookery demos, 12 talks, live music, magic show, a yoga workshop, speed meeting session, tons of FREE stuff, awards, raffles, competitions and much, much more...!!

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Subvert 2008 Festival: Bristol – 24 to 26 October

15-10-2008 21:04

ABC flyer
A weekend Festival of Resistance drawing together the themes or anti-prison campaigning & prisoner support, and organising against border controls and the demonisation of migrants. You don’t need to be a genius, nor an anarchist, to see the links between the two, as the number of prisoners and detained migrants rockets, as state surveillance reaches new levels of intrusiveness, all against a backdrop of global financial crisis and the start of a major economic depression.

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photos of today's demo Smash EDO 2

15-10-2008 20:30

A mass protest against Brighton-based arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT

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Smash EDO Press Release - Campaigners Close Down Bomb Factory

15-10-2008 19:58

Smash EDO Press Release
15/10/2008 For immediate release

Contact Chloe Marsh or Andrew Beckett: tel - 07754135290, e-mail

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This Saturday 18th: Stand Up for Your Rights festival

15-10-2008 19:37

Stand Up for Your Rights Festival - Saturday October 18th, 2.00-8.30pm, with guest speakers and panelists includuing Paul Feldman (author of Unmasking the State), John McDonnell MP, Rahila Gupta (Southall Black Sisters), Kevin Smith (Carbon Trade Watch), Global Women's Strike, The Gypsy Council, Coalition for Independent Action, & John Stewart (HACAN-Clearskies). Also, new plays about the Levellers and the Chartists - 'The Putney Principles' and 'Unfinished Business', plus live music. Organised by 'A World to Win'
Venue: Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA
Public Transport: Waterloo tube station, Buses: 1, 59, 68, 168, 171, 172, 176, 188

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Photos Of Today's Smash EDO Demo 1

15-10-2008 19:36

Photos of the mass protest against Brighton-based arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT

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Global Winding

15-10-2008 19:06

"Global winding" - is blowing really hard due to - "localized wind-bags" ;

Scientists say.

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15-10-2008 19:01

Call against the upcoming summit of ministers of Interior and Justice on Immigration in Vichy (France)

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Nottingham SU Council back racist

15-10-2008 19:01

Picket 1
Yesterday Nottingham SU Council voted down a no confidence motion against racist Education Officer, Craig Cox. Cox held up a banner reading 'Bring Back Slavery' at an NUS meeting during the summer. In spite of a mass lobbying campaign, including a 60 strong picket of the council meeting, the vote for the motion fell well short of the two-thirds required to pass it.

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Remember "Pseudo-groups". . . .how far back does that pattern go? "Blackshirts?"

15-10-2008 18:49

Recent information at least re-opens questions about "accepted" bits of the "historical" past. The intervention of those with pots of cash to spend on gumshoe types, either trying to smear, frame, or associate sensible-sounding types with "fire-breathing terrorists" is at least matched by the frequency of the same sort of paid gumshoe types ( sometimes touting for work, or whipping up "customers" paranoia to play a bit of "tail-wag-dog" ) setting up entirely "owned" false-flag operations, occasionally by dropping their people into a group then pushing serious/sensible people out ( either with a bit of character smearing, the accusal of them as "agent provocateurs", or wearing them down - or worse. . . . ) - but at times with entirely created groups - sometimes with several different "depths" (for when people unwittingly dragged into them saw through one layer of the spin!)

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Has Brown a plan to make Tony McNulty a public joke?

15-10-2008 18:26

Tony McNulty has left the UK Home Office! Wait! He is back on TV! Backing lack of rights to jobs and dignity for ordinary people...

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Climate Rush - video footage

15-10-2008 17:23

Mainstream media showed Climate Rush as a very quiet affair - that certainly wasn't the case as this film shows.

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Party sat 18th of Oct (after bookfair)

15-10-2008 17:01

Benefit for Ne london sabs

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REMEMBER EACH ELEVENTH, remember censorship, remember solutions PRESS

15-10-2008 16:33

More background information - google/scroogle ""remember each eleventh" campaign". . . . a good opener is "to remember, does that help".
See also "remember the "pull the rug" scam", posted here this october 2008

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Plods to get more dastabase powers...

15-10-2008 16:22

Home Sec Jacqui Smith attempts to back expantion on database state and more powers to police. ( All done for our own good of course.. yeah right)

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Amsterdam evictions

15-10-2008 15:47

ME with Water cannon, crane and bulldozer
In this season's Amsterdam eviction wave there were six squats evicted, including the well known PS28/Joe's Garage and the Barcelona.

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Palestine Today 101508

15-10-2008 15:20

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday October 15.2008

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The White House Ghost

15-10-2008 14:13

The President of the United States, George Bush, enters today his last 100 days in power overshadowed by very high unpopularity rates and one of the worst economic crises in recent decades.

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Abdi Ahmed: "England is the only place I can call home"

15-10-2008 14:02

Abdi Ahmed
"Somalia is not only a deadlock and a place of conflict generating many refugees, but for me a country that I simply do not call 'home'. I left the country when I was four years old. I have never been to Somalia since and my entire family is in the UK. I do not even speak Somali fluently enough to make my way around this country that I only know through stories."
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