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UK Newswire Archive

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Atomic Test

09-10-2006 10:30

Has North Korea Tested A Nuclear Device

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Lost and Found social centre Manchester opening this Wednesday!

09-10-2006 09:34

So we have a beautiful building where lots of us have been busy beavering away to create a beautiful space.

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Liberation through bombs

09-10-2006 08:58

NO, YOU MAY NOT protest our cultures. NO, YOU MAY NOT bomb us all to oblivion–no, not until you blow up your own damn country first.

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Colonialism and Feminism

09-10-2006 08:49

photo image courtesy of Pandagon
Colonialism and feminism have a long history of intersecting in such a manner that feminism of the metropole (i.e. colonial feminism or feminism used against other cultures in the service of colonialism), is absolutly implicated in the violent subjugation of brown women across the globe.

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Soldiers disrupt Medical work in Tubas

09-10-2006 08:22

This is not Guantanomo...
These posts are from a Brighton based activist spending part of October in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a network of international activists set up to support Palestinian non violent resistance agaisnst Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. In these posts I will be writing short accounts of aspects of the occupation and resistance…

In October I will also be trying to foster grassroots links with grassroots organisations in the Jordan valley region, the most fertile area of the West Bank in danger of annexation by the Israeli state suffering from exploitation by Israeli and international corporations...

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7th October London - March for Migrants Rights

09-10-2006 06:52

Coming out of the shadows! - Migrants march for their rights in London

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Fraudulent Heart and Vascular Care in Smalltown USA

09-10-2006 03:56

Why you should not have .... “Heart and Vascular Care at SOMC
At Southern Ohio Medical Center, we are winning the battle against heart and vascular disease. Our dedicated doctors and nurses provide the most advanced treatment close to home.” [from]

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Oil and Gas in Ireland

09-10-2006 02:32

This is an outline of the latest developments in oil and gas exploitation off the West coast of Ireland, showing the wider context of the Corrib gas conflict.

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sacking parliament - how to give your MP their P45

09-10-2006 01:32

how to get to the Houses of Parliament
On Monday October 9th at the Houses of Parliament many people will gather to sack their MPs. You have a legal right to do this.

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Shell in Mayo: A Backgrounder.

08-10-2006 23:05

Erris is a remote wild corner of Ireland’s western Atlantic coastline.
Over the last six years a group of corporations, Shell, Statoil, and Marathon, supported by the Irish State, have been attempting to force an unwanted development on the community there. Shell is major player in the group, with the two others owning lesser shares.
They are trying to build a 9 km on land high pressure production gas pipeline and a on land gas refinery to exploit the Corrib gas field, which is in the Atlantic ocean.
They plan to expand the development to exploit more gas and oil fields.
They have been consistently resisted culminating in the shutting down of construction by mass pickets in the summer of 2005.

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Major Escalation in the War for U.S. Global Dominance?

08-10-2006 21:38

The Bush administration has recently succeeded in passing legislation that makes it easier to round up and torture American citizens, among others, and now it seems to want to start World War III. One can't help but wonder if threatening the entire planet (plans have allegedly been drawn up entertaining the nuclear option in Iran) is this administration's way of dealing with a very bad month of relevations.

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global action day for education

08-10-2006 21:11

students against the g8 are calling out for a global action day to fight neoliberalism and for a free education for everyone at november the 30th, 2006.

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October 7th in Moscow

08-10-2006 21:11

On the 7th of October we did the action against migration control in Moscow. We started on the one of the biggest Moscow streets – Garden ring – and directed our steps towards the Federal migration service that is a part of Ministery of Internal Affairs and in charge of the migration politics in Russia.

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Brighton Bloggers in Palestine

08-10-2006 18:39

the brightonpalestine bloggers are back

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October 7th: 'For freedom of movement and the right to stay'

08-10-2006 17:52

As part of the Transnational Day of Action for Migrants on Saturday October 7th, members of Birmingham’s Anti-Racist Campaign supported by Birmingham NoBorders, gathered in Victoria Square to lay wreaths to commemorate those asylum seekers who have died as a result of government immigration policies.

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Arrest the Government

08-10-2006 16:42

A request to have the British government arrested for war crimes and corruption during the Sack Parliament demonstration on Monday 9 October, has been forwarded to the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail newspapers for them to pass on officially to the police.

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Rhythms of Resistance for Space For Peace

08-10-2006 15:43

Rhythms of Resistance Manchester & Sheffield
As part of the International week of protest against nuclear weapons and power in space there was a protest outside the US spy base Menwith Hill

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Poofs, Paedophiles and American Puritanism

08-10-2006 15:39

Think of the final refuge for religious extremists (fanatical Christian cults) from Europe; and later, the sexual undertone of the Salem witch trials and you stare homosexual congressman, Mark Foley, ‘straight’ in the American sexual obsession. It seems that puritanism is alive and well in the good ol’ U.S of A! Amazing as the over-reactive American response may seem to Europeans and those of other nations, the news of a homosexual’s exploits with a boy has pushed all other news aside – incredible! The Mayflower continues to sail the waters of conservative America.

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AntiG8 meeting, The Basement, Weds 11th Oct

08-10-2006 13:55

The G8 will meet at the Grand Hotel Kempinski in Heiligendamm, nr Rostock, 6th to 8th June 2007. Meet to make plans against them at The Basement, Lever St, Weds 11 Oct at 7.30pm

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Glasgow - "The Worse Reid Gets, the Stronger we Become"

08-10-2006 12:27

Several hundred people converged on Glasgow's George Square on Saturday for a march and Rally organised by Unity the Union of Asylum Seekers as part of the 3rd International Day of Action for Migrant Rights.
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