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UK Newswire Archive

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Attacks on Mitie in Bristol

18-04-2013 12:55

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Labour corruption in Somerset

18-04-2013 08:55

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Transport to Extreme Energy Gathering

18-04-2013 08:55

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Ding! Dong! Death

18-04-2013 06:55


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Wrexham Waves Goodbye to Thatcher

17-04-2013 19:08

Around 60 people gathered at the Arc Statue in the centre of Wrexham at 5pm today to mark Maggie Thatcher's demise with a vigil for 'the workers and unwaged who are still living with Thatcher's legacy.' There was a silent vigil and then speeches.

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All new Sparrows' Nest 'Digital Library'

17-04-2013 18:55

We are very happy to announce that we have not only restructured the digitised documents on our website, but also added loads and loads more materials you can to browse to your delight.

All in all we added another 4,500 pages of zines, bulletins, pamphlets, news sheets, etc. including e.g. a series of the SWF's ‘Direct Action Pamphlets' from the 40s and early 50s, documents from the 1960s and 70s (including more than 50 issues of ‘Anarchy'), numerous 1980s punk zines and much more!

You can access all digitised documents on our new ‘Digital Library' section on the Nest's website.

There is a direct link to a comprehensive table of all digitised materials, containing both searchable catalogued information as well as hyperlinks to the digitised documents.

There are also links to more detailed tables regarding the individual collections (almost the same thing, but containing more contextual information).

Everything that was online before is of course still accessible, including e.g. Ron's fabulous collection of Syndicalist materials (1940s to 1960s), providing fascinating insights into the history of syndicalist groups and individuals, in Britain and around the world. However, it is no longer necessary to do stuff like downloading spread sheets and following separate links for each page of a document.

Admittedly, the tables we produced look a bit late 1990s internet, but it should be quite straightforward to navigate the tables in order to browse and discover amazing documents.

We are of course always striving to make this Digital Library as accurate and user-friendly as possible and if there are any people out there who could assist us in putting together a more user-friendly (or fancier looking) database, please get in touch!

We also constantly busy scanning more documents so please come back often to find more and more digital content.

Have fun browsing the materials and please get in touch with any suggestions, additional information regarding the documents etc.

Hope to see you soon at the Nest!

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Hyson Green Council Tax Stall

17-04-2013 18:55

.Oppose Cuts, Don't PayCouncil Tax Stall in Hyson Green

A public address was given which linked Margaret Thatcher to the Thatcherite anti-working class policies of her successors.  This was generally well-received but some of the market traders didn't like this attack on Thatcher and her kind.  Perhaps they should reflect upon the fact that many of their customers have falling real incomes and thus are likely to be spending less at the market stalls.  A City Councillor passed by the stall and we told her that she should not be implementing the cuts and that we are withholding our Council Tax payments.

The stall was run by two people and a good response was forthcoming. Many poor people live in this area and they are angry about the ways in which the Coalition Government and Nottingham City Council are attacking their living standards and cutting back on social services for vulnerable and disadvantaged people.  There was much concern about the Bedroom Tax.  Some left their contact details.  The next stage is to try to form local groups in which people can support each other and persuade others to not to pay Council Tax.

An essential part of developing a Council Tax Non-Payment campaign is to establish a fighting fund to support people who incur legal expenses as a result of appearing in magistrates courts.  It is and will be primarily low income working people who resist and they should be firmly supported.

The idea of picketing Kenneth Clarke's house in West Bridgford to ask how many spare bedrooms he has which could be used for homeless people was popular.  "When is it?", people said.

Details of further campaigning stalls in working class areas will be announced.  If you want to help, then get in touch

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Abolish Money!

17-04-2013 18:39

The ancient Babylonians called gold - "the shit of Hell".

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Mike Weatherly - Mr Hollywood?

17-04-2013 17:21

In the week before the trial of three Brighton squatters for the new law of squatting in a residential premesis we were sent this letter from a concerned Hove resident.

Mike Weatherley is the MP that fought hardest to criminalise residential squatting.

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Bifurcated Britain

17-04-2013 14:27

The funeral arrangements accorded to Margaret Thatcher by the poitical elite reveal the divided nature of British Society and the continuance of 'two-nation' Toryism.

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BAE's on the run! Help us to track them down and stage a protest!

17-04-2013 09:48

We will be staging a protest against BAE's Annual Meeting taking place in Farnborough on the 8th May and would like people to join us either by meeting us there at 10am or in London at 8:15am where there will be a coach waiting.

Please come along and show your support against this event and the company behind it, responsible for the immoral selling of arms worldwide!

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Tomorrow: emergency demo in Solidarity with Guantánamo Hunger Strikers

17-04-2013 09:22


The London Guantánamo Campaign invites you to an emergency demonstration

outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 1AE
(nearest underground: Bond Street/Marble Arch)

on Thursday 18 April
at 6-8pm
open mic and banners - feel free to bring your own

in support of the Guantánamo Hunger Strikers
now in their third month of protest at
11 years of torture, abuse and arbitrary detention

The current hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay, now in its 11th week, turned nasty at the weekend, when new orders were issued to separate prisoners, resulting in an invasion of their cells and plastic bullets being fired at prisoners allegedly putting up resistance, in spite of being weakened after 11 weeks without food. Their lawyers report that some have lost over 30lb in weight in that time and the US Defense Department states that at least 13 are being force fed. Nearly all the prisoners are on hunger strike. Most have been held without charge or trial for over 11 years with little prospect of release.

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Margaret Thatcher Funeral & Trafalgar Square Party Compared

17-04-2013 08:12

In contrast to the 2-3,000 that the BBC confirmed attended the Margaret Thatcher Death Party in Trafalgar Square, 9am 17 April the BBC are reporting "one or two" members of the public gathering to pay their respects to Margaret Thatcher on Fleet Street, and "well over a thousand" gathered around St Paul's...

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Radiozones of Subversive Expression

17-04-2013 05:58

Athens IMC and 98FM radio station are under repression by the State

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Mental Health Community of Interest

16-04-2013 22:55

A community linking people with an interest in mental health was begun in Nottingham in March, with a mailing list created to keep people updated about events. Events and articles shared through the mailing list will also be posted on Indymedia.

On March 9th 2013, a book launch was held at the International Community Centre on Mansfield Road, for Contesting Madness, a book, edited by three psychologists, Bob Diamond, Sarah Keenan and Steven Coles. This book questions the legitimacy of the dominant medical-psychiatric framework as the sole means of conceptualising "madness". Many people attended with experience of mental health and mental health services - service users*, family members and mental health workers and volunteers. Everyone who wished to speak, sing or recite was given the chance to do so, with some very moving and enjoyable stories, poems and songs.

One of the ideas from the day was the desire to take forward the desire of people who attended to maintain a community of interest, as people with a vested interest in maintaining social justice and the provision of good public services. So a mailing list was created. Information from the mailing list about forthcoming events or topics of interest will also be posted here on Indymedia for anyone who's interested.

The first two links were sent by Steven Coles, the first looking at the effects of Community Treatment Orders (whereby people can be recalled to hospital if they don't stick to certain conditions, such as taking medication), the second exploring a holistic treatment pioneered in Finland.

*As was noted on the day, terminology is often a contentious issue, with no labels satisfying everyone.

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Hero, Actor James Cromwell, Arrested In Animal Rights Action

16-04-2013 20:07

In the U.S., actor James Cromwell, star of Babe and many other movies, has been
arrested at the University of Wisconsin for speaking out against cat torture there.
The University of Wisconsin has also been involved in primate torture, tasering of pigs for the US Justice Department, and furthering the enslaving of cows for their milk.

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The Day I Bombed the House of Commons

16-04-2013 18:29

"Why did you do it?" the copper asked. "I suppose you just wanted to cause a stink, right?"

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„Solidarity Clause”: EU secret service to be reinforced?

16-04-2013 07:07

The „solidarity clause“ regulates the use of police, secret service and military means in case of a crisis within the EU

The EU Commission and the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy issued a proposal for the structuring of the so-called „solidarity clause” [1]. The document refers to article 222 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) [2].

The EU institutions respectively the member states of the EU are to be bound to assist each other in case of a damaging event. This includes the use of police, secret service and military means. The „solidarity clause” determines that engagement in the territory of another state shall only be allowed at the „request of its political authorities”.

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The roll-out of tasers will make minority groups targets once again

15-04-2013 23:17

PUBLIC MEETING: to discuss new 24hr Taser patrols in every London borough. There has been no consultation and evidence shows they are disproportionately used against ethnic minorities, people with mental ill health and young people. Join us at 7pm on April 22, at Chats Palace, 42-44 Brooksby Walk, Homerton, E9 6DF
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