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UK Newswire Archive

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Operation Desert Slaughter

01-02-2008 21:21

It is seventeen years since America and Britain embarked on their 'Final Solution' for the population of Iraq.

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SHAC World Day For Lab Animals - 26th April, Sussex

01-02-2008 20:56

World Day For Lab Animals - March & Rally Around Horsham, Finishing at Novartis
Sat 26th April 2008
11am @ Horsham Park
Horsham, West Sussex (UK)

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Organising in the Dark: Interviews about Migrants’ Struggles

01-02-2008 20:10

Jaya Klara Brekke talks to four UK based groups working to improve conditions for migrants and asks ‘how does one organise in the dark?’

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Mouloud Silali: My Control Order - a Living Nightmare

01-02-2008 19:15

Mouloud Sihali was one of eight men arrested over the Ricin plot in September 2002. After spending over two years in HMP Belmarsh, a jury acquitted him in April . He was re-arrested a few months later, before being cleared once again. Mouloud spent 16 months under strict control orders before being cleared in May 2007. In this exclusive interview with, Mouloud gives a 1st-hand account of the psychological effects induced by control orders.

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An Experiment in Famine: Hamas is Not the Real Issue

01-02-2008 19:04

Like all Israeli policy, the imposition of Collective Punishment is about making the Palestinians so desperate that they will accept any proposal by Israel. In effect, this policy has the same desired effect as Torture.

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This Week In Palestine – week 5 2008

01-02-2008 18:59

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for January 26th through to February 1st, 2008.

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London Protesters target UK’s largest biofuel supplier, Greenergy

01-02-2008 18:36

Protestors opposite Greenergy London offices
A colourful banner protest was held outside the office of Greenergy International, the UK’s largest biofuel supplier, on Wednesday, 30th January, between 12.30 and 2.30 pm.
This was part of a National Week of Action on Agrofuels in which different groups and organisations across the UK are organising protests against the deforestation, high food prices, human rights abuses and faster global warming caused by biofuels from large-scale monocultures. Over 40 people were present.

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Counter TerroristCops, SpecialBranch & ParadigmShifts on Road to St.Brigid'sWell

01-02-2008 17:25

This past Saturday, a van load of pilgrims en route to the Festival of St Brigid in Kildare were stopped by the Irish Special Branch. We were questioned under Section 31 of the Offences Against the State Act and a detective accused me of being a terrorist. The paradigm shifts evident in this event are of concern and worth consideration.

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The War that did not make the Headlines: Over Five Million Dead in Congo?

01-02-2008 17:17

There are reasons why Darfur is in the crises of the day, the poster crises, and why Congo is hardly mentioned.

The International Rescue Committee has been described in the past as the ideal instrument of psychological warfare, and it is. This is exactly what is going on with the IRC today, and more, when the IRC—heavily subsidized by the very same profiteers—sends its body counters into Congo.

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Launch of the Foie Gras Free North campaign

01-02-2008 15:26

The foie gras free north campaign, is a regional resource on the restaurants, caterers and delicatessens based across the North of England who support the trade in foie gras.

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Urgent Petition: Save Sulukule!

01-02-2008 15:19

Save Sulukule!
Urgent campaign to save Sulukule (Turkey) and protect the oldest Rrom community in the world.

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Terrorist Bomb plot foiled in Grimsby

01-02-2008 13:59

The Yorkshire Post (among others) reports:
Nathan Worrell, 34, as appeared in court accused of terrorist offences, hoarding bomb-making manuals, weed-killer for making explosives and waging a racist campaign against a couple .

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The redemption of CDG

01-02-2008 13:44

The situation at Careers Development Group has changed for the better

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Whale Slaughter Resumes as Sea Shepherd Prepares to Refuel in Melbourne

01-02-2008 10:01

Whale Harpooned (Greenpeace file photo)
As predicted by both Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd with their ships heading to port low on fuel, the Japanese whaling fleet have returned to their bloody trade of slaughtering whales, killing at least 5 as at February 2 according to early reports from the Australian Government patrol ship Oceanic Viking. Sea Shepherd are vowing to refuel and return to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to stop whaling again this season, but needs to urgently fund-raise the cost of the marine diesel and other supplies required.

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Holocaust Engineers IBM Set To Win Britain's First Police Privatisation

01-02-2008 01:24

IBMs Hollerith machines were used in 1930s Nazi Germany. Used to identify and single out Jews and other 'sub-standard' Unless we understand how the Nazis aquited the names more lists will be compiled against more people.

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Foie-Gras Free Nottingham: Demonstrations Continue in Earnest

01-02-2008 00:47

Nottingham Animal Rights continue to educate the public as to the truth behind foie gras. Despite being illegal to produce in Britain, free trade laws mean unscrupulous businesses and restaurants remain free to serve and sell this 'delicacy of despair'.

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Ali G BNP says "is it cos I is caucasian?", copywrite lawyers checkout BNPmorons

01-02-2008 00:03

Ali G BNP says "is it cos I is caucasian?", apparently BNP aren't racist because racists bigots are actually the most endangered minority in Britain. Join the mad world of the BNP & their oxbridge debating chums like Abu Hamza.

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Cambridge biofuels protest this Saturday Feb 2

31-01-2008 22:58

Everyone is welcome to come and join a protest against unsustainable biofuels, which will be held at the filling station in front of Tesco in Milton this Saturday Feb 2 from 1-3pm. We will display our nifty 'FOOD NOT FUEL' banner and hand out leaflets, as part of a UK-wide day of action called by biofuelwatch (

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Leeds' Last Fur Shop- Ryan Vintage - Demo Details

31-01-2008 22:00

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