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UK Newswire Archive

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suv drivers

02-10-2004 16:17

Have those SUVs become a real vote-deciding issue?

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radio and video workshops

02-10-2004 15:46

some news about preparation for the ESF at the rampART (
plus info about workshops re radio and video this week...

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New dangerous radio masts to be built in Scotland for G8 summit

02-10-2004 15:00

As part of the preparation for the upcoming G8 summit, July 2005, companies are planning to put up new radio masts. If anyone wants to do community-based action against the G8 these masts will be a good focal point.

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Mad Peckham

02-10-2004 13:10

Mad Peckham

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rampart during ESF

02-10-2004 12:00

Squatted in May, the rampART creative centre and social space has hosted cultural and political events including weekly free cinema, exhibitions, benefit gigs, discussions, meetings and workshops etc. The venue provides a large hall, kitchen, a stage, PA, video projector, library, meeting rooms, workshop space, sound studio, creative media lab, internet access, public Wi-Fi, and a shared office.

During the ESF, rampART will be acting as a creative convergence centre and providing one of the info-points for the autonomous spaces. rampART is also home base for the Carnival Forum and the Lab of II. Each day there will be cheap food, free internet / indymedia access, plus resources to edit audio / video reports, or make props and banners etc. In the evenings, space may be used to exchange feedback about the days events or you can socialise and enjoy a range of cultural entertainment, films, live music or performance.

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Indymedia cinema presents...

02-10-2004 11:12


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Injustice - National Tour

02-10-2004 10:34

click on the link-

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America and Israel: the embedding of fear, the conquest of hope

02-10-2004 09:31

Bubba and Jebus
As Israeli and American fortunes become ever more entwined it gives hope to the Armageddonists who seek the Rapture and the destruction of the unsaved. Will that mean that America isn't going to leave Iraq? Doesn't look like it, does it?

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Operation Tony toon

01-10-2004 21:47

It's a cartoon...

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Fairford Coaches go to the Court of Appeal

01-10-2004 20:45

Stills from the film
The British Court of Appeal is hearing the case of 120 coach passengers who had their human rights violated on 22 March 2003 when they tried to attend an anti-war demonstration. The passengers were prevented from attending the demonstration by police who searched the coaches, then turned the passengers away from the legal demonstration, and illegally detained the passengers for more than 2 hours. This is first time the Human Rights Act has been used in Britain to challenge a police detentions of activists.

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Antimilitarists demonstrate at Army event

01-10-2004 17:49

Protest against "London’s largest Army recruitment event"

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Art of War : Message for Blair

01-10-2004 17:40

Message for Blair
and Bush, Sharon, Howard, and Berlusconi

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Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK) Call for the release of Kenneth Bigley

01-10-2004 17:16

In response to the recent video broadcast of Kenneth Bigley, who is still being held hostage two weeks after his kidnapping by the Al-Zarqawi organisation in Iraq, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign (UK) is calling on Mr. Al-Zarqawi to release Mr. Bigley unharmed.

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Moazzam Begg Tortured in Guantanamo

01-10-2004 16:04

Read the full letter from Moazzam Begg and the press release from his lawyers...

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London Sound Study: Online art exhibition and free mp3 download

01-10-2004 15:52

Boyle Family: London Sound Study
Exhibition from 1 Oct to until 7 November 2004 on

The sound study project began in October 2002 when Boyle Family asked visitors to Construction art space to throw darts at an unseen target. This was a mixed-up A-Z map of Greater London which extended beyond the M25. 79 sites were pinpointed by the darts and each visitor was also asked to choose a random time – one of the minutes of the day. Over the following months Boyle Family went to each site and recorded one minute of its sound at the given time.
This sampling of a moment gives the work a filmic suggestivity and a zen-like quality. From 1 Oct, the files will be available to listen and to download from onto your computer or iPod for free.
With this web-based and aural exhibition, the Centre of Attention seeks to further its examination of the formalities of production, distribution and consumption of art. It also provides an accessible, easy and alternative interface to the traditional gallery experience.

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Scottish 'G8 Alternatives' Mobilisation News

01-10-2004 15:37

G8Alternatives News:

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60 Films for 60 Years of the World Bank and IMF... web portal launched.

01-10-2004 15:21

'Eyes on International Financial Institutions (IFIs)'
Web portal to critical independent films and videos on the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Regional Development Banks launched to coincide with the WB/IMF's 60th Annual general Meetings in Washington DC.

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01-10-2004 14:32

British hostage in Iraq Kenneth Bigley is seen in this video made available from his captors on the internet Thursday Sept. 30 2004. Bigley was abducted from a Baghdad home two weeks before along with two Americans who have since been beheaded by a group demanding the relase of females from American-controlled prisons in Iraq. Despite his empassioned appeal in the video, Britain's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Thursday that no ransom or concession would be paid to secure his release.(AP Photo)

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US plans to send terrorist suspects abroad to be tortured

01-10-2004 14:21

A new bill being considered by the U.S. Congress would legalise "extraordinary rendition" - the practice of transporting terrorist suspects to countries where they may be tortured, even if they have no previous connection with the country in question. The measure is likely to pass because it is contained in the 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act of 2004, which implements the findings of the 9/11 Commission. However, legalizing extraordinary rendition was not one of the Commission's recommendations.

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East Oxford Action - still active

01-10-2004 12:40

East Oxford Action is moving forwards
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