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UK Newswire Archive

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ALF Press Officer Injuncted in High Court

16-10-2006 08:10

UK ALF Press Officer loses in High Court

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23 October (9.30-10.30am) "Parliament Square solo protests" for Fairford Coaches

16-10-2006 05:00

Signs in the coach windows during the detention.
Please take part in the hour of protest in Parliament Square on Monday 23 Oct 2006 (9.30-10.30am).

Hold your own "solo protest" in solidarity with Fairford Coaches case!

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Hands Off Venezuela national conference - Nov 4

15-10-2006 22:24

The national conference of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign will take place in London, on November 4th.

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Leicester people in training to blockade nuclear base.

15-10-2006 22:18

Leicester people have started preparing to take their turn in the Faslane 365 blockade of the Faslane nuclear submarine base. A training day in non-violent resistance tool place on Saturday 14th October. Leicester's turn to blockade the base is in early December.

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Guantanamo Protest at Starbucks next Saturday 21st October

15-10-2006 21:54

The new Starbucks logo
Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign invites you to a protest against
Starbucks on New Street in Birmingham City Centre next Saturday
starting at 1.00pm.

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"Empowering women is the best antidote to extremism anywhere.M.Yunus

15-10-2006 21:01

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to ‘the banker of the poor,’ a man whose visionary idea about empowering poor women by making them economically independent has helped tens of millions of people and created a micro-loan system now copied by over one hundred countries, not all of them poor .

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Nottingham's part of the Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds

15-10-2006 20:50

Sunday was the Global day of action to mark World Food Day. Everywhere, including Nottingham.

On Sunday morning, folks turned out to take part in the Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds. Nottingham's contibution to this, took place from 12noon at Exchange Walk in the City Centre.

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Geographers warn of risk to society

15-10-2006 20:46

GGiP puts Geography on the Ridgeway
Give Geography its Place is warning of increased social, economic and environmental risks to society if the media continues to neglect Geography. In a letter to the Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport Rt. Hon. Tessa Jowell over 100 top academics have called for the media to publicly recognise the vital role of Geography and Geographers. The campaign is calling for members of the public to voice support by signing the petition at

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Media Laying Groundwork For 911-II ?

15-10-2006 20:06

Adam Yahiye Gadahn is getting a LOT of press. Funny that none of these stories about the "American Al Qaeda" never seem to mention his real name, Adam Pearlman, or the fact that his grandfather was on the board of directors of the ADL.

"Gadahn" is being built up in the media for some nefarious purpose.

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SOCPA - is superintendent terry mad?

15-10-2006 19:33

superintendent peter terry - mad or bad?
desperate to keep the ever more bizarre and crazy actions of charing cross police from being discussed in a court of law, superintendent terry seriously tried to have a peace protestor sectioned under the mental health act yesterday rather than charge her with an offence where real evidence could be scrutinised in a court of law..

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Online Petition: Stop the Legal Persecution of the Fairford Five

15-10-2006 15:17

We believe that after two hung juries – which are failures of the government to prove their case – that the it should end its persecution of the 5 Fairford protesters. Please sign up too!

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English Icons - a Soviet-style propaganda front

15-10-2006 13:36

In 2005 the Government set up Icons Online. The ostensible purpose of the organisation was to provide the English with a means of expressing their sense of nation by nominating and choosing things which they think of as English icons through the English Icons website. . In reality, the organisation is a propaganda front with a pre-ordained purpose.

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Teresa Lau Manuel Must Stay in Leicester

15-10-2006 13:15

Teresa Lau Manuel
Teresa came to Leicester on 25 March 2004. She spoke Kikongo and Portuguese, and so went to Leicester College to learn English. She followed this with a Child Care course at Leicester College that she completed in July 2006. Her certificate says "to have achieved it required determination and skill, qualities which help you shape a valuable career". Teresa now faces removal from the UK on Friday 20th October 2006.

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Iranian left activists manhandled on stop the war demo

15-10-2006 13:10

Women rights activists manhandled by the organizers of the Stop the War Coalition in the demonstration in Manchester.

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Schools to teach kids the arithemetic of war

15-10-2006 11:56

I reported a while back on the attempts by the government to indoctrinate children, including the Defense Schools Initiative. This involved selling kids on putative MoD values on such matters as "citizenship, humanitarian aid, ethnic diversity, human rights, veterans, conflict resolution and crisis situations".

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15-10-2006 09:34



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choosing wisely – a short political essay in two parts (and another bit)

15-10-2006 08:17

Our societies were once far less complex and vast. Our leaders lived amongst us and we knew them intimately as individuals. So we chose leaders we knew to be capable of combining compassion, intellect, and common sense, in equal measure – it was a personal judgement based on individual experience.

However, in the modern world 'intellect' is the primary criteria by which this selection is made and the distance between the leaders and the led has increased. Our rulers are now largely divorced from everyday life and everyday concerns and our opportunities for assessing their emotional fitness for office, first hand, are diminished or non-existent.

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War to break with North korea.

15-10-2006 08:07

Stop one of their ships and we're off.

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Solomon Islands PM condemns Australian “re-colonisation”

15-10-2006 04:04

The stakes are immense. Prime Minister Howard announced a major expansion of the military in August, and openly nominated Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Vanuatu as potential targets for Australian military intervention. The RAMSI operation has been hailed, within Australia and internationally, as a model for intervention in “failed states”. Any setback in the Solomons will be seen as a major blow to the Australian ruling elite’s wider agenda in the Pacific.
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