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UK Newswire Archive

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Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum

30-11-2009 14:10

Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum
The Charter of rights of women seeking asylum officially launches its new campaign briefing and film today. This is timely as the government has just published its strategy to end violence against women and girls – disappointingly there is very little mention of women seeking asylum.

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British MP's call on Moroccan's to allow Western Saharan hungerstriker home

30-11-2009 13:07

In an open letter, British Members of Parliament have expressed concern about the conditon of hungerstriking peace campaigner, Aminatou Haidar, and called on the Moroccan authorities to let her return to her country.

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2 december: international day of action for AR prisoners in NL‏

30-11-2009 11:47

please spread:
Call for an international day of action for the release of animal rights activists imprisoned in the Netherlands - Wednesday, 02.12.2009

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Around the Campaigns Monday 30th November

30-11-2009 11:28

Detention of children at immigration 'prisons' attacked by MPs

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Leafletters Target Barclays in Falmouth

30-11-2009 10:58

Kernow Action Now (KAN) leafletted the Falmouth branch of Barclays this Saturday in support of the Target Barclays day of action.

Several cops turned up (apparently a rare occurrence in Falmouth) and cops were also posted outside Barclays' Truro branch

Read KAN's statement on the Target Barclays campaign here -

actions have, so far, taken place in:
Cambridge -
Brighton -
Wrexham -

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UK Asylum Statistics: 3rd Quarter July/August/September 2009

30-11-2009 09:43

The Home Office have published (26/11/09) their quarterly bulletin on Asylum statistics for July/August/September 2009, in that period:

~ Detention up [92% of capacity]

~ Removal of refused asylum applicants down

~ Asylum applications down

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Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

30-11-2009 07:55

"The National Front Against the Coup d'Etat has called on its participants to remain indoors in a "voluntary curfew" in noncooperation with the fraudulent vote. Should any incidents of violence occur today it won't be from the Resistance, but, rather, the result of the regime's own provocateurs. National presidential candidate Carlos H. Reyes withdrew from the ballot last month, as did many Congressional candidates and one major-party vice presidential candidate: Santos' own running mate on the Liberal Party line is among those who reject this fraudulent process as illegitimate."

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The Free Shop strikes again!

30-11-2009 02:40

Free Shop version updates required.
Once again, this Saturday (28-11-2009) the Free Shop was set up in front of Primark in Cambridge to spread the word about more sustainable lifestyles, and highlight just quite how bad some High Streets store's practices actually are!

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Barclays targeted with the truth - more pictures.

30-11-2009 01:38

The truth writ large!
On Saturday morning (28-11-2009), I saw something so stunningly simple, and yet so effective and epic in it's scale as a work of activism that it blew my mind.

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Santiago, Chile: ELF torches slaughterhouse

30-11-2009 00:03

Earth Liberation Front Communique: 11.23.09

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ELF Fugitive Sentenced for Drug Charges in China

29-11-2009 23:57

Justin Solondz, an environmental activist who was wanted by the FBI for “eco-terrorism” charges tied to the Earth Liberation Front, has been sentenced to 3 years in a Chinese prison for manufacturing drugs. Back in June I reported on his arrest via Twitter, and now much more details have emerged about his life overseas and his sentencing.

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International day of solidarity to release anti-fur activists - 02.12

29-11-2009 22:40

Call for an international day of action for the release of animal rights activists imprisoned in the Netherlands - Wednesday, 02.12.2009

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A Stalinist NHS Chief vs a Good Doctor

29-11-2009 22:25

During the Cold War, the Western Governments denounced the very real abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. Horrifically, much the same is happening in Britain now.. This is a letter to a Dr. Edward Silver to appeal for the release of Maurice Kirk from unlawful detention and attempts to incarcerate him in a psychiatric hospital through a corrupt system.

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Demonstrate at Communications House Tues 1 December 1-2pm

29-11-2009 22:24

Close Communications House! Fight Britain's racist immigration laws!

Immigration reporting centres are places of fear for asylum seekers, who have to report to them monthly, weekly or even several times a week. From reporting centres asylum seekers are often detained without warning and sent to removal centres to await deportation.

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Apex Drilling Services Ltd

29-11-2009 22:04

mole unhappy

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Cardiff Free Film Showing - RETHINK AFGHANISTAN

29-11-2009 21:35

Cardiff Stop the War Coalition hosts the Wales premiere of the acclaimed new film by award-winning Robert Greenwald (Director of Wal Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed & Iraq For Sale)

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Support the Eco-Prisoners (December 2009)‏

29-11-2009 20:40

Spirit of Freedom
(December 2009)
Produced by

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Manchester Academies

29-11-2009 20:30

Manchester’s education system is going through a dramatic period of change. Two new controversial academy schools opened in September with at least two more to follow in 2010. However, the recent track record of academy schools suggests that Manchester’s education revolution may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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Youth March For Jobs

29-11-2009 18:56

In Malet St
Approaching a thousand people took part in a 'Youth March for Jobs' through central London on Saturday 28 Nov 2008. The marchers, mainly young people, demanded decent jobs, a return to free higher education and an end to cuts in education and the public sector. They called for a socialist system that would support workers rather than bankers.

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These are the charges set against the flying Vet Maurice Kirk - an inncocent man

29-11-2009 18:56

The following gives the unsavoury flavour of the depth of corruption. The second article goes into greater detail concerning official corruption in this case. It is time honourable Members of Parliament took up the baton and demand answers. The behaviour of police and the judiciary is typical of the Middle Ages, not of the 21st century!
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