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UK Newswire Archive

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World Class Ecocriminals: BHP Billiton AGM Protest

20-10-2011 22:55

Dateline: OccupyLSX to BHP Billiton AGM, QE2 Conference Centre, London, UK, 09:30-12:15, Thu 20 Oct 2011 – On what may be #OccupyLSX’s first off-site protest action, this morning a contingent of Occupy London campers and supporters marched the two miles from our St Paul’s encampment to the QE2 Conference Centre, just west of Parliament Square – wherein the profit-at-any-cost shareholder ecocriminals of BHP Billiton, our home world’s largest mining company, were holding their Annual General Meeting beanfeast. At the CONFRONT BHP BILLITON public protest, we made sure their intolerably rapacious treatment of indiginous peoples and planetary ecosystems the world around was roundly exposed and vigorously condemned.

The preceding evening, at a shocking and informative BHP Billiton Teach-In, the gross global extent of this mega-corporation's ecocrimes against people and planet were detailed and discussed. For the full low-down on just how dirty and low down BHP Billiton really are, please see the international network website:
• BHP Billiton Watch

After a good night’s sleep, a report on...
BHP Billiton Teach-In, Wed 19 Oct 11
...will follow, right here.



• BHP Billiton Watch

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• Occupy Together

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• United for #globalchange

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• Occupy London, Global Day of Action #15Oct - further coverage

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Tim Dalinian Jones


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German MP Wants Kennedy Files Opened

20-10-2011 20:55

German MP Hunko is not satisfied about information regarding operations of Mark Kennedy on German soil.
Original Press Release here:

This case and related ones continue to be discussed in German Parliament and Press. Further questions are if activists might take up this issue with lawsuits in their own countries, or at EU level.

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Dalefarm: “you can’t take away our dignity"

20-10-2011 18:55

Mass Dale Farm walkout: “you can’t take away our dignity”

At 4.45 pm today, Dale Farm residents and supporters jointly walked off the site to begin the next stage of the battle against eviction which has been waged across courts, barricades and protests. The decision to leave together was made in order to show the unity of the residents and supporters after two months of supporter presence at Dale Farm through Camp Constant.

Resident Mary Sheridan said, “Leaving with supporters today is about our own dignity and our appreciation of the support we’ve received. We’re leaving together as one family, and we are proud of that- you can’t take away our dignity”.

The mass walk-out leaves the site free of people except legal observers, who are required to make sure that the bailiffs stick to the letter of the law in leaving the walls, fences and most of the hardstanding in place.

Now the Travellers are outside the Dale Farm site, the legacy of Tory Councillor Tony Ball and local MP John Baron who drove the forced eviction to conclusion is laid bare. Where will these families go? How will their needs be met? The Travellers’ and supporters’ next move remains to be decided. Mr Ball and Mr Baron have declined to respond when asked for advice on what the Dale Farm community should do now.

Ali Saunders, a Dale Farm supporter added, “We have held off eviction for over a month, and our sense of togetherness has been amazing. Anyone who has visited the community cannot fail to see the importance of a movement to promote the rights of Travellers. Dale Farm will have a legacy for years to come.”

A new group, the Traveller Solidarity Network [1], has emerged in recent weeks, in response to the Dale Farm crisis.

Ali Saunders continued, “The Dale Farm forced eviction showed that the UK’s reputation for tolerance is a smokescreen for systematic discrimination against a Travellers because of their ethnicity and culture. That’s why groups from Amnesty International to the United Nations opposed the forced eviction.

Dale Farm has brought the ingrained prejudice against Travellers into public view, from constant rejections of planning permission, to hostile local authorities, to violent evictions. The true long-term impact of Dale Farm will be a movement of travellers and supporters to change attitudes so travelling people can live in peace and not be criminalised.”


–Media enquiries: 07040900905, 07583761462
Twitter: @letdalefarmlive

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1 protester in Athens dead, pulpit whores blaming the revolutionairies

20-10-2011 16:28

1 'protester' dead of heart stoppage, a syndicalist (PAME-KKE stalinist) builder from Athens. He was guarding the parliament building to try to stop people attacking it! He died of heart failure. No signs of physical injury, unlike many others who attacked and were attacked in attempts to attack, and to defend, the parliament building. Still the stalinist KKE was determined to let the troika vote, and their actions were and will continue to be bloody.

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Call Out: OpposeThe EDL In Birmingham 29th Oct

20-10-2011 16:04

The EDL are to hold a demo in Victoria square, Birmingham on 29th October 12:00 - 18:00. Victoria Square is also the location of the Occupy Birmingham protest camp which could become a target for the EDL. This is a call out for people to come to Victoria Square on the 29th and defend the Occupy Birmingham camp and defend the city from the EDL.

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EGYPT: Imprisoned blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad to be sent to psychiatric hospital

20-10-2011 14:40

Maikel Nabil Sanad
War Resisters' International learned today that a military court ordered on 18 October to send imprisoned pacifist blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad to a psychiatric hospital for examination. According to the information received, the blogger is presently still being held in El Marg prison, and is on hunger strike since 23 August.

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Greece: General Strike - anarchists clashes with police 19.10.2011 - photos

20-10-2011 13:20

Greece: General Strike - anarchists clashes with police 19.10.2011 - photos

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Anarchist hip-hop benefit in Leeds tonight

20-10-2011 12:32

Test Their Logik gig tonight.

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BNP shown where to go in Worthing

20-10-2011 10:35

The British National Party held a table top stall in Worthing, Sussex at the weekend. However, their stay was cut short with the arrival of anti-fascists...

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letter to the standard

20-10-2011 08:55

A ournalist from the Evening Standard has requested that a Christian linked with the occupation sends a letter to the editor. I thought all letters to the editors were spontaneous, but there you go. They request the type of person they want to send the letter, the theme and a word count. Next we'll hear they fake them.
Anyway, even though it was at an impossible deadline, I managed to produce about 180 words. Which I am publishing now in case the letters of my letter suffer any alteration - or vanishing - on their way to publication.
The request was "on how the protest should respond to concerns from the St Paul's authorities" (that they may have to close because of the occupation on its land). Wrong question. However, given the deadline pressure, I didn't want to scorn this journalist with a "wrong question. Please try again later", so here it is:

I think it would be those in power an in possession of property, in this case land and buildings, who "should respond".
It is a shame that the Cathedral is put in a position where it will be necessary to decide whether to close or not by those who could allow the occupiers to enter the building they intended to stay in, in the first place. The occupation is not against this or any other church. Indeed, both occupiers, christian and anarchists are most concerned with social and economic justice, equality and dignity of life. It is the powerful that are destroying all those that those are against, symbolised by the Stock Exchange. Those with the necessary power to make the Stock Exchange, or whichever other building or land that the occupation's assembly would deem appropriate, should the necessary steps so that the occupation can move and thus the carers of the Cathedral do not feel the pressure to need to close.

Good luck and all best wishes in your attempts to get this letter published. Sincerely.

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Occupy Montréal - a brief report

20-10-2011 08:35

The recent CrimethInc. text written to the occupying movement was distributed in Montréal by the hundreds in both English and French, depending on the language of the recipient. We translated the text ourselves, and it's good. Otherwise, there was a very small visible anarchist presence, mostly in the form of backpatches, a few black flags or black-and-red flags, and a few banners. This must be contrasted to the Maoists of the Parti communiste révolutionnaire, the Zeitgeist Movement, the Lyndon Larouche cult, various ragtag bands of Québécois sovereigntists, and other marginals who managed to be visible. There are more anarchists than any of these groups, except maybe the sovereigntists, but the majority of anarchists chose either not to engage or they chose to engage in a way that didn't mention the A-word.

One such way was the Décolonisons Montréal contingent (Decolonize Montréal or Descolonicemos Montreal, in English and Spanish), which consistently pushed the line that a strictly pacifistic protests is foolish and that the police are not the friends of the occupiers. They also pushed an anti-capitalist analysis early in the day, which might've helped to influence the character of the march later, and they helped to distribute some of the CrimethInc. texts, as well as promoting a demo against Canadian imperialism and the G20 summit in France on November 3 and a march organized by the family of people killed by police on October 22, both of which are cool.

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Happy 7th Billion Birthday

20-10-2011 06:36

With peak oil and climate change, the 7 billionth human coming at the end of October will find things very different from the 6 billion world of 1999. Robert Walker from the Population Institute in D.C. explains, in this Radio Ecoshock interview 2011-10-19. 21 minutes.

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"The Revolution is my Boyfriend" film

20-10-2011 05:48

Film showing tonight! Thurs 20th October 7.30

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Nottingham Occupation continues: Wednesday Day 5

20-10-2011 00:55


Wednesday 19th October 2011

The occupation of the Market Square, Nottingham continues.  More tents have arrived. A gazzebo and a field kitchen has been setup.  Donations of food, blankets and assorted material have been given, but are still needed.



It is getting colder at nights now, so, warm clothing and bedding is in obvious need.

Since Saturday, a really wide variety of people hae been interested, contributed, donated, helped and stayed. Some of the more colourful characters have included a bunch of pirates, another bunch of mexicans in big hats.  Robin Hood and Maid Marrion.....

 and much to my further suprise today, Father Christmas emerged from the Council House for a photoshot with his accompanying photographer.  Presumabley to big-up what a great place Nottingham is to buy presents.  {I mean, for fucks sake .... it's the 19th of bloody October !!!!!} 

Anyway, he stopped at the camp on his way and said Father Christmas was against the cuts, supported the NHS, and thought the bankers shouldn't get any pressies this year.



Occupy Nottingham

Part of a global movement in solidarity with other occupations across the globe.

We aim to occupy the Market Square Area of Nottingham from Saturday 15th October 2011 as part of an ongoing non-violent/peaceful demonstration.

Broadly speaking, we aim to show that we will no longer tolerate the corporate greed and Government corruption that threatens our way of life and everything we work for.

Currently our government strips away our civil liberties and public services, all in the name of greater profit for banks & corporations who exert far too much influence and control over our supposed leaders.

We want to encourage and inspire people to work together towards a fairer society for all, rather than the current system where the rich few get richer and the rest of us get left behind.

Ways you can help

Join us in our occupation

Tell friends and family about the movement

Donate food, water, clothing, blankets, tents, anything that will make our stay more comfortable - winter is coming! [See wishlist below]

Film us, take photos, question us - share the info with the world (the media certainly won't)

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: @OccupyNotts & OCCUPY Nottingham for Global Change

Email: occupynottingham[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk


The story so far ........

2011 Nottingham is occupied [Feature]


2011 Nottingham Occupy 1 The March


2011 Nottingham Occupy 2 The Rally


2011 Nottingham Occupy 3 Uncut Tour


2011 Nottingham Occupy 4 Market Square


2011 Nottingham Occupy @ Market Square Day 2 Sunday


Nottingham Indymedia have now added a further feature with more links ......


2011 Nottingham Occupation Continues [2nd Feature]




Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"





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Occupy Birmingham at the Fifth day

20-10-2011 00:19

General Assembly of Occupy Birmingham on 19-october
Some tends has joined the camp at Victoria Square. Donations of camp material has being essential for this. Today 50 people participated on the general Assembly.

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any info on big change - that Dale Farm eviction led by cops?

19-10-2011 23:40

(as far as I'm aware) all previous evictions of sites and protest camps have been by sheriff's officers, bailiffs and climbers, and you only get handed to the police once you're down/off whatever; the cops assist in certain roles, but that's very different from this eviction.

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Dale Farm, the reality of Green Belt in Basildon.

19-10-2011 21:51

Dale Farm and industrial Basildon.
This image shows at the bottom the traveller Dale Farm site which has not been extended beyond the perimeter that you see here. The site is pretty much the same now as it was back then, although recent images do appear to show some depopulation. You can also see at the top, large-scale development including a retail park, sports playing field's, and in the top right hand corner, a large industrial park containing factories, businesses and some large international corporations. The rent paid by these businesses and corporations is way and above enough to help find the travellers a place to go. The dividing line between these developments is the A127, a very busy arterial road that runs from London right through to Southend on Sea. It is one of the busiest arterial roads in England.
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