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UK Newswire Archive

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Haiti: UN chief champions sweatshop development strategy

19-03-2009 17:25

Ban Ki-moon makes a thinly-veiled demand that the Haitian authorities prioritise free trade zones for garment assembly operations as the main thrust of its development strategy. Such a strategy is completely at odds with the country's progressive civil society organisations and the main bloc in the Chamber of Deputies - the anti-neo-liberal Concertation des Parliamentaires Progressistes (CPP).

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Borough Solicitor issues threatening letter over critical leaflet

19-03-2009 16:58

Borough Solicitor at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has got her knickers in a twist over a leaflet distributed in Farnborough highly critical of the council.

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Palestine Today 031909

19-03-2009 16:41


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, March 19th, 2009.

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Students Launch Online Activism Network

19-03-2009 16:24

Following the resurgence of student activism in recent months, students from the University of Aberdeen have launched a new, independent website, in an attempt to form a network of activists across the UK.

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Hackney Downs Social Centre/Gallery needs your input.

19-03-2009 16:17

A long term squatted warehouse in Hackney due for eviction on 3rd April invites you to get involved in the events being run there until it's demise...
It has been occupied for 4 years with the agreement of the owner only to suddenly be told the baliffs are due on 3rd April despite not having been informed or invited to attend any court preceedings....

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Resisting War Crimes is NOT a Crime

19-03-2009 15:22

The Message is Simple
Free Elijah James Smith and Robert Alford

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Royal Bank of Scotland, Kingsnorth and Shell branded ‘Stupid’

19-03-2009 15:11

Thursday 19th March 2009: Groups have staged a series of actions to highlight the climate ‘Stupid’ and ‘Not Stupid’ of britain.

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Islamophobia and the Jailing of Hicham Yezza

19-03-2009 13:44

In May 2008 Hicham Yezza, an IT technician at the University of Nottingham, was arrested, together with student Rizwaan Sabir, in a well-publicised anti-terrorist swoop. They had downloaded al-Qaida material from the US Department of Defense website as part of Sabir's academic work on terrorism.

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March 19 Day of Action Against Corporate Excess

19-03-2009 12:03

On March 19, 2009 Americans in cities nationwide will hold demonstrations at the offices of major banks and other corporations to demand more responsible corporate behavior and call on Congress to enact the change that will make it happen: employee free choice and healthcare reform.

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Police are lying bastards (non news)

19-03-2009 11:59

As if to prove what lying self serving bastards the cops are, the assistant chief constable of Kent Police wrote the following letter which was published in the Guardian. In the face of this kind of blatant spin it is not hard to understand why trust in the police is at such a low ebb. It barely contains a single word of a truth...

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Performance of 'The Illegals' and 'Asylum Monologues'

19-03-2009 11:53

Friday 20th March, 2009.
University College London
@ 6.30pm

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VIGIL CAMBRIDGE, in solidarity with Tristan Anderson & Palestine

19-03-2009 11:26

Posting to let people know about a vigil in Cambridge at 5pm-7.30pm tonight, Thursday, 19th March, outside the Guildhall, Market Square

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Deceit and fraud permeates conventional medicine

19-03-2009 11:23

If you're looking for a career as a fiction writer, why not write for medical journals and drug companies! The financial rewards are far greater and the fiction is even more outrageous!

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Shell end investment in renewables

19-03-2009 10:55

Royal Dutch Shell have ended their investment in renewable energy in favour of fossil and biofuels

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Tristan Anderson - CRITICALLY INJURED & KILLED PROTESTORS - Ni’ilin, West Bank

19-03-2009 09:33

This is a news alert sent out to local and national media offices to inform them of Tristan Anderson's injury and of the deaths in Ni'lin of Palestinian demonstrators, including children, killed in the last 6 months by the Israeli military. This also contains some links to footage of the incident (which is really horrible but important and is documents the lack of crowd's or stone throwing at the time of the shooting). Also Gabrielle Silverman, Tristan's girlfriend speaks really powerfully on Democracy Now and would be good to get a link to this up on Indymedia.

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All night demo outside EDO tonight

19-03-2009 08:42

There will be an all night demo outside EDO on Home Farm Road in Brighton tonight to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq.
It will start at 4pm this afternoon and end at 10am tomorrow morning.

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City cleaners hit the streets this Friday

18-03-2009 23:32

This Friday 20 March at 13.00 hours, cleaners sacked by contractor Mitie at global insurance brokers the Willis Group will be demonstrating again outside the Willis Building, 51 Lime Street London EC3 7DQ (tube: Liverpool Street or Bank). Their fight back against union busting redundancies is an inspiration to all in these times of recession brought on by the City itself. Come and show your support!

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Vigil for Tristan Anderson outside Israeli Embassy

18-03-2009 20:14

Pics of todays vigil for Tristan Anderson outside the Israeli Embassy (London), who was critically injured last Friday by Israeli troops following a protest against the Israeli wall in the West Bank village of Ni'lin.

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The Tinsley House blockade in pictures

18-03-2009 19:52

the start of the blockade just after 7am
Early in the morning of 17th March, about 20 anti-deportation campaigners from London and Brighton blockaded Tinsley House detention centre at Gatwick airport, where some Iraqi refugees due for deportation were being held. Using D-locks and superglue, the aim of the protest was to try and prevent the deportees being taken from the detention centre to Stanstead airport, where a special charter flight to Iraqi Kurdistan was scheduled that afternoon. Unfortunately the blockade was removed around 1pm, just in time for the WH Tours coach to get to the airport and Tinsley deportees be put on the flight, along with some 50 others brought from Campsfield and Dover detention centres. Nine protesters were violently arrested under Section 69 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (failure to leave land after a warning) and taken to Crawley police station. For more details, see the protesters' press releases:

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London Vigil for Tristan Anderson

18-03-2009 19:35


When I got to Kensington High Street at about 3.30, BS 280 was hassling the handful of attendees to cross the road to the 'designated area'. "Perhaps you can help me out," I said. "For years I've been trying to find out what law you use to dictate where we can practice our freedom of expression, and now you're about to tell me". Strangely enough, he couldn't. BS were very appropriate letters for his epaulettes. It wasn't very plausible -the side of the road he was trying to send us to has a narrower pavement and lots of shop doorways. Where we were, there was a railing behind our backs. He tried for a bit longer and then gave up.

Having got over the habitual hassle from cops, I reflected that irritating as the nursery school teacher persona that British bobbies habitually don at political events can be, they pale into insignificance when compared to the hassle that demonstrators face in other parts of the world. Like Ni'lin with its weekly protests against the wall, which has had four of its young people killed since July 2008, and where fellow IMCista and ISMer Tristan Anderson was hit in the face with a gas cannister on Friday March 13th. Tristan is now in a critical condition in an Israeli hospital, and it was in solidarity with him and the people of Palestine that we were stood around the corner from the Israeli Embassy.

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