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UK Newswire Archive

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Kick Israeli Apartheid Out of Football –

27-07-2007 09:38

On September 8th 2007, England is due to play Israel in a return UEFA Euro 2008 qualifier at the new Wembley Stadium. The PSC, with the support of the BIG and J-BIG campaigns and Friends of Al Aqsa, will hold a vigil by Wembley stadium on the 8th of September. For more information please visit the PSC website:

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Heathrow seek ridiculous injunction against potentially millions of people

27-07-2007 09:33

The British Airport Authority (BAA), who owns Heathrow Airport, is to seek one of the biggest injuctions affecting peaceful protest in Britain's history. They hope to obtain it through the High Court next week and is it set to affect millions of people. According to reports by the Independent, the injunction will ban members of the National Trust, the RSPB, the Woodland Trust and Friends of the Earth, from entering Britain's biggest airport. Other no-go zones include the Piccadilly line. And parts of Paddington station. And sections of the M4. And all this: 'because the authorities want to halt a protest against climate change'.

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BAA Heathrow Injunction Targets NGOs and Climate Camp! Huge Implications...

27-07-2007 09:27

BAA is seeking to gain an unwarrented injunction against environmental campaigners to prevent them protesting against climate change and the expansion of heathrow airport.

The story featured two days ago in the Uxbridge Gazette:

Since then, the scale of the injunction BAA is seeking has become clear. They have targeted not only groups related to the forthcoming Camp for Climate Action, but also several campaign groups composed of local people opposing the airport's expansion, and even mass membership organisations like The National Trust, FOE, RSPB, Greenpeace, as well as the Campaign to Protect Rural England and others!

The injunction hearing which could see millions of people liable for arrest if they approach heathrow, will be heard next wednesday.

The Independent newspaper put the story frontpage today, and it's now been featured by BBC, Guardian, and other news sources. More details below:

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BNP get licence for RWB

27-07-2007 09:18

The BNP have been sucessful in a licencing application for their bizarre "Red, White and Blue" Festival (RWB), to be held in south Derbyshire from 3rd-5th August. This means they can sell alcohol and have amplified music etc. The application was passed despite overwhelming local opposition , mostly because the police did not object.

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UK State Pension = two thirds poverty level: Report

27-07-2007 08:53

University of London team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has just published a report in the International Journal of Epidemiology defining the minimum income required by older people to live healthy and decent lives.

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Life sentences in the failed 21-7 London bombings in contrary with human rights

27-07-2007 03:16

The lifelong verdicts in the failed 21-7-2005 London bombings are in contrary with the fundamental human rights of the convicts, since no llegal distinction has been made between this attempt and an actual committed crime
According to me, this is a black page in British jurisdiction

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Solidarity with the hunger strikers

27-07-2007 01:36

Please pledge to go on a one day hunger strike in solidarity with the Tamil nationals in deportation centres.

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Thoughts on Virginia Tech and Racism

26-07-2007 23:00

The Virginia Tech massacre of three months ago remains the subject of task force investigations. But none appear to be examining the role that race played in fertilizing the killing grounds.

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Crushing Blow for Pensioners in Poverty

26-07-2007 20:38

Recent falls in poverty amongst those aged 65 and over are unlikely to continue after 2007-08, even after the implementation of the proposals outlined in the Government's Pensions White Paper.

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New Hunger Strikes Threaten Campsfield: Oxford's

26-07-2007 18:44

++Government refuses to spend £1bn/year to
protect against real floods; instead wastes
£1.5bn on an imaginary one.++

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Tales Of Angst, Alienation And Martial Law

26-07-2007 18:31

Those who have been paying attention are aware that the outward mechanisms of martial law are in place.

In addition, the knowledge nettles us that a vast network of internment camps bristle across the length of the U.S., standing at wait for those who might raise objections to the fascistic fury unloosed by the American empire's version of the Reichstag fire.

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Activists Attack "Clean Coal"

26-07-2007 16:00

Performance Activists hit Oxford, one of the worst hit areas in the recent floods, in a bid to highlight that "Clean Coal" is not a genuine solution to Climate Change.

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Antiwar MP George Galloway suspended from parliament

26-07-2007 14:54

The ejection and suspension of George Galloway MP from the House of Commons on July 23 is the result of a witch-hunt aimed at intimidating and silencing all opponents of the Iraq war.

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El Salado [The Salted] Massacre - Harold Mantilla

26-07-2007 12:14

The Bafim5 Troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], never arrived because it was legal, material and geographically impossible to do it. BECAUSE.

A) Months prior, by specific order from my Superiors, Bafim5 troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], had been relocated to other Municipalities threatened by subversives and self-defenses groups (such as in the populations of Córdoba and Zambrano, in Bolívar).

B) To the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] (and the entire area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar), the military and territorial competition of the Bafim5 was discontinued, taken out, removed; and the military and territorially competition given, taken charge, commended, to the Bacim31 [Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31].

C) In consequence, the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] and the whole area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar, were under the protection and territorial competition, of the Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31 (Bacim31), and not of the Bafim5.

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Out Now! Toolkit for Climate Action

26-07-2007 11:27

Toolkit for Climate Action

Just in time for the 2007 Climate Camp - the Toolkit for Climate Action is now
ready. With this toolkit we hope to inspire you to take action - at home, at
school, at work, in your community. The toolkit has been put together by the Network for
Climate Action, which is has grown out of and is associated with the Climate Camp.

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GM killed my planet.... rampART tonight

26-07-2007 10:51

Tonight at the rampART social center in East London, the free weekly cinema presents films from the collective Serindipia from Spain and also the documentary 'Who Killed The Electric Car.

Films start 8pm

15-17 rampart street, E1 2LA

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The last

26-07-2007 10:45

Curse of the pharaos

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Saving Iceland Blockades Hellisheidi Power Station

26-07-2007 09:56

Power for War
Saving Iceland blockaded two roads to Hellisheidi Power Station in Iceland at 7am this morning.

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26-07-2007 09:21

You know if you desire something to happen, make it happen yourself. Of course if there was more space in Sheffield then we might just see more of what we desire. This was in part what made happen over 2 years back. So where do those people who helped put on over 120 events find themselves in the present? There seems to be a lot happening here in Sheffield, but it ain't my thing and to be frank, white man can not do the funk.
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