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UK Newswire Archive

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After the verdict, a poem!

14-12-2011 16:42

Poem performed on steps of court by a PROTESTER found NOT GUILTY OF VIOLENT DISORDER ON DEC 9TH 2010. Jury only took forty mins to clear him.

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Daily Mail bribed police officers

14-12-2011 16:03

Mark Covell in San Martino Hospital (five days after the raid on Diaz)
Recently, an investigation dating back to the Genoa G8 summit during July 2001 has concluded that the Daily Mail reporter bribed three Italian police officers to gain access to one of the G8 Diaz school victims.

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Palestine Today 12 14 2011

14-12-2011 14:11

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday December 14, 2011

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Hackers successfully attacked police computer systems during riots

14-12-2011 14:02

Hackers successfully managed to shut-down the website and email system of West Midlands police during the height of riots in August.

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N30 Occupy London Tribute vid

14-12-2011 12:33

Short clips from the day spliced into 6 mins with accompanying track by Riot in London. In solidarity with all those who took part in the occupy and strike action on the day

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Veterans for Manning –CALLOUT–Return to U.S. Embassy Saturday Dec 17th 2pm”

14-12-2011 11:47

Tuesday Dec 14th. Veterans for Peace UK and supporters held a vigil for Bradley Manning at the U.S. Embassy in London. Bradley begins a pre-trial hearing on Friday at Fort Meade, Maryland/USA. Bradley faces charges that could lead to a lifetime in prison.
We call for you to join us and others in solidarity with Bradley- Saturday 17th of December, 1400hrs at the U.S. Embassy. Please join us.

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Community Protection Officer gives Santa a ticket

14-12-2011 00:55

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Walking up Long Row in Nottingham, trying to get past the Winter Wonderland and the public involved in full-on Christmas shopping ..........

I came upon this situation.  People looked on a bit supprised.  Small children look worried & concerned. Oh and one little girl thought it was hilarious.

I don't know what the issue was, [apart from the Big Issue of course], but this Community Protection Officer clearly lacked a bit the christmas spirit we are supposed to demonstrate to each other around this time.

The community, clearly in need of protection from him. Bah humbug ... he issues Santa with a ticket.

Merry Christmas fella!!



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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Radio Kebele End Nov Show

13-12-2011 22:55


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Brighton Occupation being evicted?

13-12-2011 22:37

Just walked through Victoria Gardens....

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One day strike over Primary School Academy plans

13-12-2011 21:54

Teachers, parents and community say No to forcing Montgomery Primary School to become an Academy

Today teachers in the NASUWT and NUT, together with GMB members, held a one-day strike. There was a picket line this morning and last Sunday 11 December at 1.30pm the local community held a public meeting against the Academy takeover at the Sparkbrook Community Centre, Sydenham Rd, Sparkbrook.

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Manchester Anti-Fascist Alliance: Closing Statement

13-12-2011 21:27

After two years Manchester Anti-Fascist Alliance is to call it a day.

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Greece: attempted escape from Korydallos Prison by anarchists of the CCF

13-12-2011 20:39

Greece: attempted escape from Korydallos Prison by anarchists of the CCF

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Occupy Notttingham: Two months in

13-12-2011 18:55

On Thursday 15th December, Occupy Notttingham will have been in situ for two months. An impressive tally. The camp is now surrounded by the "Winter Wonderland," but despite this aural and aesthetic assault and the recent cold weather, the occupiers remain steadfast.

On the newswire: Occupy Notts Camp sticks it out, starting week 9 | Notts Occupation: 7th Week and beyond | N30 Prof. Samir Amin @ Occupy - Events in Nottm | N30 Occupation - Events in Nottingham | Strike / Occupy | Occupy Camp now surrounded by Winter Wonderland | Occuptation says 'The Game is Over' | Occupation camp gets fenced in

Previous feature: Student photographer hassled by Notts Police | Occupy Nottingham: No plans for eviction. Yet. | NSAFC Report on @OccupyNotts 36 Days In | Occupy Nottingham: Still there | Occupy Nottingham: Moved but still in occupation | Nottingham Occupation Continues | Nottingham is occupied

Recent visitors to the camp have included folk punks Flogging Molly, Maltese band Cable 35 and Marxist academic Samir Amin.

On November 30th, the strike march came along Long Row, past the camp. Occupiers welcomed the strikers and were well received. The camp now has an impressive collection of union flags.

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KEN can't do it by rent stunt alone!

13-12-2011 18:04

The BBC is spreading the word for London career politico Ken Livingstone claiming that if elected mayor in 2012, he will practically revolutionise the rent system in housing. That is a good line, Ken. But you haven't shown you know what you are talking about. Unless of course Ken Livingstone is remembering the great initiative he had taken at the GLC, his bastion of pride, where he launched the series of ethicising corruption scams.

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Victory! Statement on acquittal of FRFI activist.

13-12-2011 17:51

‘The law is simply and solely made for the exploitation of those who do not understand it or of those who, for naked need, cannot obey it.’ Bertolt Brecht

Over one year of relentless campaigning by the Glasgow Defence Campaign was vindicated today as Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporter Joey Simons was found not guilty on all five charges relating to his arrest on an anti-cuts demonstration on 9 December 2010. Through twelve months of court appearances, and a trial lasting four days, the Crown office was unable to spin the shameless lies of Strathclyde police officers into a web of deceit sufficient to secure a prosecution by Sherriff Kerr. Cops lined up one after another to perjure themselves in front of the court, their ‘evidence’ concocted in concert and dutifully despatched; their well-rehearsed stories of rescue attempts, ‘threats to officer safety’, conspiratorial leaders, and ‘frantic’ crowds repeated again and again.

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Palestine Today 12 13 2011

13-12-2011 17:14

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday December 13, 2011

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Four Restaurants Drop Foie Gras in the North

13-12-2011 13:41

Foie gras is a delicacy produced by force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers become swollen and diseased. Caged or in pens, these birds never get to see the light of day as they live their short and miserable lives in factory farm sheds.

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Canada withdraws from Kyoto Protocol

13-12-2011 11:29

Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent has announced that Canada is withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol, making the home of Tar Sands the first nation to pull out of the protocol in its 15 year history. He claimed the protocol "does not represent a way forward for Canada", and that "Kyoto, for Canada, is in the past".

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Art & Politics with Stevphen Shukaitis

13-12-2011 10:55

How can we learn from past movements and how do we move forward with their ideas
Editor of Minor Compositions Stevphen Shukaitis comes to Bristol to talk about his minor compositions project, that draws experience from past movements and looks at how to move forward in the future.
featured image

Meet the Editor of Minor Compositions – Stevphen Shukaitis

Date: Thursday 15th December 2011
Speaker: Stevphen Shukaitis
Time: 19:00
Venue:Hydra Books 34 Old Market

Minor Compositions is a research – theorizing – publishing project whose aim is to bring together, develop, and mutate forms of autonomist thought and practice, avant-garde aesthetics, and an everyday approach to politics. This draws a good deal of inspiration from history of militant research and workers’ inquiry, expanding it beyond inquiry into particular workplaces into a more general investigation of cultural labor, social reproduction, and the relationship between radical politics and their neutralization by market and state forces.

What can ongoing political organizing learn from the history of radical art and cultural politics?

For this evening editor Stevphen Shukaitis will talk about Minor Composition (and Autonomedia) as project and publication series, focusing on themes such as precarity, the radical imagination, communization, occupations, and autonomy. How do these ideas developed from within movements in one context migrate to other countries and situations? And what happens to them when they move?



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A Real Victorian Christmas Party and Picnic at Triton Square: Fri 16th

13-12-2011 10:49

Join us at the home of poverty pimps Atos ‘Healthcare’ for a Christmas Party to celebrate the continuing struggle against disability deniers Atos.
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