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UK Newswire Archive

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Anti-vivisection demo, Oxford, 23 Jul - placards etc.

28-07-2005 19:13

We are all primates
Photos of the messages being put across by protesters at the Freedom march and rally in Oxford, 23rd July 2005. Placards, banners and clothing were all put to good use in this way. See report and more pics at

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Anti-vivisection demo, Oxford, 23 Jul - Pics and report

28-07-2005 18:30

Poster for the Freedom march and rally, 23rd July 2005, Oxford
23rd July 2005: On a cloudy but warm and dry Saturday afternoon in Oxford, around one thousand animals of the species Homo sapiens assembled in Oxpens Park for a demonstration against the torture and killing of non-human animals in the name of medical "science", and to mark a year since the construction of Oxford University's new vivisection laboratory was halted. There were section 12&14 conditions, speeches in the park, a march to the lab, more speeches outside the lab, and a march back to the park. Here are some photos and a report (approx 4,000 words), which includes extracts from some of the speeches.

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Group calls on NIH to remove Harvard professor from fluoride-cancer study

28-07-2005 18:23

A scientist accused of covering up research showing a link between fluoride in tap water and osteosarcoma must be removed from the ongoing NIH study

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The Morals of Tony Blair

28-07-2005 17:44

Bliar is a disgrace to the entire world.

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Is Iran Being Set Up?

28-07-2005 17:42

According to Scott Ritter, the war in Iran was supposed to begin in June, but the public had turned against Bush/Blair/PNAC, making such a thing impossible. He says now that covert US activities are currently going on within the country, as US-Israeli relations sour.

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‘Nothing to link Muslims with attacks’

28-07-2005 17:39

Just enough for the LIARS in the Blair Gov't to weave an elaborate Conspiracy Theory, and the media to air such dangerous speculation. The media doesn't even repeat claims from Governments when the Mossad is suspected of something. Imagine if the suspects had been Israeli?

Perhaps they are ...

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Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket

28-07-2005 17:36

The more the LIES of the Bliar Government are peeled away, the more this looks like a deliberate murder, intended to keep an unintended witness silent. Who do the CCTV pictures show doing the actual shooting? Do they work for the London Police, or some other agency? Where was this man's call that morning? He was, after all, an electrician?

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GREATER SUNRISE Timor Sea Justice Campaign

28-07-2005 16:03

Briefing Paper by Timor Sea Justice Campaign (Australia) re signing of a temporary resource sharing agreement between Australia and East Timor covering the Greater Sunrise gas field.

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Demo against Iranian attacks on gays.11 Aug

28-07-2005 15:38

Gay rights group OutRage! is to hold a demo against the execution of two gay teens in Iran (19 July) and the continued persecution/execution of gays and others in the country.

(Previous postings on this story have been taken down by IMC presumably cos they think we're being 'imperialist etc (?))

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Pics of protest Against "Shoot to Kill' at Scotland Yard

28-07-2005 15:36

View of protest
On Wednesday 27 around 40 people gathered outside Scotland Yard in London to protest against the shoot-to-kill policy and for justice for Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot dead last week by Met's anti-terrorist squad when they mistook him by a suicide bomber.

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G8 2005 issues: Two short video interviews from Bristol

28-07-2005 15:17

Two short interviews from footage filmed in Bristol by a local crew in the run up to the G8 summit. These edits focus on the two major themes of the G8 summit held in Scotland, July 2005: climate change and Africa.

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'Tornado' hits south Birmingham

28-07-2005 14:46

Extreme winds felled trees in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham in an intense minute-long storm.

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Police violence also leaves emotioal wounds...

28-07-2005 12:23

>> an "After the G8-Text" from Activist Trauma Support <<
After coming back from the G8 a lot of us might be going through a phase where we don't feel very well, especially if experienced or witnessed police violence. How this affects us, how we react to is and more specific info on post-traumatic stress...

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Brilliant billboard subvert

28-07-2005 12:13

A better view
I found this brilliant subvertisement on Crown St in East Oxford last night. Cool, folks.

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Jean Charles de Menezes Vigil and Memorial Service

28-07-2005 11:40

JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES - 7.1.78-22.7.05
Murdered by the police at Stockwell station Friday 22 July 2005
The Menezes family call upon the people of London to join them
remembering Jean Charles. Vigil at Parliament Square Friday 29 July, 5.30pm

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"No to shoot to kill". Vigil for Jean Charles de Menezes

28-07-2005 11:27

The vigil is tomorrow, 5pm at Parliament square and was called by the Menezes family themselves.

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Naeem Noor Khan transferred

28-07-2005 11:09

To put it simply, is this an effort to question Kaeem Noor Khan, or to silence him?

Ordinarily, such thinking might be considered paranoid. However, given this Administration's track record and the pressure they srill exert on other governments, one can safely assume the worst.

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Protest on Parliament Sq 1st Aug, 2pm against government Protest exclusion order

28-07-2005 10:48

We believe the exclusion order is a very serious attack on our civil liberties. Parliament Square August 1, 2pm. PLUS
Public Meeting - 6.30pm Thursday 4th August, Friends Meeting House, Euston. Speakers include George Galloway (MP), Jeremy Corbyn (MP), Tariq Ali, Shami Chakrabati, Lindsey German, Anas Al Tikriti.

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Stop the War Coalition Protest at Downing St 5.30pm Thursday 28th July

28-07-2005 10:44

Please join us for the protest at Downing St 5.30pm Thursday 28th July convened by the Stop the War Coalition against the murder of the Brazilian worker at the hands of the police in Stockewell, and also the recent bombing attacks in London and the continuation of war in Iraq.

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28-07-2005 10:29

THE family of the Brazilian man shot dead by marksmen who mistook him for a suicide bomber revealed last night how police have changed their account of the incident. Yet again.
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