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UK Newswire Archive

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Why it's your duty to help Taysir in Spain from Al Jazeera

17-09-2003 19:21

I have never met Taysir Alouni but I have thought a lot about him over these last few days.

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"Council pledge to help poor". Don't laugh!

17-09-2003 18:32

The Liverpool Echo reports that Liverpool Council has been given £20 million by the government to provide "a better deal for some of the city's poorest communities". Will this money go the same way as the rest? It seems so. Article focuses on improvements to "security" - rather than treating the underlying problem of poverty.

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Latest news European Education Forum (EEF) Berlin

17-09-2003 18:20

1.. About the collapsed WTO summit in Cancun
2.. Schedule of the European Education Forum
3.. Demonstration on Saturday, September 20th
4.. Registration, sleeping places and program guide

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Drowned Out / McLibel Double Bill

17-09-2003 18:12


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Samba protest at Wormwood Scrubbs

17-09-2003 18:03

rhythms of resistance joined noise protest at wormood scrubbs prison in solidarity with 'Yarl's Wood three' last sunday

pics and report'

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UK Solidarity Action with Cancun WTO Protests

17-09-2003 17:34

On Friday 12th September to coincide with the WTO talks in Cancun, a group of 15 concerned citizens occupied a Bayer office and stopped work there, to demonstrate against the corporatisation of health and agriculture, and the impact of WTO patent laws on agriculture and medications. This solidarity action took place for 2 reasons.

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Dsei defendants in court Tues 16th

17-09-2003 16:55

Results of those charged and in court for Dsei actions Tues 16th

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shocker: postal workers vote no to strike,

17-09-2003 16:31

what may have been the biggest, but possibly unsuccessful, industrial confrontation for many years is now off...

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Palestine - Report from Sounds Like Freedom Group

17-09-2003 16:12

Another report from the sounds like freedom group in palestine and also a call for action against the Israeli state

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100,000 teachers on strike today in Australia, in a historic action

17-09-2003 16:01

Almost 100,000 teachers across Australia shut down hundreds of public schools, in the nation's largest strike by a single workforce. ...

At Melbourne Park, a stopwork meeting of at least 9000 teachers warned of further... action... unless the... government boosted its 9 per cent salary offer... Teachers want 25 to 30 per cent.

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If this is victory, what would defeat look like?

17-09-2003 15:07

Three months after the war in Iraq, the US has admitted its soldiers are embroiled in a full guerrilla war. The Iraqi people are subjected to a colonial military occupation. Despite the billions being spent on the war and occupation, the Iraqis are suffering shortages of water and electricity, and face total disruption to their everyday rights. After years of dictatorship, they are denied any democratic voice or say in the running of their country.

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International law defence tested at Gloucester Crown Court on Friday 19 Sept.

17-09-2003 14:48

At 2 pm on Friday 19 September 2003 at Gloucester Crown Court, a hearing is expected to decide if peace activists can dispute the legality of the Iraq war at their trial. Philip Pritchard and Toby Olditch , known as 'The B-52 Two', who are currently on bail, are charged with conspiracy to cause criminal damage when they tried to disarm a B52 warplane at RAF Fairford in March 2003. If the judge decides their trial can dispute the legality of the war then it may make their acquittal easier.

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Rumsfeld Admits No 9/11-Iraq Link

17-09-2003 14:42

Despite the fact that in a recent poll 70 percent of Americans now believe that Saddam Hussein assisted in the September 11 attacks, Rumsfeld said at a Pentagon news conference, "I've not seen any indication that would lead me to believe that I could say that."

It is not clear why well over a majority of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein had a part in the September 11 attacks. Power and Interest News Report analyst Matthew Riemer believes "that this widely held misbelief is a direct result of the speeches and statements made by various members of the Bush administration including the president himself, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Colin Powell."

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DSEI Witness Appeal - Tue 9th Sep

17-09-2003 14:23

Any witnesses, photos or videos of my arrest at Connaught Roundabout, East of DSEI ?

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Urgent flood appeal for women and their families in Chhattisgarh, India

17-09-2003 12:41

URGENT PRESS RELEASE from GLOBAL WOMEN'S STRIKE, contact: 020 7482 2496. Please publicise this urgent appeal as widely as possible.

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New terrorism bill sets way for Dictatorship

17-09-2003 12:30

New antiterrorism bill will allow laws to be passed without HP being involved, simply by declaring 'state of emergency'.

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The 17th Of September

17-09-2003 11:13

The 17th Of September

Demonstrate 1:00 p.m. Huddersfield Town Hall.

So the British National Party (BNP) has been voted in to yet another district in West-Yorkshire because the voting public at large has no idea haw the local government is actually run. While I fully believe that demonstrations like the one happening to day out side Huddersfield Town Hall are needed to let the BNP know they are not wanted in our town. We do need to let people know exactly how the local government works and how the BNP will implement their policies.

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What did you do at DSEi, daddy?

17-09-2003 09:55

Hi friends,

I have finally lost my arrest vaginity. On Thursday I was arrested for
meditating in a politically sensitive place...

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Why No Inquiry?

17-09-2003 09:52

Memorial for 20,000 dead to mark six-months of occupation: Friday September 19th, 6.30pm, Parliament Square: Activists will be marking the six-month anniversary of the invasion of Iraq with a memorial ceremony to remember the thousands who have died during the invasion and occupation. Placards, each bearing the name and picture of one of the dead, will be displayed at a candle-lit vigil accompanied by short readings.

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A Disaster Foretold

17-09-2003 08:48

A Disaster Foretold, an article by Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom which was posted on ZNet 16 September.
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