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UK Newswire Archive

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Protester in Tunnel to Block Motorway near Hill of Tara

15-03-2008 14:05

Tara Protester in tunnel under Rath Lugh National Monument, 100 Protesters are now at Rath Lugh Frontline Camp.

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Felling of trees by builders in Nantwich, Cheshire.

15-03-2008 13:42

The riverside walk along the River Weaver is a pretty place and in the summer, the shade of the trees is welcome. This week without any warning, the trees were felled at the request of Brighouse Builders who are building 2 blocks of flats nearby. It is an act of environmental vandalism.

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Indian Neo-Fascism and People’s resistance

15-03-2008 08:06

A tribal christian praying at a torched down church
Talk and discussion on the recent rise of fascism in India and people resisting it.

Tuesday 18th of March, 7.30pm
Shaheed Udham Singh Centre
(Indian Workers Association Centre)
346 Soho Road
Birmingham B21 9QI

Prof. Ram Puniyani
Indian anti-fascist intellectual

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"The Stonehenge Peace Group Proposal for Midsummer's day Access at Stonehenge"

15-03-2008 07:25

Draft version - Last updated Friday, March 14, 2008 6:45 PM

This proposal to improve Summer Solstice access at Stonehenge is being drafted by The Stonehenge Peace Group.

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SOCPA - a day in the life of brian

15-03-2008 02:24

as reported on indymedia, police harassed brian haw at his peace vigil in parliament square on thursday 13th march
here is some video footage of the day that brian took, including the 'public order' arrest of 'the ant' for calling the police "nazis"

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Condoleezza Rice: The Mother of All Wars (by Latuff)

14-03-2008 22:01

Condoleezza Rice
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Furious parents occupy the lobby of venture capitalist firm.

14-03-2008 21:56

Its very well handing out leaflets in the rain...
On Wednesday parents from Pimlico School decided that petitioning and letter writing just was not getting them anywhere. For months they have been campaigning against the take over of their school by Venture Capitalist firm John Nash. Their views have been ignored by Westiminster council so they decided to occupy the offices of Mr Nash instead. The lone security guard made a pretty halfhearted attempt at trying to remove them and their banner from the building. An unbelievably smarmy executive from the firm by the name of David Johnson came out and tried to reason with the protesters with some of the weakest arguments in the history of debate. Having achieved nothing other than making a tit of himself on camera he scuttled back to hide in his office. At this point one of the neighbours who was unconnected to the firm or indeed the building tried to intervene by attacking a woman by the door and then my camera. Fortunately for him there was no damage thus negating the need to take retaliatory action on his front teeth. Then the cops showed up and were informed by the protesters that this was a simple case of trespass and therefore a civil matter. After consulting the regular occupants of the office the Police listened to the protesters concerns and then left them to it. Mr Nash must have wisely decided that getting parents from the school he is trying to acquire arrested was a PR disaster too far. So a successful occupation, no arrests and serious cause for concern for an office located on the ground floor of number 25 Buckingham Gate….oops.

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Keith Mann in Wakefield (Sat. 22nd March)

14-03-2008 21:49

Keith Mann is heading to Wakefield to give a presentation on his book about the Animal Liberation Movement 'From dusk 'til dawn' and to show the film 'Behind the mask'

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World Day for lab animals,Oxford (April 19th)

14-03-2008 21:42

Transport from around the country, some spaces still available in Yorkshire.

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This Week In Palestine – week 11 2008

14-03-2008 19:11

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for March 8th through to March 14th, 2008.

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BBC1 ITN Camden councillor Keith Moffitt in shady deals with MRC/NIMR Camden Lab

14-03-2008 18:58

It is alleged that {Camden New journal} Keith Moffitt and other senoir Camden cllrs were in secret talks and struck shady deals with the MRC / NIMR / Wellocmr trusty consortium who want to build the "worlds largest ever, highets level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council estate. You can write to Keith at : 39 Buckinham Mansions, West End Lane, London NW6 1LS.

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MARCH 15th - Call out for Autonomous Bloc/Presence

14-03-2008 18:56

Thousands of people on the streets to oppose war - let's not waste it with the same routine.

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Notts Police Spend £12,000 Defending Sadie Graham

14-03-2008 18:55

A request submitted to Nottinghamshire Police under the Freedom of Information Act has revealed that they spend more than £12,000 protecting a meeting arranged by BNP splinter group "The Voice of Change" in January.

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Top Camden councillors "held secret meetings" with MRC / NIMR in lab proposal

14-03-2008 18:49

The Camden New journal reports rumours of secret meetings between Camden council top brass and the MRC / NIMR / Wellcome Trust consortium. It is alleged that Keith Moffitt and other senior council members held secret talks and are ignoring the planning brief which states the site should be used for homes and community facilitys rather than a virus lab on a council estate.

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carmel agrexco blockade case droped

14-03-2008 17:24

Climate Camp, Carmel Agrexco blockade

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Reminder: Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting 16th March LSE

14-03-2008 17:20

Campaign for Free Assembly meeting
Sunday 16th March2pm-4pm
London School of Economics room H102, Connaught House

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chinese shoot young girl in tibet - mass rioting - demonstrate now at embassy

14-03-2008 15:17

news is just coming in of rioting in tibet and chinese military have shot a young girl of 16

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Why is BBC abusing licence-payers' cash for Ken Livingstone propaganda?

14-03-2008 15:02

The bbc over-compensates by giving Ken Livingstone hours of spin as if to say that they, the bbc controllers, are 'sorry' that even a small fraction of ken Livingstone’s autocratic, dictatorial, egotist behaviour and his wrongdoing was even hinted at on any bbc slot, however briefly.

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First Peoples Post office in country for sherwood-carrington!

14-03-2008 14:02

Support First Peoples unroyal mail Post office in world 10:30am saturday outside cooperative shop in sherwood,mansfield rd. Usually most crazily dressed group in nottm. Bring a pint of tea & a cup of guinees, go on go on go go on!

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BNP Venues Attacked

14-03-2008 14:00

No platform for the fascist BNP.
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