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UK Newswire Archive

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Pennine House protest: A reply to Woolas

21-04-2009 21:54

Last month, 100 people demonstrated outside Pennine House, a purpose-built immigration prison at Manchester airport where migrants are locked up even though they haven’t committed a criminal offence. In the ‘Big Issue in the North’, the immigration minister Phil Woolas has responded to the protest with a number of inaccuracies. Here we set the record straight.

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IPCC Channel Four injunction fails

21-04-2009 20:36

The IPCC just failed in banning new C4 news from showing new G20 footage.

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Israeli spy buys Congresswoman Harman

21-04-2009 20:19

"It's the deepest kind of corruption," said a recently retired longtime national security official who was closely involved in AIPAC investigation, "which was years in the making. "It's a story about the corruption of government — not legal corruption necessarily, but ethical corruption."

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Handy Map for the Mayday! Mayday! Smash EDO Mass Street Party

21-04-2009 19:58

On May 4th Smash EDO are holding a mas s street party against war, greed and militarism. Here's a handy map of war profiteers in Brighton and Hove.


Over the years Mayday has been a time to celebrate ordinary people's struggle against global capitalism. The growing anti-militarist movement is a part of that struggle. On May 4th people from across the UK and beyond will come to Brighton in a show of force against EDO MBM/ITT, who profit from the suffering of ordinary people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

EDO MBM/ITT do not operate in a vacuum. The weapons they manufacture couldn't be produced without the support of other corporations; investors, business partners and companies providing services to them. This map plots the network of companies complicit in ITT's crimes in Brighton.

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Repression Cafe' at RamART thursday 23rd April. 8 pm

21-04-2009 19:55

Repression Cafe' at RamART thursday 23rd April.

g20 and int. solidarity videos, pictures and discussion

>> food - 8pm, film start at 9pm sharp.

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Coca Cola Crisis in India (by Latuff)

21-04-2009 18:26

Coca Cola is guilty of destroying livelihoods of thousands of people in India
I made this cartoon for the India Resource Center, campaign to hold Coca Cola accountable. Thousands of farmers in India have been affected by Coca Cola's practices, and Coca Cola is guilty of destroying the livelihoods of thousands of people in India:

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The Art of Perverting Justice, and of Racism by White Australia: Documentary Fin

21-04-2009 18:04

The Art of Perverting Justice, and of Racism by White Australia: Documentary Final Cut
Kangaroocourt Australia Mockumentary: The Art of perverting Justice, and of Racism

How the Australian judiciary and the Australian High Court conspire to pervert justice, dispense with the rule of law, and using the police to harass and victimise australians

FINAL CUT VERSION in HD and Ipod formats

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The Camp for Climate Action and the media - Part 1

21-04-2009 17:21

In the media tent
The first in a series of articles on the Climate Camp's media strategy. We will be exploring issues of working with the mass media, non-hierarchical communication and the use of independent media. This article is an interview with Isabel and Steven from the Camp's media team.

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Tamil Blockade of Parliament Sq - Photo report

21-04-2009 17:09

parliament sq at 12 noon
Photos from yesterday's blockade of parliament sq by Tamil protesters and their supporters.

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MediaCampLondon - The Media is Dead, Long Live the Media!

21-04-2009 16:36

May 1st-3rd - new media gathering on Raven's Ait Island.

The imminent commercial collapse of mainstream media, and its replacement by PR-driven news, threatens the journalistic integrity and independence necessary for a free scoiety. The next generation could be without the 4th Estate.

We have 20 people sighed up, we have space for more - please add your name and contact to wiki if you whona come for the weekend.


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Relief Forecast for British Economy

21-04-2009 16:23

The economic recession could be slightly relieved by the second half of this year, but that comeback will be slow and fragile announced the Board of the Confederation of British Industry. The economy of Great Britain entered into a crisis during the last quarter of 2008 with an increase in the rate of unemployment, falling housing prices and cuts in industrial exports.

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Palestine Today 042109

21-04-2009 15:41

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday April 21st 2009.

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Climate Action is Not Stupid

21-04-2009 15:36

Friday 24th April sees a busy day for anyone concerned about climate change and environmental issues in Nottingham.

The long awaited film, The Age of Stupid, opens at Broadway with the all day 'Nottingham Not Stupid Festival', whilst the Coal Caravan gathers at Sumac, West Bridgford launches their Green Streets Initiative, and all comes together for a Critical Mass Bike Ride.

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Urgent Appeal for Veggie Pride UK

21-04-2009 15:31

Veggie Pride UK will be a fantastic fun-filled festival and carnival procession in Birmingham City Centre on Sat 16 May 2009. The first event of its kind in this country, Veggie Pride UK will celebrate and promote compassionate, healthy, eco-friendly diets and lifestyles.
Midlands Vegan Campaigns, the grassroots group organising the event, are in desperate need of donations, fundraising and sponsors.

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EDO Decommisioners face three to five year sentence if convicted

21-04-2009 14:27

More than 1400 Palestinians were killed during the Israeli offensive between December 2008 and January 2009, more than 400 of which are children. They deliberately targeted individuals in their homes, schools, hospitals as well as U.N compounds.

EDO MBM make vital components for the Paveway precision guided bomb’s, Hellfire missiles, and bomb release clips for F15 and F16 fighter aircraft and they have extensive contracts with the Israeli Military.

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Boris- the mad mayor

21-04-2009 13:19

Boris (Rasputin) Johnson has come out in defence of the Met and City of London Police claiming that the use of terrorism powers and police violence was proportionate against the peaceful climate camp and the more edgy protests at the Bank of England

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Animal Rights Coalition - April Gathering Report

21-04-2009 13:04

Report from the national ARC meeting held at the Easton Community Centre, Bristol, on Sunday 5th April 2009.

Members of grassroots groups around the country (and further afield) were in attendance in strong numbers - from as far afield as London, The Midlands, Wales, the South West, Yorkshire, and of course a large contingent from the Bristol area.

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Translators or Spies?

21-04-2009 12:38

MI5 recruitment ad
For a while now, the British Security Service, commonly known as MI5, has been trying to recruit 'translators', particularly Arabic speakers, through translation agencies. I found the advert below in my mailbox this morning, coming from Top Language Jobs, with whom I am registered as a freelance translator. The ad explains that the job will involve not only "listening to and translating a variety of spoken communications", but also "adding your own insight on the political and cultural context".

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Leeds activists BNP targetted

21-04-2009 10:09

The BNP are not welcome in our communities

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Sizewell Camp and Demo

21-04-2009 09:50

No to New Nuclear Power - Yes to Decentralised Energy!

If you do not think nuclear power is the answer to climate chaos come and join us in the 2 day demo and camp this weekend.

Where - Sizewell A and B, Suffolk UK.

When - 25th April

Time -12 noon
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