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UK Newswire Archive

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SchNEWS: Bexhill Street Blues

07-01-2013 22:16

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As predicted, contractors were back at work today on the Bexhill-Hastings Link Rd being built smack through the middle of tranquil Combe Haven. Despite the fact that the funding for the road isn't yet in place East Sussex County Council seem determined to fell all the trees along the route. But now activists are better prepared and this morning (Monday 7th) issued forth from their makeshift tree camps and managed to significantly disrupt work.

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Inspector Stuart Bill of West Midlands Police wants to meet Brum's Critical Mass

07-01-2013 20:03

The latest in the 'cops sniffing around Birmingham Critical Mass' saga is that PC 2585 Dominic McGrath's boss wants to meet representatives from Brum's Critical Mass. Inspector Stuart Bill, or Stu Bill as he wants to be affectionately known as, has introduced himself on the Birmingham Cyclist Forum

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Fuck Off Golden Dawn

07-01-2013 19:48

New AFN post about Golden Dawn and the 19th January day of action against them - solidarity anyone?

Anyone reading this will already be aware of the situation in Greece with the classic fascist party ‘Golden Dawn’ getting around 10% of the vote, whilst antifascists are being repressed by the police (40% of cops admitted voting for Golden Dawn). There have been instances of militant antifascism with Golden Dawn offices being burnt down and gangs of antifa on motorbikes patrolling Athens in the evenings.

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Doris Banham dog Rescue Benefit Gig - Sheffield - Sat 12th Jan

07-01-2013 14:41

A night of punk, acoustic and spoken word, along with vegan pizza and cake to raise much needed funds for the awesome Doris Banham Dog Rescue.
This charity works tirelessly to save abandoned dogs awaiting death at council pounds each day in the UK.
Come and help raise funds for the Doris Banham dogs!

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Justice for the Halesowen 4

07-01-2013 14:35

A protest was held this morning at 8:00 outside every entrance to Halesowen College demanding justice for the Halesowen 4. David Muritu, Branch Secretary for Halesowen UCU, was dismissed from his job as Maths lecturer at Halesowen College on December 20th. The College failed to follow their own disciplinary procedure or ACAS guidelines (no evidence was presented 3 days in advance of the hearing), without anything other than deductive reasoning (his sacking was linked to results, with no regard for competency procedure or accurate review of statistical significance (his results are above national average). David has been rated as a grade 2 (good) lecturer by the College's own observation system. Three more Maths Lecturers, all of them active UCU members, face disciplinary procedures and the imminent possibility of dismissal.

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Mr Tommy Guilty (Again).

07-01-2013 14:13

Tommy Robinson's been a right muggy mushroom hasn't he!

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No Borders anarchist Joke Kaviaar comes out fighting against incitement trial

07-01-2013 00:10

"Well excuse me for living!" Dutch anarchist and No Borders activist Joke Kaviaar goes on trial in Haarlem tomorrow for "incitement" for her writings over seven years slamming the racist border system in the Netherlands and across Fortress Europe. Anonymous put her site back online, and on the eve of her trial she's released this song on youtube: This is her story.

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Battersea Park Adventure Playground Occupied

06-01-2013 21:09

Picture by ronanshaun

With the expected demolition of Battersea Park Adventure Playground due to begin early tomorrow morning (Monday 7 January), local anti-cuts activists Wandsworth Against Cuts and Occupy London supporters have occupied the playground in protest at Wandsworth Council’s decision to destroy the unique children’s facility and replace it with a staff less ‘safe’ facility.

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Tower Hamlets Community for a new Council

06-01-2013 20:54

This week sees new central Govt measures in Tower Hamlets. Why so? Isn't there an elecetd mayor in place there already?

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11 Years of Guantánamo: Where is the world?

06-01-2013 20:36

On Friday 11th January, the London Guantánamo Campaign invites you to join us in this part of the world to mark the 11th anniversary of the opening of the Guantánamo Bay prison camp. Falling just days before Barack Obama is inaugurated for his second presidential term, he has made it harder to close Guantánamo Bay by signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act 2013, imposing restrictions on the transfer of prisoners for another year. This year: take action and make a difference. With less than a week to go, there is still much you can do:

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Radical Anthropology Talks in London

06-01-2013 19:31

It is now known that symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, in a social revolution whose echoes can still be heard in myths and rituals around the world. These talks are a general introduction to anthropology, including the latest findings from genetics, evolutionary biology, primatology, cave painting research and archaeology. There are good local pubs and there is always time for discussion and socialising.

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Anti-fascists of Kazan, Russia need solidarity!

06-01-2013 17:10

(22.12.12) Our friend Oleg is threatened with 5 years in prison, as he is facing charges according to statutes 213 (hooliganism) and 116 parts 2a, 2b (battery) of Russian criminal codex. Person who claims to be the victim is leader of leading far-right organisation of Kazan, "Soprotivlenie" (Resistance).

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Stop G8. Let's get moving: London meetings this month.

06-01-2013 12:19

londoners against capitalism
The Stop G8 network has come together to resist the 2013 G8 summit. We are planning a week of action in London this June 10-18. We want to make this a major event that will help revitalise resistance to capitalism in the UK and beyond. For this we need lots more people and groups to get involved. Please come along to our meetings in London this month (details below) and join us.

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Sussex police: “If you intend to quit protesting, then tonight’s the night to do it.”

06-01-2013 12:06

A tweet sent by Sussex Police Liaison on New Years Eve has angered campaigners, as it appears to show a less than positive attitude towards the right to protest. Police Liaison Officers say their role is to support protest rights by developing dialogue and communication, but they have faced attack previously by activists and monitoring groups who have accused them of harassing activists and exploiting trust to gather intelligence on protest groups

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19Jan-Antifascist demos at the Greek embassies everywhere!

06-01-2013 12:00

We call for international solidarity with participation in Athens demonstration on 19th of January and antifascist action around the world outside Greek embassies.

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Support for benefit cuts dependent on ignorance, TUC-commissioned poll finds

06-01-2013 10:55

Ministers cannot assume that voters will continue to back them in their plans to cap welfare benefit rises, according to a new poll commissioned by the TUC from YouGov and published today (Friday). Voters least able to give accurate answers about benefits are the most likely to back the government’s policy on cutting benefits.

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PC 2858 Dominic McGrath harasses 'anti-social youth' and Brum's Critical Mass

05-01-2013 20:32

Clearly, they don't like our Punk as Fuck tunes!
Yesterday, Friday 4th January, witnessed a themed 'Punk as Fuck' Critical Mass on the streets of Birmingham. The mass went well from all accounts, but earlier on in the day West Midlands Police and the authorities of Birmingham Cathedral conspired to move the meeting place of the mass from the grounds of St. Philip's Cathedral to Victoria Square: Birmingham Critical Mass has met regularly in the grounds of the Cathedral for over 15 years, approximately 7 of which have been accompanied by a small soundsystem.

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Northern Ireland Unionism's Dangerously Fascistic Tendency

05-01-2013 17:39

The on-going protests surrounding the decision to limit the flying of the Union Flag at Belfast City Hall are the latest display of a dangerously fascistic tendency within Loyalism.

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Co-Op - Don't Renew The Atos Contract! - Pickets Jan. 17&19

05-01-2013 16:34

Co-Op - Don't Renew The Atos Contract! - Pickets


Picket times - From 5p.m. on Thursday 17th January to catch people going home from work and late night shoppers. And anytime on Saturday 19th January.

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West Midlands Police Sniffing Around Birmingham's Critical Mass

05-01-2013 16:32

Birmingham Cathedral letter to Birmingham Critical Mass
I thought I'd post this up here even though the Facebook group appears to be the main platform where people communicate about the mass. This platform has numerous advantages over discussing issues such as this. Namely, there is a much higher degree of anonymity on here and less of a chance of them profiling us. We can also discuss some of the issues here without the narcissistic crap associated with social networking and in terms of process we can try and ensure consensus decision making is adhered to. At this point, I'd like to point out that as far as I know, nobody has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the mass in terms of where it meets or take the initiative to liaise with cops or Church officials without the consent of the mass as a whole.

The mass last night with the 'punk as fuck' theme, as it gathered in the grounds of the Cathedral, was met by cops on bikes who distributed letters. The text of the letters is viewable on the Facebook group or if you have reservations about corporate social networking sites then you can read the letters here:
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