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UK Newswire Archive

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The World Social Forum: a worm's eye view

09-02-2004 16:22

The World Social Forum, Mumbai, 16-21 January 2004: a worm's eye view

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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign-LATEST

09-02-2004 16:07 in a Week
from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

February 7, 2004

Latest News

We Demand Justice for Palestine! Make the Wall Fall!

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IWPS: Israeli Bulldozers Go Into Budrus, West Bank

09-02-2004 15:52

IWPS Press Release

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Video - IMC Scotland subvertisation

09-02-2004 15:33

The results of our video editing workshop in Edinburgh yesterday - a quick subvertise of a Ridley Scott classic.

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Protest ouside warmonger's lecture

09-02-2004 15:14

Why should this warmonger be given an honoured reception by Cambridge University?
Come and remind him that he is not welcome here!

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Public meetings banned in parts of Argentina

09-02-2004 15:13

In the noprthern province of Santiago de Estero, the government has banned pubic meetings without prior consent. Anyone not complying can be subject to imprisonment between 1- 30 days or a fine of between 10-20 days pay.

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FoE & UN bio conf-meet-Malasia: 9-20Feb.

09-02-2004 14:54

Friends of the Earth Intl report from the UN Convention on Biologigal Diversity
in Malaysia.

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Fundraiser 4 Palestine!

09-02-2004 14:48


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The right to peaceful protest under attack - Animal rights group speaks out

09-02-2004 13:16

On 3rd January 2004, an animal rights group in Manchester campaigning against the fur trade spoke about police harrassment of their peaceful protest outside Harvey Nichols' store. Video clips.

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Anti Coca Cola Campaign

09-02-2004 12:40

The communities near the Plachimada plant of Coca Cola in India,
where one of the bottling plants of Coke is situated are
engaged in a battle since last two and a half years
against the exploitation of the ground water and the
subsequent drying up of wells in the area resulting in
acute shortage of drinking water.

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Making all trade Fair Trade - Simultaneous Policy forum

09-02-2004 12:33

Event: The Diamond, Selwyn College, 7.30 pm Friday 13 February
As part of Cambridge University students’ One World Week, a group with links to the town is discussing how an international campaign could make all trade Fair Trade. The Simultaneous Policy campaign brings together people around the world to develop policies to tackle global problems, such as the unfair trading system.

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WSF reportback TONIGHT 8pm, Linacre College!

09-02-2004 12:29

Come and hear what happened in Mumbai at the annual World Social Forum, a gathering of activists, NGO's, and all those working for a better world. Panelists will have the opportunity to talk briefly about their experiences at the WSF, then there will be a question and answer session about the WSF.

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Grim times surely lay ahead for us tenants!

09-02-2004 10:31

Grim times surely lay ahead for us tenants. We are slowly moving back into a Victorian age when tenants paid over half of their salary on rent alone. Housing Associations or registered Social Landlords, as they are know known, are taking over council properties and becoming property developers. It wont be long before they start selling their old stock off as they move into new builds for sale.

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One World Week Films

09-02-2004 10:31

There won't be a Cambridge IndyMedia film screening this Sunday but you should be able to satisfy your hunger for excellent radical film viewing with some of the offerings from the One World Week people...

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Hoon contradicts his Hutton evidence and invites a host of questions

09-02-2004 10:22

When Geoff Hoon was interviewed on Radio 4's Today programme on 5th February
2004, he claimed that not only was the Prime Minister unaware before 18th
March 2004 of the precise nature of the 'WMD' claimed to be deployable
within 45 minutes, but also that he himself was unaware until after the
publication of the dossier in September 2004.

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One World Week in Cambridge

09-02-2004 10:09

One World Week will take place in February 2004 in and around Cambridge University...

Its aims are to educate people about social, environmental and cultural issues through various mediums such as talks, theatre, events, film and debates...

Although it does have a serious message, to make people more aware of social inequality and environmental concerns, it is also designed to celebrate cultural diversity...

This event is incredibly important as it tackles worldwide issues of fundamental importance. We want to encourage people to think on a more global level, to think 'outside the square they live in'. Although this event is a university-based one and whilst we do want to tackle student apathy, in line with our broad outlook we want to make this event accessible to all in the Cambridge area, both 'town and gown'...

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Schooling & Love: Love should be first and foremost value

09-02-2004 10:00

Caring institutions must be explicit and intentional about the role of love as their guiding principle, without apology. There can be no greater justification for providing good care and education for our children than the value of love. The basis and ultimate justification for early childhood education must be, first and foremost, love - without apology.

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Wet Dreaming on Mars

09-02-2004 08:11

A particularly under-represented group of people is those scientists who for years have been trying to explain to Nasa, for no pay mostly, why it has been dreaming about Mars having had rivers and oceans of liquid water and a wetter and warmer climate in the past. This is an original publication, and copyleft. Read on.

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Zimbabwean Bishop takes the gospel to the West

09-02-2004 06:43

Zimbabwean Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi leader of the Zion Christian Church is taking religion the other way round. He is taking the gospel to the West to show howGod has manifested himself in Africa.

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munich noNATO overview + links to videos

08-02-2004 23:35

It is the 40th time in sequence that Ministers of Defense, war strategists, arms manufacturers and other important or powerful people, somehow interested in making war, meet - as last year - in the hotel Bayerischer Hof, to think about the wars of the future.
+links to videos and short english descriptions
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