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UK Newswire Archive

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Abused speak out on BBC Radio 5

28-06-2013 15:08

Two women abused by police spies were interviewed on Radio 5 on 28/6/13. The interview can be listened to for 7 days.

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Peace Education in Wrexham Schools: This week, Palestine

28-06-2013 08:49

Ann Farr speaks about her work in Palestine

The Wrexham Peace Day Group has co-ordinated local peace days in September for the past few years. In 2012 the group worked with St Christopher's school to put together a day of peace education and activities that was attended by over 300 children aged 7-19 from ten different schools, followed by two days for peace in the middle of town. Another schools day is planned for this year on Friday 20 September with a day in town on Saturday 21.

Thanks to generous offers of time and skills, we've also been able to offer sessions on peace related themes in schools during the summer term this year. A couple of weeks ago, children in two primary and two high schools learned about nuclear weapons and the peace movement in sessions delivered by Julia Herzog from Faslane Peace Camp; over the next couple of weeks, Camilla Cancantata from Footloose will work with children from two schools to create music for peace, while Fiona Collins will tell peace stories from different cultures to children in three more schools. This week and next, however, the focus is on Palestine, with Ann Farr of EAPPI and Rod Cox of CAPE speaking to local children about their work.

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Glasgow ATOS, Anniversary Picket.

28-06-2013 02:55

Friday 28 June, 12:30 - 14:30
Corunna House,
Cadogan Street,

Article by Glasgow Activist J. C. highlighting the vicious attack by this government on the ordinary people, in particular the brutal assault on the disabled and vulnerable in our society.

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PSC Workers: Which Side Are You On??

28-06-2013 02:55

The following is a comment from a life long Glasgow activist, J. C. on the recent strike by PCS workers. If they expect solidarity from the people, they have to show solidarity with the people, and not forget that they themselves are WORKERS!!

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Support Scotmid tenants to reclaim their illegal fees!

28-06-2013 02:55

Scotmid tenants are holding a demonstration to claim back their illegally charged fees outside the Rettie offices in Edinburgh, on Saturday the 6th of July, 11:30am. They need your support!

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Charity snubs EDL for using cancer stricken girl in far right campaign

28-06-2013 00:41

One of the UK’s leading children’s cancer charities are refunding money donated by EDL supporters after leader Tommy Robinson used the plight of a two year-old girl as a political cover for far-right activities.

As reported by Scrapbook this week, Robinson and his fellow leader Kevin Carroll planned to march past the East London Mosque towards the scene of Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich – under the pretext that they were raising money for a child suffering from Neuroblastoma.

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MET show interest in ACAB scavenger hunt

27-06-2013 16:48

Full res version:
Today two police officers visited the new London Queer Social Centre in an attempt to speak to someone involved in the scavenger hunt, see previous article:

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Bristol Indymedia and "the world we are striving to create"

27-06-2013 01:11

"Bristol indymedia is intended to represent the world we are striving to create, rather than the world we live in".

Fine words indeed, but do they mean anything?

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Big Vegan Fair in Brum City Centre, Sat 6th July

26-06-2013 21:23

leaflet for event
A vegan paradise is coming to Birmingham City Centre, for one day only! On Saturday 6th July, Carrs Lane Church Centre will be filled with nearly 50 vegan stalls, top vegan caterers, inspiring talks, mouth-watering cookery demos and much more! Open from 10.30am - 4pm. Admission is FREE.

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VID Assange statement re: Snowden read to solidarity vigil @ Ecuadorian embassy

26-06-2013 12:23

VID (4 mins) 22/6/13 Julian #Assange statement re: #Snowden read to solidarity vigil outside Ecuadoran embassy,London

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UG#650 - Fighting Nature To The Last Drop

25-06-2013 16:28

Following last week's observations on the destructiveness of the money system in general, we look this week at two specific examples of devastaed communities and ecosystems. Firstly, an account by Arundhati Roy of the oppression of Indian communities by a government determined to extract resources. Secondly, a radio adaptation of "To The Last Drop", a film about the Athabasca Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada.

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Is Ben Fellows Lying?

25-06-2013 09:42

Ben Fellows
Fresh doubts have surfaced concerning the testimony of Ken Fellows, who alleged he was sexually molested by Ken Clarke, the prominent Conservative heavyweight and Minister without portfolio.

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Wednesday anti-ATOS action: Protest the BMA meeting

25-06-2013 08:55

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty urges people to support this action on Wednesday at the British Medical Association Doctors’ annual meeting, taking place at the Conference Centre in Edinburgh.

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Unite Bus Comes To Cambridge

25-06-2013 00:57

A big blue bus comes to town...
Yesterday afternoon "Unite the Union"'s tour bus came to town, promoting the newest (and possibly most affordable) trade union, which, unlike many other unions also includes membership options for the unemployed.

This is part of a countrywide tour to promote the union.

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EDO MBM files accounts showing 2012 business losses

24-06-2013 19:55

Brighton arms firm EDO MBM Technology Ltd has filed 2012 accounts showing poor results for 2012, the year it was targetted by the Smash EDO Summer of Resistance campaign of direct action.

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US Comic TV Satire Of Iowa Congressman Trying To Make Battery Hen Cages Smaller

24-06-2013 18:40

Stephen Colbert's Satire Of US Congressman
US TV comic Stephen Colbert has an hilarious satire on US Iowa congressman Steve King, who wants battery hen cages smaller.

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SE1 ACAB Scavenger Hunt – 6th July 10pm til late

24-06-2013 14:11

1 point = ACAB graffiti
Unrooted call out for an ACAB Scavenger Hunt in the SE1 area, night of 6th July.

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Make this Sat another turning point - from Altab Ali to the end of the EDL

24-06-2013 13:49

1978 Altab Ali demonstration against the NF
This Saturday June 29th, anti-racists mobilise in London against the Islamophobic EDL's provocation, as they attempt to use Armed Forces Day and a murdered soldier to turn people's sympathy for his family into vitriolic hate against all muslims. Join South London Anti Fascists to stop them.
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