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UK Newswire Archive

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Israeli Colonel Talk at London Student Centre - Protest Pics

29-01-2009 21:50

Hillel Student Centre in London hosted Colonel Geva Rapp, one of commanders of the recent ground operations in Gaza.
Over 100 people assembled outside to protest against Israel military atrociously in Gaza and called for Rapp to be arrested for war crimes.

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Faslane peace Camp forum up.

29-01-2009 21:31

new forum up now

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Betar Fascist Zionist Rally In Manchester-Friday 1pm

29-01-2009 21:20

They are going to demonstrate in Peace Square of all places! They say they will have a senior Israeli politician (but havent said who)

Please get down opposite the town hall before 1pm and tell the fascists what we think of them(They might move the venue at the last moment. Please just wait until we find out where exactly and then we follow them).

Dont let the zionists spread their lies, be there tomorrow.

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Artillery barrage kills 44 civilians, 178 wounded in 'safety zone'

29-01-2009 21:02

Todays Shelling
ICRC Have confirmed hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed since the weekend. The Sri Lankan government have been firing multi barrel rocket launchers into the densely populated area, agreed by the government as the safety zone.
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) stepped up indiscriminate artillery barrage towards the heart of 'safety zone' since Thursday noon killing at least 44 civilians and causing injuries to 178, initial reports from Vanni said. The shelling has targeted Chuthanthirapuram 100-housing scheme, where at least 7 civilians were reported killed. 16 civilians were reportedly killed and scores wounded near St. Antony's Church in Chuthanthirapuram.

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Contact Camden council - updated information - Stop Camden Animal Lab

29-01-2009 20:40

There are plans to build a high level [3] virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden, alongside St Pancras International, behind the British Library on a Camden council house estate, Somers Town, one of the most deprived areas of the country in desperate need of community facilities and council homes. Please oppose by contacting Camden Council on the updated info below. Camden Councillors have changed.

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Stop Israeli Zionist Press Conference 11 am Tomorrow

29-01-2009 20:25

The zionsists are going to have a meeting tomorrow morning at the Dorchester where the Isreal army murderer colnel rapp will be with another General who we don't yet know the name. They are hoping that calling their meet at short notice will stop demonstrations happening.

Dont let them have their meeting without knowing of our anger at what they are doing in Gaza. Bring as many people as possible

Stop the Genocide!

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Unite backing Heathrow Expansion

29-01-2009 19:46

Unite the union claim, Heathrow expansion is not detrimental to the environment. They claim the challenge is to expand without additional greenhouse gas emissions. Unite state that by placing an environmental cap on flights into Heathrow it forces the industry to invest in cleaner and quieter aircraft, the benefits of which go beyond UK airspace. They also say that the Heathrow expansion during Phase I of development means reducing stacking and queuing on the runways which could save an estimated 330,000 tonnes of CO2.

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Raytheon, Edo MBM, Lloyds TSB(Emblem) Plot to Profit out Murder!

29-01-2009 19:34

Corporate ties explains why Lloyd's TSB refuse to send aid money to gaza
Smash Raytheon
Smash Lloyds TSB
Smash EDO MBM (what's left of it!!!)

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1,500 involved in shocking Sharjah riot

29-01-2009 18:59

Around 1,500 workers were involved in the riot that rocked Sharjah on Tuesday, during which they damaged and set fire to property and vehicles.

Workers set fire to management offices within their labour camp and smashed windows, state news agency Wam reported late on Tuesday.

Workers also burnt down five cars, damaged 40 others and stoned 28 buses, before turning their anger on police officers and labour officials at the scene.

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War Criminal alert: Israeli commander talks in Euston - TONIGHT at 6:30pm

29-01-2009 17:46

Please publicise widely and demonstrate against the Colonel Geva Rapp,
deputy commander of the Israeli Ground Forces in Operation Cast Lead against
Gaza. He should be charged for War Crimes and should not be
travelling freely in the UK.

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FIT teams stopped from filming on Gaza march

29-01-2009 16:40

Forward Intelligence Teams on the Gaza march on Saturday faced their toughest opposition to date, as people from the march joined Fitwatch activists in blocking police cameras.

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Palestine Today 012909

29-01-2009 16:21

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday, January 28th, 2009.

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Metronet HQ occupied in London

29-01-2009 16:20

The RMT come to Metronet.
Metronet you may remember had to be bailed out by the government in 2007 when it very nearly went bust due. The obvious thing to do was to nationalise it. But back in those heady days Metronet was the flag bearer of Mr Brown's Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme. So that would have seemed like admitting failure. So to this day Metronet is responsible for vast parts of the running of London Underground. Which also includes subcontracting the cleaning out to the less than humane ISS company. See:

So on Wednesday the RMT returned to Metronet with plenty of mops and buckets in the hope that they might clean up their act by getting a contractor that does not pay people the minimum wage while grassing up its employees to the immigration services. ISS are also finding all kinds of dubious excuses for sacking anyone who joins a trade union. The demo itself was loud and lively but nowhere near as surreal and eventful as their last visit. See:

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National student demonstration for free education, 25 February 2009

29-01-2009 16:00

A national student demonstration for free education, backed by student unions and activists from across the country, will take place on Wednesday 25 February 2009.

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Rossport Solidarity Camp Speaking Tour -February 2009

29-01-2009 15:23

Come along and find out why we should all get ourselves over to Ireland this spring!
People from the campaign are coming over to give talks & show films about the battle against Shell in Co.Mayo Ireland.

The Worlds largest pipe laying ship, the Solitaire is due back in Ireland this Spring.... find out how you can help stop it from destroying the community and environment.

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Protest against The O2 Arena's Use of Animals

29-01-2009 14:48

The O2 Arena in London is planning to feature a stage production of Ben Hur in September, using 100 animals including horses, camels, donkeys, chickens, falcons and eagles

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Independent Film Night in Southampton

29-01-2009 14:47

Subvert The City Arts Collective are putting on their 1st evening of independent films in Southampton on Sunday 1st February at the Hobbit Pub from 7 - 10pm.

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Israeli General talking at London Student Centre

29-01-2009 14:13


163 euston road, 6.30 pm.

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Sri Lankan Tamils Solidarity Demonstration, London - this Saturday

29-01-2009 13:25

Sri Lankan Tamils Solidarity Demonstration - This Saturday
31 January 2009
Starts: 13:00
Location: Millbank
(Nearest station Vauxhall or Pimlico)

March to Parliament Square

Called by the British Tamil Forum
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