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UK Newswire Archive

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US Presidential Candidate Romney Bought Animal Research Corporation

15-11-2011 22:14

As the sole voting stock owner of Bain Capital for 15 years, Mitt Romney,
touted as the leading Republican candidate for US president, bought
vivisection company Behring of Germany, a company which had for 100 years
inflicted pain and captivity on dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. Romney kept
brutal rodeos in the Salt Lake City rodeos, invested his company in animal
flesh mongers, vivisectors and other ecocidal ventures. His business partner
has been Goldman Sachs, itself invested in animal murder around the world.
The link is is related to the barbarism
of Romney's Bain Capital disc jockeys to animals.

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A report on Birmingham Council's budget "consultation" in Kings Heath

15-11-2011 22:11

A brief report from Birmingham City Council's budget "consultation" at Kings Heath Community Centre on 11th November 2011.

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‘Atos Two’ Charged With Aggravated Trespass

15-11-2011 18:55

Two Nottingham residents, a pensioner and a wheelchair user, dubbed the ‘Atos Two’ have today (Tuesday November 15th) been charged with aggravated trespass.

This follows their arrests at a peaceful protest on September 30th at the offices of Atos ‘Healthcare’ on Stoney Street in the Lace Market.

Jamie Kennedy commented on the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute the ‘Atos Two’: ‘This is an attempt to criminalise acts of peaceful protest and civil disobedience. This is not about justice but about intimidating protesters.’

Atos has been the subject of national protests for its role in the government’s attack on disabled benefits claimants.

The defendants have been bailed to appear before Nottingham Magistrates Court on November 25th. A protest in solidarity with the defendants will be held from 9.30am.


Nottingham Defence Campaign


Notes for editors

1. For coverage of the protest on September 30th in Nottingham see e.g. ‘Nottingham protest rattles Atos’ Nottingham Indymedia October 2nd 2011:

2. Atos Healthcare was selected by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to administer the Work Capability Assesments (WCA).

Campaigners claim that WCA are part of a deliberate policy by the coalition government designed to force as many people as possible off disability benefits regardless of their physical and/or psychological abilities.

Critics of Atos Healthcare point to the high number of successful appeals against decisions by the company.

A report by BBC Inside Out East found that more than one third of appeals were successful. (

Furthermore the expertise and conduct of the so called ‘healthcare professionals’ undertaking the assessments has been severely questioned by campaigners.

In August it emerged that twelve doctors employed by the company were being investigated by the General Medical Council over allegations of improper conduct. (

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Palestine Today 11 15 2011

15-11-2011 16:55

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday November 15, 2011

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"For the Wilderness" workshop timetable

15-11-2011 14:55

For the Wilderness takes place at the Sumac Centre on Saturday November 26th and Sunday November 27th Here's the workshop timetable


The Sumac Centre, Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, NG7 6HX

12- Introductions and Lunch. 1- Beehive Collective presents the True Cost of Coal 3- Short Film about Tazmanian Forests. 3.30 Tea Break. 4- Coal Action Scotland talk about campainging against coal mines in the Douglas Valley. With news from the Smalley Action group regarding the Shipperly open cast site. 7- Dinner and film showing of End Civ.

"END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV asks: “If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?” The causes underlying the collapse of civilizations are usually traced to overuse of resources. As we write this, the world is reeling from economic chaos, peak oil, climate change, environmental degradation, and political turmoil. Every day, the headlines re-hash stories of scandal and betrayal of the public trust. We don’t have to make outraged demands for the end of the current global system — it seems to be coming apart already. But acts of courage, compassion and altruism abound, even in the most damaged places. By documenting the resilience of the people hit hardest by war and repression, and the heroism of those coming forward to confront the crisis head-on, END:CIV illuminates a way out of this all-consuming madness and into a saner future.
 Sunday 11- Tree Climbing workshop. 1- Lunch 2- Wilderness education and forest schooling, 3-30- Earth First Puppet Show
6:00- Dinner and film showing 8:00 Discussion about the future of Ecological Defence.

"If a tree falls" In December 2005, Daniel McGowan was arrested by Federal agents in a nationwide sweep of radical environmentalists involved with the Earth Liberation Front-- a group the FBI has called America's "number one domestic terrorism threat." For years, the ELF—operating in separate anonymous cells without any central leadership—had launched spectacular arsons against dozens of businesses they accused of destroying the environment: timber companies, SUV dealerships, wild horse slaughterhouses, and a $12 million ski lodge at Vail, Colorado.

ith the arrest of Daniel and thirteen others, the government had cracked what was probably the largest ELF cell in America and brought down the group responsible for the very first ELF arsons in this country.

IF A TREE FALLS: A STORY OF THE EARTH LIBERATION FRONT tells the remarkable story of the rise and fall of this ELF cell, by focusing on the transformation and radicalization of one of its members.

Part coming-of-age tale, part cops-and-robbers thrilller, the film interweaves a verite chronicle of Daniel on house arrest as he faces life in prison, with a dramatic recounting of the events that led to his involvement with the group. And along the way it asks hard questions about environmentalism, activism, and the way we define terrorism.

Drawing from striking archival footage -- much of it never before seen -- and intimate interviews with ELF members, and with the prosecutor and detective who were chasing them, IF A TREE FALLS explores the tumultuous period from 1995 until early 2001 when environmentalists were clashing with timber companies and law enforcement, and the word "terrorism" had not yet been altered by 9/11.


Autonomous Nottingham presents


“For the Wilderness”

A weekend of talks, films and puppet shows about ecological discovery and defence.


The planet is being destroyed at an ever increasing rate, air polluted, food and water poisoned, land brought up and destroyed by the wealthiest few to the detriment of everybody and everything else.


They are protected by the current social system and its many tentacles. At the same time all around the world there are those who seek to defend the earth and attack those who cause the damage.


At “For the Wilderness” we’ll ask why and how people do this. There will be those who share there past experiences, those who wish to plan for the future, and those who are unsure of where to go next.


Come along share your ideas, develop new ones, and meet others who want the same things you do.



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Billy Bragg at Occupy Sheffield

15-11-2011 13:37

Billy Bragg spoke and sung a few songs at Occupy Sheffield on 14th November 2011.

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Palestinian Freedom Riders

15-11-2011 13:03

Palestinian Freedom Riders
Groups of Palestinian Freedom Riders will attempt to board segregated settler buses heading to Jerusalem through the occupied West Bank this Tuesday November 15, in an act of civil disobedience that takes its inspiration from the US Civil Rights Movement Freedom Riders aim to challenge Israel’s apartheid policies, the ban on Palestinians’ access to Jerusalem, and the overall segregated reality created by a military and settler occupation that is the cornerstone of Israel’s colonial regime.

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Information on the COP17 conference Durban 28 November - 8 December 2011

15-11-2011 12:55

UKZN to accommodate alternative COP17 civil society events
The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has been identified as the site of this year’s COP17 alternative space, known as the ‘People’s Space’, where national and international civil society will come together around the global issue of climate change.

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Occupy Bristol & Bath Updates

15-11-2011 12:55

While the Occupy Movement is being evicted from Oakland and New York, occupiers remain in Bristol and Bath
featured image

Occupy Bath has been in Queen Square now for over two weeks.  It has created a forum for change for many local residents, who have felt comfortable to come into the park and interact with us, to sit around the fire, and discuss about the issues that they are concerned about.  We have had an overwhelming amount of support from almost all people that we have interacted with.  There is a strong group of us who do not wish this to end, but the effects of being so heavily involved in Occupy Bath is taking its toll on a number of us, hence the people pulling their physical support out of the movement.  We need more people to commit to the cause now in order to continue demonstrating and creating the positive change that we have so far.

The occupation in Bristol continues despite the low murmurs of annoyance from various city authorities. It could be in the wake of the failure of the Church to call in the rozzers to evict the protesters, so as to allow the money lenders to do business as usual' has trickled down to other places in the UK and so put the brakes on here?

Also its great to see that individual occupiers are putting out statements about what and why they are doing this - which shows that they come from a borad spectrum of backgrounds and are not just the 'usual suspects' - A view from an occupier (2 links) a-view-from-an-occupier-2 a-view-from-an-occupier

As I am sure that you are aware, Occupy Bath have now outstayed the 'initial 12 days' that the media misquoted us as being our occupation length.  We are still in Queen Square, and we are still keeping our voices strong, but the nights are becoming a bit of an issue for some of us.

Quite a few people pulled their support out of Occupy Bath on the weekend, and in doing so we are now shorter on numbers of people staying overnight.  Recently, almost everyone staying overnight has had to do one of the security nightwatch shifts.  These shifts, combined with commitments that some of us have to fulfill elsewhere, are very tiring and result in lower numbers attending meetings and staying overnight for the next night.

My plea to you, as supporters of the Occupy movement, is to come along to Queen Square, especially to stay overnight.

We are currently working at improving our daytime profile by introducing different workshops in the day (Felicity has been the first to confirm to do regular workshops, being T'ai Chi every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 11am)

Please, if you can spare some time/can share some skills, come to Queen Square now!


- Occupy Bath Media Working Group

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Urgent Statement From Peace Strike

15-11-2011 12:55


It's up to us, the grass-roots movement!


p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }h2 { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { }

We all know our Government is NOT listening to us and is allowing the situation in the Middle East to build up to further confrontation. We must organise and act now, if we really want a chance to stop a war with Iran.

We cannot afford to think this might not happen!

We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past and leave it until an attack on Iran is imminent or a pre-emptive strike has been made. Even if an attack were to be officially declared, by  then, marches, rallies, sit-ins and protests would not be effective and would be too little, to late.

REALITY CHECK -  Let’s all unite and go on strike together for all the reasons mentioned, with the aim of actually achieving our objective.

10 years of protesting, marching, campaigning and lobbying has simply not been enough!


Our priority must be to bring our own troops home in order to prevent further war. The military industrial complex has the same wants and needs of mass global companies. Collectively, the military consume the most oil, therefore, they MUST secure more oil supplies, whatever the cost. Global companies buy, take over and dominate by financial power. If they can't buy or control a country, they will demonise the country and then BOMB it into submission. They are the two arms of the same beast. The military is being used as the 'armed wing' of the Global Corporate Empire. By demanding to 'Bring Our Troops Home' and prevent further war, we will directly compromise and  effect the political, commercial, and military power all at the same time!


The governments of the world will always ignore the people's natural opposition to war simply because they can. The only real power the people have is to refuse to comply. While we keep working, they launch ships, submarines, fighter jets, missiles, rockets, drones, deploy soldiers,…..and ignore our wishes….

We are the ones who fund the war effort, fund the repatriations, fund the funerals, fund the rehabilitation, fund the post traumatic distress disorders, and then also pay voluntary contributions to the many charities that support our war wounded. All this, and then, if we disagree with the justification and morality of the war, we live in fear of being labelled ‘unpatriotic’ It is a clever control method that always works!

We must act now, while we still can, in order to prevent a future world based on military order and compliance. By collectively being on “Peace Strike” together, we – the ordinary people – become the most powerful that we can be. We will send a clear message to our government that we will not support any acts of aggression towards innocent citizens of any country… we will not be deceived into waging wars for ‘Global Corporate’ greed and power.

We are now organizing Pre-emptive Peace Strikes.




Includes: students, pensioners, housewives, anyone and everyone on benefit and disability allowance.

Anyone who does any activity “within the system” is actually supporting it. Therefore we need 3 days of:


NO LABOUR ! – Only emergency workers and essential workers carry on, the rest of us shut down.

NO SCHOOL, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, NURSERYTo prevent death and injury to others, it is more important to register your concerns, rather  than worry about a few days off.

NO TRANSPORT! Buses, underground, trains, planes.

NO TV! They sensationalise war.

*Strike does not include emergency and essential workers whose work and travel we support. Police, Fire Service, Nurses, Doctors, Ambulance,  Carers and Emergency Utility Workers.,8816,1654188,00.html



07907 233 861

facebook: Peace Strike Parliament Square


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N9 Undercover Cops - More Photos, New Faces

15-11-2011 12:27

[Removed 16 images on which Declan Hunter claims copyright, demanding $35 per image licensing fee -]

Following the photos and videos that appeared on You Tube, Indymedia and Fitwatch etc of undercover cops attacking Nov 9 students and electricians protests down in London, here's a new set;

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SRCL Blockaded & Co-Op Contract Lost

15-11-2011 11:51

Still from BBC Look North
Activists across the UK yesterday took part in the National Day of Action Against
SRCL, a company which collects and incinerates beagle dogs killed at Harlan

Full article

Second Brum FNB event

15-11-2011 11:09

Birmingham Food not Bombs in Pigeon Park.

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Smash EDO Talk at Occupy Sheffield

15-11-2011 10:28

On Monday 14th November, campaigners from Brighton came to talk at Occupy Sheffield about the campaign against the arms trade with Israel, and specifically the campaign to shut down the EDO factory, which supplies parts used against civilians in Palestine, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Police use unprovoked force against peaceful Occupy London

15-11-2011 08:36

Repressive policing of Occupy London direct action at Guildhall at Lord Mayor's Banquet.

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Cops smash up Wall Street protest camp

15-11-2011 07:51

THE limits of so-called capitalist democracy were brutally exposed in New York early this morning, as riot police smashed up the inspirational Occupy Wall Street camp.

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Prosecution of F&M 145 protesters falls apart

15-11-2011 00:36

Today my trial for a two hour UKuncut sit-in at Fortnum & Mason ended far faster than anyone estimated. The trial was scheduled to end on the November 30th, however a thin prosecution case was over in just 2 and half days.

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4 More Unions Vote YES to Strike on 30th November

15-11-2011 00:27

4 more unions announced positive ballot results for strike action over pensions today – FDA and Prospect, who both represent civil servants, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and the Society of Radiographers.
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