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UK Newswire Archive

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Meeting a palestinian Youth worker

23-11-2005 15:17

At the Basement, 24 Lever St.,off Piccadilly Gardens
on Thursday 24th November at 7.30
a Palestinian student from An-Najah University, Nablus who has been working in the Zajel Youth Exchange Program is in Manchester and will show pictures and PowerPoint presentation.

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Paul Samuelson Attacks a Dogma

23-11-2005 14:21

The best-known econmist of the world doubts that shifting services to India and buying cheap goods from India will bring advantages to Americans when the income of workers falls through the foreign competition.. The rich North will lose its monopoly profits under globalization.

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Meeting on incapacity benefit reform

23-11-2005 12:27

The date of the next Sheffield Welfare Action Network meeting has been set for Saturday the 26th of November, from 12pm to 3.30pm. The meeting is to discuss action around forthcoming incapacity benefit reforms.

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A Worldwide Call for Input: WHAT IS TO BE DONE?

23-11-2005 12:14

[...] This is my rough answer. However, I want to open the question out to the whole of the world, to ask each of you.

WHAT IS TO BE DONE? How can WE develop a form of people power to save us from the false choices we are offered?

Let us not leave the essential work to corrupt politicians operating within corrupt political systems. [...]

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Tomorrow! Reading activist reconvergence...

23-11-2005 11:06

Please forward this invitation to any local activist groups and individuals, environmentalists, peace campaigners, feminists, anarchists, anti-capitalists, trade justice campaigners, etc etc!

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Half Price Sale

23-11-2005 10:20

T Shirt Design
Imagine the fun that can be had when you print up a bundle of half price sale t-shirts and then wander around London's shopping mecca?

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[petition]in support of Poznan queer parade

23-11-2005 09:55

a petition to support the participants and organisers of the Equality March in Poznan (Poland). Please, send it further!

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Al Jazeera riddle.

23-11-2005 09:47

The Bum and The Bin
The Bin and The Bum.

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Occam’s Razor and 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

23-11-2005 05:47

Actually, most people I know don't have a real theory. They simply know that the Conspiracy Theory peddled by the "Iraq has WMD!!!" guys and their loyal media is utter horse.

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23-11-2005 04:05

We don't know how to show our deepest pain and sadness which we feel in these moments. In a new attack, the Colombian military assassinate ARLEN SALAS DAVID, leader of our community and coordinator of the humanitarian zone, Arenas Altas. We would like to share the facts of what took place so that they can be judged in time and can be remembered in history:

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What Gordon Gentle would be saying if he could speak from the Grave

22-11-2005 22:36

Soldier demands mother keeps mum over war

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22-11-2005 22:02

This is a 1,200 word report of the proceedings (or lack of them) at the International Criminal Tribunal (ICTY) for the former Yugoslavia being held in The Hague, Netherlands. 6 Labelled photos are attached.

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Goldie Looking Chain Win Media Activist Award

22-11-2005 18:25

GLC with their MISTY

In Swansea today Welsh rap stars Goldie Lookin' Chain were presented with an award for their work in raising the issue of Homelessness.

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Dalkeith Country Park under serious threat

22-11-2005 17:55

Tree-felling has begun at Dalkeith Country Park in Midlothian, Scotland (just south of Edinburgh's City Bypass).
The protest site was issued a 48 hour notice for eviction today.
More people and support is urgently needed!

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Mindwalk 20: Piece of Schmidt

22-11-2005 15:46

This episode includes a PSA from former child actor Dickie Richards. Donate your Uzi today! Followed by the first new Raymond Lafferty piece in several months. A Murtha / Schmidt / SNL mix with music by Sacred Spirit and Fat Boy Slim. Also some thoughts on Dinosaurs from William S. Burroughs music by Shalor. And finally Arundhati Roy with music by Gil Amran.

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Jean Charles de Menezes Solidarity Concert - Friday 25 Nov

22-11-2005 15:02

Asian Dub Foundation's Invasion Soundsystem
The Peace Not War Creative Network are collaborating with the Justice for Jean Campaign to present a concert in solidarity with the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, murdered by Police at Stockwell tube on 22 July.

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"Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist" attacks migrants

22-11-2005 14:56

If you want to read some really filthy attack on migrants, read the November issue of the "Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist". It claims that "the latest weapon in the armoury of capitalism is a massive increase in the numbers of people migrating to Britain." Hello? Have they recently merged with the BNP?

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WHO bird flu expert says 300 dead in China, government hiding the truth

22-11-2005 14:45

A front page article in the respected German newspaper Franffurter
Allaemeine, yesterday said that Dr. Masato Tashiro, a Japanese WHO
consultant, believed that China has had 300 human deaths from bird flu and is hiding the true extent of the disease from the rest of the world.

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"The Days of the US Empire are Numbered"

22-11-2005 14:22

"I love the US but I hate the American empire.. The US could escape a sudden downfall if it recognizes economic equality in the world, appears as one country among others and abandons its military presence in the 140 countries where it presently stations troops."

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Peace Not War & Justice4Jean Party 25th Nov

22-11-2005 13:44

The Peace Not War collective and the Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign and having a stomping fundraising party this Friday 25th November at JAMM in Brixton.

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