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UK Newswire Archive

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Judge Warns Arms Company Over Delaying Tactics in Injunction Hearings

19-11-2005 21:10

Judge Warns Arms Company Over Delaying Tactics in Injunction Hearings

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Leftist Opposition to Lavalas: The AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center and Batay Ouvriye

19-11-2005 19:52

For many activists, academics, and labor historians in the 1980’s the AFL-CIO became referred to as the AFL-CIA. Founded in 1961 the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) was the AFL-CIO’s foreign organizing wing for Latin America and the Caribbean. Along with its counterparts in Africa, Asia, and Europe, AIFLD was used to undermine leftist trade movements, support dictators such as the Duvalier’s and back military coups in Chile and Brazil.

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Sneinton's Rubbish Day Out

19-11-2005 17:02

poster A4 front
Day of recycling fun in Sneinton to oppose incinerator expansion

On Saturday 3rd December a large community day will be held in Sneinton, Nottingham, to raise awareness of the proposed expansion of the Eastcroft incinerator and promote recycling through fun and games. Sneinton's Rubbish Day Out is an event organised by the local community and the NAIL campaign.

Artists will work to put new use to waste materials as lantern making, basket weaving, banner painting and wallet making workshops will take place throughout the day. Other activities include poetry, speakers, live music and refreshments from the new Sneinton community cafe collective.

“It will be a day to show people there are better and more positive ways of dealing with waste other than incineration. “ *

Sneinton's Rubbish Day Out will be held at the Old School Hall, Windmill Lane, Sneinton, Nottingham. Workshops and info from 11am – 4pm. Admission free. Live music from 6.30 until midnight ₤2. Parking on site available.

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Buses for people not profit

19-11-2005 16:11

Buses for people not profit
There was a demonstration against bus fare rises and cuts in services in Sheffield on Saturday 19th November 2005. Fares on First buses in went up again today, the third rise this year, it now costs £1.50 to travel a mile into the city centre.

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Grauniad smears Chomsky

19-11-2005 15:41

The Grauniad launched a determined character assassination on Noam Chomsky.

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anti-deportation demo in london on monday

19-11-2005 14:17

Hi, There's been quite a lot going on down here in Brighton over the past week or so after an Iranian guy called Amir - someone who attends the Migrant English Project at the Cowley Club - had his house raided at 6am in the morning last tuesday. He has subsequently been detained and is being threatened with deportation. He was fist taken to the local police station, then Harmondsworth detention centre, and he is now at Colmbrook detention centre.

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Socialist Finland attacks against CIA and USA Policy on terrorism

19-11-2005 14:16

United States of America’s Central Intelligence Angency has
got in Europe, Middle-East and Asia secret (operation) centres, which
assignment is to follow and abduct suspected terrorists.

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Sévèke: Keystone Cops or Spic & Span Cover Up?

19-11-2005 13:28

Twenty-four hours after the daily scrubbing and cleaning with special vehicles* and the second sweep by hand of the municipal 'Garbage and Cleaning Service' DAR, detectives again faked to investigate a political murder on the same Spic & Spanned spot...

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Journalist - activist shot, murdered - Nijmegen, Netherlands

19-11-2005 11:44

On the evening of November 15th, the tenacious and engaged Dutch intelligence watcher Louis Sévèke was murdered on the streets of Nijmegen by two shots from close distance.

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The end of suburbia Or the Beginning of Widespread Permaculture?

19-11-2005 11:37

David Holmgren describes how critical permaculture design could be for planning life after fossil fuels.

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CALL FOR SOLIDARITY FROM St. Agnes Place and the Kennington Play Project

19-11-2005 11:15

CALL FOR SOLIDARITY FROM St. Agnes Place and the Kennington Play Project Please Forward this to people in South London.

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MUHAMMAD HAQUE POLITICAL POETRY on the 'debate on policing'

19-11-2005 10:55

The call for arming the UK police as uttered by Michael Winner is not a contribution to the alleged debate on the future of policing in this country. Evidence must be sought and established BY ALL OF SOCIETY before any fundamental changes are made for the worse

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The Regeneration Game!

19-11-2005 10:06

Here is a bit of research that will help students and libertarians (left wing or anarchist) understand how local government operates in this country. Off course this research is purely conjecture, but maybe there is more authenticity to it than what we think?

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Who are the puppet masters?

19-11-2005 09:31

Dance the Dance
Some say it is Cheney and Rumsfeld.

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Should the police be armed? Poll

19-11-2005 08:26

Sky 'News' are asking their viewers whether police should be armed in the light of the Bradford incident. Here's your chance to give them your opinion:

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Report from Damascus, Syria with 9 photos

19-11-2005 08:02

This is a 1,400 dispatch from Damascus, Syria.
It, sadly, may be on Bush and Blair's hit list. 9 photos are attached.

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Too much hot air in the blogosphere

19-11-2005 07:02

As the Indymedia newswire descends into incoherent ranting, looks like others are taking note.

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On the rape of a Filipina committed by 6 US marines

19-11-2005 04:45

This is not the first time U.S. soldiers abused a Filipino woman
We demand that the Philippine Government pursue all means necessary to immediately prosecute the six U.S. servicemen charged with raping a Filipino woman in Olongapo City. The Philippine government should do no less. The government owes it to all Filipino women.

- Laban ng Masa - Pinay (Fight of the Masses/ Filipino Women's groups)

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Britain helps US protect weapons trafficker

19-11-2005 02:59

now why would US use a weapons trafficker to supply their army in iraq with arms?

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Rumsfeld: Adelaide (Update)

19-11-2005 02:50

Activists asserted their democratic right to protest Rumsfeld’s visit outside the heavily guarded Adelaide Town Hall regardless of Dr. Bob Such granting ‘permission’ to protest outside South Australia’s Parliament House. Let’s not miss a ‘subtle’ point; the right to protest is fundamental to a democratic society, let that right act as a barometer in any society that purports to uphold democratic values.
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