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UK Newswire Archive

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A way to empower citizens in local and central politics

23-04-2010 13:30

A call to action and creative engagement.

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Council bans Aylesbury carnival against racism

23-04-2010 13:15

Aylesbury Vale District Council has blocked a carnival against racism in Aylesbury organised to proetst the EDL taking over the town centre on May 1st

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Iran’s ace weapon: Why the US won’t gamble on an Iranian war

23-04-2010 13:00

Given the crescendo of veiled and increasingly unveiled military threats by the US and Israel against Iran, one has to admire the Iranians for their coolness under extreme pressure. The latest despicable – and in some legal opinion, criminal – threat by the White House that it would use atomic weapons against nuclear-unarmed Iran in the event of a conflict has been dismissed by the authorities in Tehran, who say they remain determined to pursue their civilian nuclear energy programme.

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Leaked letters expose differences between political parties over Western Sahara

23-04-2010 12:42

Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties support call for extending UN madate to include Human Rights Monitoring in Western Sahara

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International banking – a system ruled by stupidity and fraud

23-04-2010 11:51

Goldman Sachs has been accused of fraud What is coming out of all this are the clever tricks of the trade, i.e. how to make money from money, without actually investing in the real economy, and in the process “advise” people on how to lose their money while making the likes of Goldman Sachs very rich... until it all crashes of course.

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benefit night tonight 7pm onwards

23-04-2010 10:01

benefit night at next to nowhere

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Anti:Manifesto -The issues behind the election promises

23-04-2010 09:34

Once every five years we are asked to vote for MPs who we entrust to make decisions on our behalf for our best interests. Parliamentary democracy is based on the illusion our needs and our concerns will be being represented by those we elect. In reality MPs in power only represent their parties and their personal interests. Look at how the war in Iraq became a reality (still costing us millions of pounds a day and the lives of ordinary young people) on the whim of our political elite.

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Spoil for choice - Space Hijackers Battle Bus

23-04-2010 09:19

The Space Hijackers today launched our non-election campaign!

Join us this Mayday on the Space Hijackers anti-election battle bus. We've all seen George Galloway and the other cronies charging around in open top buses trying to persuade people to vote for them, but we all know the whole thing is a scam. Join us in our own open top bus, flying around London giving out an alternate message - SPOIL YOUR BALLOT, REJECT THE LOT OF EM!

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edl draw attention away from politicians a bristol tv debate

22-04-2010 20:54

about a dozen edl were allowed to wander about the street threatening people...

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"No blood for opium": The Afgan War's hidden agenda is to protect the drug trade

22-04-2010 19:59

Afghanistan’s major product is opium and opium production has increased remarkably during the present war. The current NATO action around Marjah is clearly motivated by opium. It is reported to be Afghanistan’s main opium-producing area. Why then won’t people consider that the real agenda of the Afghan war has been control of the opium trade?

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22-04-2010 19:43

Please support the St. George’s Day event at Newcastle Monument

Friday 23rd April-11am-6pm

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Bosnians riot against IMF cuts

22-04-2010 18:57

ANGRY Bosnian war veterans have risen up against IMF-imposed austerity measures in Sarajevo.

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Flash mob on Saturday, May the first at 2:30pm at Parliament Square.

22-04-2010 17:35

There will be a massive flash mob on Saturday, May the first at 2:30pm at Parliament Square. Spread the word. Lets make this the biggest flash mob ever! The reason for this flash mob event is the forthcoming general election, we want to show our contempt for politicians who lie and cheat and go back on their promises.

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Oxford Action Resource Centre celebrates 5 years of radical organising!

22-04-2010 16:39

From here (OCSET 1)..
Since 2005, Oxford Action Resource Centre (OARC) has been a part of the local activist landscape: a social space, meeting venue, office and shared library for campaigners, activists, agitators and community groups.

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yes sir. NO SIR! - Private Joe Glenton - Witness Statement of defence

22-04-2010 14:39

It's all bollocks - Charity Sweet

This is the defence statement of Private Joe Glenton that the defence did not offer the courts? Y? Please copy and post this statement on any and every site you can find to support this real hero... perhaps lay a flower at the foot of Parliament in memory of those fallen heros and all the lost lives of children of war. "All war is wrong." - Joe Glenton

(Details of judicial corruption to follow shortly regarding his appeal 4 justice that fell on deaf war-mongering ears.)

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Sanctuary for Octavie Bei

22-04-2010 12:39

Octavie Bei a national of Cameroon and resident of London. Is due to be forcibly removed from UK to Cameroon on Kenya Airways Flight KQ101 tomorrow Friday 23rd April 2010 at 20:00 to Nairobi and onward to Cameroon.

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Social movement defensive battles The need to engage with politics

22-04-2010 12:26

In the South African political landscape there are some feisty social movements that have waged some hard struggles such as Abahlali base Mjondolo. However, the Left needs to be careful not to over-romanticise their contribution to a more democratic South Africa.

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Relentless Global Drive: NATO On Six Continents In Seven Days

22-04-2010 12:21

Members and partners of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Most of the world has reconciled and submitted itself to the domination of one global military superpower and its equally global military alliance with barely a murmur. An unparalleled political and moral capitulation.

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New Removal Directions For Nadia and Bashir, help stop their deportation

21-04-2010 22:51

This is a call out for people to contact airlines due to deport Nadia and Bashir this Friday 23rd April asking them to refuse to fly this couple. Since last weeks unsuccessful attempt to remove the couple a new date for removal has been set. Details below.

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March for England: Brighton Counter Demo

21-04-2010 20:35

This Sunday (25th April) bizarre patriotic group the March for England - will be marching through Brighton.There will be a (UAf) counter demo, meeting at Victoria gardens from 10am onwards.
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