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UK Newswire Archive

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Manchester, Sat 17 December 2005, Three Anti-Deportation Campaigns

05-12-2005 01:01

Defend Eucharia & Timeyi
The Defend Eucharia & Timeyi Campaign (DETC), Innocent Must Stay and Justina & Yonre Must Stay Campaigns, plan to have a day of action on at 12pm, Sat 17 December 2005 on market street, manchester city centre.

The theme for this will be "Defence of all asylum seekers and refugees on an anti-racist and anti-imperialist basis. Opposition to all immigration controls, all deportations" We invite all asylum seekers who can make it into town and all anti-deportation campaigns to come along (bring a stall if you can!), and support the action.

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The war against "Terrorvision"

05-12-2005 00:54

Al Jazeera Logo
Former Al Jazeera English staffer, American-Palestinian journalist Ramzy Baroud , is the latest in a line of Al Jazeera journalists to feel the heat in the Bush Administration's "War on Terrorvision"

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GADJO DILO screening and discussion on traveller prejudice - report

05-12-2005 00:47

About 50 people turned up to watch the film Gadjo Dilo and listen to speakers from the Roma Gypsy and Irish Traveller communities. The film and speakers were well received, and there was a good discussion about how to influence the anti-traveller editorial policy of the Cambridge Evening News.

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Fair Trade Fashion Show Thurs 8th 7PM Blind Institute

04-12-2005 21:42

Thursday 8th December; 7PM at the Blind Institute on Mappin Street; £2 on the door; an event to highlight the fight against sweatshop labour, and feed and entertain you... Bring good old clothes to swap at the Free Shop!

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British Gas Tricking Customers into Signing Contracts

04-12-2005 21:34

British Gas' modified logo
Having lost millions of customers after successive increases in prices over the last two years, British Gas now appears to be using 'dirty' marketing and selling methods to make up for its 'losses'.

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Sights and sounds from climate demo, London, 3rd Dec 2005

04-12-2005 21:07

The greenhouse effect
As part of an international day of protest to coincide with a meeting of world leaders in Montreal to discuss climate change, thousands joined a march in London which visited the Australian embassy and the offices of Exxon Mobil on the way to a rally outside the US embassy. Here is a report (approx 1000 words) accompanied by photos and some audio clips.

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What Happens After Kyoto?

04-12-2005 21:04

With Russian ratification of the Kyoto Protocol during 2005 attention has quickly shifted to what happens next. The Kyoto commitment period ends in 2012 and no clear plan for what follows currently exists. In this article however I am not purely looking a what happens after Kyoto in terms of an international framework, rather I am looking at the spectrum of future international measures which may be used for climate change mitigation.

Any descendant of Kyoto is likely to draw from key features of the UNFCCC, but will also have to make significant improvements. The key issues to be addressed are:

* the need to bring developing countries into the system
* the need to engage with the united states
* the need to deal with both historical responsibility and adaption
* the need to achieve far greater global emissions reductions.

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pics from 'beating the bounds' protest around parliament today

04-12-2005 19:40

perimeter warning notice
activists resurrected an ancient tradition of marking the boundary of a parish by walking round it and beating sticks. today they used this tradition to mark the edge of the protest exclusion zone introduced at the beginning of august that criminalises protest in a zone around parliament unless authorised in advance by police.

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Sheffield: Organising against deportation of Iraqui Kurds

04-12-2005 19:34

The UK Government has started to deport people back to Iraq, claiming that the country is now "safe". 15 men, Iraqui Kurds, were deported from Sheffield on November 19th. A first demo took place in Birmingham on December 1st. A call to demonstrate in Sheffield on December 17th went out to the North of Britain.

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Demonstrate: Stop Deportations of Iraqi Kurds

04-12-2005 18:52

Stop the Deportation of Iraqi Kurds - Iraq is Not Safe

Saturday 17th Dec. 12 noon

Peace Gardens Sheffield city centre

Called by the Campaign Against Detention and Deportation of Iraqis

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The Fusion of Peak Oil & Climate Change

04-12-2005 18:48

Peak Oil and Climate Change are a bigger threat together than either are alone. Our biggest hope is to similarly converge our understanding of them, and how to deal with the problems they present. Peak Oil and Climate Change must be fused as issues – an approach is needed to deal with them as a package.

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Ian Blair and free masons

04-12-2005 18:26

Ian Blair was given an award by Thames Valley University. These people are sick and it shows how sick the masonic old boys network that rules Britain beind the scenes with their secret codes. That is why crime is so high in the UK, and has increased under New Labour and Ian Blair. Tony Blair's New Labour Party want us to fear. The sick award is after the murder in cold blood of an innocent man Jean Charles de Menezes. I think people should protest at the University. Ian Blair is a liar and when he's the most senior man in charge of the British police force it shows how corrupt the UK is. Ian Blair gave the orders for a shoot to kill policy and Ian Blair lied and was involved in a cover up in the Jean Charles de Menezes case. Ian Blair is as guilty as the evil bastards who pulled the trigger 11 times to shoot Jean Charles de Menezes at point Blank. The newspapers have been saying Ian Blair welcomes an inquiry into the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, he is trying to make himself look innocent and accountable. Ian Blair obstructed the independent IPCC investigation into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes. He is gulity like those who pulled the trigger, just as Hitler was guilty of giving order, and because of Tony Blair is so corrupt he has avoided being sacked so far. I would welcome his resignation and prosection.

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East London Squat Fire

04-12-2005 17:11

This afternoon at around 4pm around 3 or 4 fireengines, police and an ambulance were in attendance at a fire in an east London squat...

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Sheffield G8 Policing cost £1.6m

04-12-2005 16:30

Police inexplicably block a road leading away from the G8 summit
An recent article in the Yorkshire Post says that the mounting police bill for Sheffield's G8 meeting in June is already nearly 1.6 million pounds.

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Poverty not prosperity

04-12-2005 16:13

HYPE about a Sussex coastal town being "prosperous" is a complete lie.
The truth is that it is a low wage area and the only people making money are the fat cat businessmen getting rich on the underpaid local workforce.

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04-12-2005 16:05

ur site is supported by members of many grass roots environmental, social, climate and alternative media organisations.

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Video of London Climate March (Quicktime version).

04-12-2005 14:41

Thousands march against the eco-terrorists.

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Ugandan deportee faces imprisonment and torture

04-12-2005 14:21

Another Female Ugandan hunger striker faces imprisonment and torture if returned to Uganda tonight at 7pm on a BA flight from Gatwick.

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Video of London Climate March (Windows version).

04-12-2005 14:02

Thousands march against the 'eco-terrorists'.

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04-12-2005 12:39

On the climate change march yesterday, a group of intrepid marchers suddenly took it on themselves to become "sitters". They all sat down in the road, and the police were unable to stop them. Why is this peaceful tactic not being widely used and encouraged, and why has the SWP (sorry, the Stop the War Coalition) consistently failed to even come up with the idea?
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