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UK Newswire Archive

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Anti-border camp in Krynki (POLAND)

27-06-2003 14:25

Anti-border camp in Krynki, near Białystok (POLAND) next to Belarus border

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Eyewitness Account of Israeli Incursion Into Hay Salaam, Gaza

27-06-2003 14:24

As days were slipping into summer days, twenty tanks, 4 bulldozers, and
Apaches invaded Hay Salaam area on the border of Rafah, demolishing
houses, 3 farms, and a garden.

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Geneva violence: Questions for Ambassador

27-06-2003 14:19


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Are indymedia aiming to support this?

27-06-2003 14:09

Iraq hasa chance to free speech, will it be hijacked by global media inc?

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New anarchist second hand book service

27-06-2003 11:57

A new Bristol based anarchist book service has been set up today dealing in second hand books and those books you can never find at the bookfair!

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Welcome to the new imc uk site! (1)

27-06-2003 11:57

After 3 years of green red & yellow on black, IMC UK has changed to a new codebase called Mir. Welcome to the brand new site!
We proudly present a UK startpage and 5 regional pages in various stages of (im)perfection. We are working on some unfinished functions, so don't be surprised if weird things pop up on your screen. Users and moderators alike need to get used to the new code - please bear with us during this transition.
Click "Read more" for info on various browsers and instructions for publishing.
Check our Documentation of the migration to Mir
Your Comments are welcome at the imc-uk list.
If you come across any problems please mail to the tech list - thanks!

We'll keep you posted
IMC United Kollektives

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US soldier killed in ambush in southern Iraq

27-06-2003 11:39

A US soldier killed in an ambush on June 27 near Najaf, in mainly Shi'a southern Iraq, according to US military on the 28th. Two other US servicemen posted north of Baghdad are missing, possibly kidnapped.

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Question to th readers.

27-06-2003 11:05

At, some editors say that Stalin was just an old man with a moustache, nothing to worrie about. And one of this editors said in October that he wen to Iraq and did not see the dictatorship that always is portretted in de media.

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Stonehenge :: Summer Solstice 2003 Pictures

27-06-2003 10:26

Have made a 'best edit' selection from my jaunt to Stonehenge, to celebrate the Summer Solstice, but still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there. This is the Photo - record of my time there.

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they DIED like whimpering DOGS, beggiing for mercy

27-06-2003 10:25

Stormtroopers executed by outraged townspeople begged to be spared by showing pictures of their loved ones. A witness said the stormtroopers wanted to demonstrate to their captors: "Look we are just like you...we have wives and children too." Their pleas were in vain - there was no mercy. More detail was also building up of stormtrooper provocation of townspeople during weapons-search patrols in the days before Tuesday's carnage in the Shi'ite area. Stormtroopers used dogs - which are not allowed in Muslim homes.

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Blur will record in Baghdad ?

27-06-2003 10:23

It seems that anti-war movement gave to Damon Albarn some musical ideas.

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27-06-2003 10:17


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27-06-2003 09:33

Straw is so used to misleading MPs and Parliament that he tried to bully the FA Committee when asked simple questions.

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U.S. weapons inspector in kilrush Ireland

27-06-2003 09:09

U.S. weapons inspector Scott Ritter,AND ex U.S Attorner General Ramsey clarke to give evidence in the defence of Mary Kelly in the courthouse Kilrush Co.Clare,Ireland; starting on mon 30th of june (this mon).Mary is accused of disarming a U.S. military plane at shannon airport.
Dennis Halliday is also expected(ex u.n.inspector) and also michael birmingham is flying from the mid east tomorrow to report on the effects of the war in court.A huge press gathering is expected

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All power come sfrom the peoples (?)

27-06-2003 08:29

If all power comes from the peoples, so which peoples? Read on on the link. I no like to write on newswire and take the space

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27-06-2003 04:52

Reposted reader letter from

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USA Exposed as Fascist, Hegemonic and Increasingly Evil Empire

27-06-2003 03:32

America has become a shameful and bellicose deciever and lier to the rest of the world. The world needs to be aware that it is the U.S. that is the world's biggest rogue regime and to respond to its threat to the dignity and survival of the human race.

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27-06-2003 02:11

In a recent appearance before Berkeley's Bridges to Israel group, Shoebat donned a kippah and proudly proclaimed Ani Tzioni -- I am a Zionist -- in Hebrew.
"I never learned about the Jewish connection to the land," he concluded. "But the reality is, this is simply a people and their desire to come home."

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The SHORTWAVE REPORT 6/27/03 ¡Listen Globally!

27-06-2003 01:25

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.4MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Russia, China, Netherlands, Spain, and Cuba.

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George Monbiot Failure to Oppose WTO

26-06-2003 20:31

George Monbiot has written an editorial for the Guardian (Tuesday 24th June) in which he endorses the continued existence of the World Trade Organization under the mild provision that they reform. For complete details see,7369,983684,00.html
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