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UK Newswire Archive

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Emergency in Calais as police repression escalate

21-01-2010 10:36

Please get down to Calais if you can!

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India: State and Corporates Hand in Glove -PUBLIC MEETING

21-01-2010 10:11

Please join for an evening of presentations and discussions on some of the prominent struggles against the State-Corporate nexus in India

Tuesday 26 January 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Room G2, SOAS, London

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Calais- short film(2 mins) of Hazara 'jungle' - this time with link!

21-01-2010 09:36

Destroyed again last week ,here is a short film of the Hazara jungle,right next to the port of Calais -


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Human Rights Watch / World Report 2010 / Events 2009

21-01-2010 08:11

Taking Back the Initiative from the Human Rights Spoilers

The 20th annual World Report summarizes human rights conditions in 80 countries and territories worldwide. It reflects extensive investigative work undertaken in 2009 by Human Rights Watch staff, usually in close partnership with human rights activists in the country in question.

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Obama, the first year (by Latuff)

21-01-2010 02:33

Obama's first year
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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New Anti-Fur Target - Leeds Kirkgate Market

21-01-2010 01:50


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Smash EDO Brighton 18/01/2010

21-01-2010 00:38

Hundreds of protesters attend the Smash EDO demonstration to protest against the Brighton defence contractor which manufactures weapon components used by the Israeli's during the violence against Palestine. Brighton, United Kingdom. 18/01/2010.

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Mainshill Solidarity Camp Eviction likely to happen Monday 25th

21-01-2010 00:28

Mainshill Solidarity Camp in Scotland has been occupied for the last seven months in resistence to a new open cast coal mine. Recently we recieved a reliable tip-off that the site will be evicted on Monday the 25th of January.

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Global Contributions to Charity Collections

20-01-2010 23:48

Mixet Haiti 2010 ® Giveaway! - Emerging earthquake in Port-au-Prince 2010

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There is no need for US military in Haiti

20-01-2010 23:44

"There is no need for US military in Haiti?: Why have they arrived w/o obviously needed supplies? Just bullets. What is their purpose?"

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20-01-2010 23:33

there is a demonstration this saturday. starts 2pm St. Pancras International -> 4.30pm Piccadilly Circus

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ACOUSTIC INSURGENCY launch night & benefit gig.

20-01-2010 23:04


Attila the Stockbroker
Captain Hotknives
Steve White and the Protest Family
Vic Lambrusco

There are more acts to be announced and there will be a raffle and free veggie meals for the first 50 people through the door. Alabama 3 and Bamboo Clothing have donated prizes to the draw. This months benefit is for a 7 year old Afghan girl who was badly injured in a bombing incident last year. More details about her here:

More up to the minute details can be viewed at the myspace page.

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“F*** the p***s” – meet the EDL’s anti-racist poster boy

20-01-2010 22:54

Ever since its formation last year, the English Defence League (EDL) has insisted it is not racist and doesn’t have a problem with ordinary Muslims, just radical extremists. Amit Singh is a British-born Sikh and EDL activist who will address the EDL’s demonstration in Stoke this Saturday to try and show British Asians that the group is neither racist nor anti-Muslim.

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CALAIS- short film of Hazara 'jungle'

20-01-2010 19:55

Destroyed again last week ,here is a short film of the Hazara jungle,right next to the port of Calais

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Workers' Fightback - Scottish School Sit-in/Iranian Steel/Mexican Standoff

20-01-2010 19:50

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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A Quick Response to BBC’s Article, “Venezuela’s economy in further slide”

20-01-2010 18:35

"Further, the BBC, like most mainstream press today, targets Venezuela (as well as a short list of other countries like China), constantly highlighting what it perceives to be problems here in a way that it does not do for other countries. The media finds one or two mistakes or problems with the Venezuelan government, and uses it to discredit the Bolivarian revolution, and therefore, the possibility that other ways are possible. On the other hand, the 55% of Mumbai’s population living in slums, and the one billion people in the world living in slums and going without sufficient food, and so on, couldn’t possibly indicate that capitalism is the system that is failing."

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Lili and Keiran still here, but still in danger! Protest this Friday, Newcastle

20-01-2010 15:34

The deportation of Lili and Keiran did not go ahead on Monday. No explanation has been provided by the UK Border Agency for this, they simply never came to collect Lili and Keiran from their room. They have been given new removal directions for next Monday, 25th January at 6.05 am from UK on Easyjet flight U22431 Luton to Paris, for onward transit to Cameroon. There's a further protest this Friday.

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Haiti: Flawed intervention of aid distribution = slow genocide

20-01-2010 15:30

In Haiti, the western media continue to report that tens of thousands of people in Haiti continue to go without food, water and most significantly, vital medical supplies for those with undoubtably infected injuries. Aside from the undoubted logistical complexity and scale of the crisis which is franly overwhelming, the also exists overwhelming evidence that the distribution of aid has been woefully coordinated. The manner of the United States intervention with respect to distribution in combination with the ineffectiveness of the UN has hinted at an underlying sinister agenda. Has a bureacratic red-tape inertia at the top effectively caused slow genocide here?

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How Alternative Media Provide The Crucial Critique Of The Mainstream

20-01-2010 14:21

On January 4, Tim Luckhurst, former BBC journalist and current Professor of Journalism at the University of Kent, wrote an article in the Independent with the dramatic title, ‘Demise of news barons is just a Marxist fantasy.’ Luckhurst argued that leftist critics are gleefully predicting the end of corporate journalism:

“There will be no further need for newspapers or broadcasters to host debates and represent public opinion. The internet will let every citizen speak for themselves. The masses will seize the means of media production. We will witness an era of revolutionary change.” (

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Neo-con Senator Lisa Murkowski wants to pollute and kill the planet

20-01-2010 14:17

An Alaska Republican, Senator Lisa Murkowski, is expected to put forward a proposal for a vote as early as tomorrow that would seek to prevent the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Obama faces emissions U-turn with new Congress challenge
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