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UK Newswire Archive

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Palestine Today 060308

03-06-2008 14:35

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday June 3rd, 2008.

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King Blues live at the carnival against the arms trade tomorrow

03-06-2008 13:35

king blues live tomorrow Brighton

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Science Museum, London: Letting Corporations Control Young Minds

03-06-2008 12:26

Take one major museum, a childrens exhibition about the environment and add three sponsors who between them represent three of the most environmentally destructive industries on Earth, and you have The Science Of Survival...

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Free Food and Guerrilla Gardening!

03-06-2008 12:12

Free vegan event organised by Manchester Animal Protection and Manchester Climate Action as part of the international day of climate action against the food industry..

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Rally For Badgers - Stop The Cull!

03-06-2008 12:05

Stop the Cull!: Viva! National Rally for the Badgers
Cardiff, Saturday, June 28 2008
1pm outside the Welsh Assembly Building (Debating Rooms)

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Harassment - The New Redwatch

03-06-2008 11:55

Another version of Redwatch is in widespread use on the internet. It is being operated by a neo-nazi Satanist and targets a much wider range of victims than the original. Many victims are extremely vulnerable and are being ignored by the police. Cases of serious harassment are being passed off as 'a bit of local trouble', when in fact these attacks are centrally controlled and highly organised.

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No Third Runway - the 'Human No' at Sipson, Sat 31 May, 2008

03-06-2008 11:07

Protesters climb the footbridge from Hatton Cross to the start of the march
Saturday saw another protest at Heathrow. Perhaps 4000 of us making our way from Hatton Cross to the doomed village of Sipson, where a few under 3000 made a giant human 'NO' on the grass of the recreation ground and then some of us listened to speeches. Pictures (C) 2008 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Heavy sentences for demonstrators against EU summit 2003

03-06-2008 09:05

On May 28 the judge sentenced seven demonstrators who had been arrested during the protests against the EU summit in Thessalonica, Greece in 2003.

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Take URGENT ACTION for Binyam Mohamed!

03-06-2008 08:55

Binyam Mohamed
Binyam Mohamed is a 29 year old Londoner who is currently facing a military tribunal and the death penalty at Guantánamo Bay. The evidence against him was procured through torture. Write to the British government to urge it to take action IMMEDIATELY to seek his release and return to Britain.

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Governance and the Institution of the Common - Seminar. 5 June, London

03-06-2008 08:46

The Art of Rent is a cycle of 4 meetings that started in January at Queen Mary University of London. This series of public seminars was open to everyone: our experiment with the academic structures to build a sort of open university. Open to London, to everybody who live here or pass through this metropolis. We tried to take the word "metroversity" literally and experiment a metropolitan space inside the university's space itself.

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Can't Make it to Belfast? - Send a Solidarity Text to the Raytheon 9 Defendants!

02-06-2008 23:31

They're on Trial For Us, We're on the Loose for Them!

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Ready Steady Skip: Trailer and website launched!

02-06-2008 23:22

Ready Steady Skip - the game show where needlessly wasted food is recovered from the bin and turned into delicious dishes before your very eyes!

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A message from Amdani in Lindholme detention centre

02-06-2008 22:42

Amdani Juma is currently detained in Lindholme detention centre pending deportation on Wednesday, much has been written about Amdani but nothing illustrates the immense empathy, grace and dignity of this man than the concerns he is raising at this time of great personal anxiety and fear.

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Fight Speciesism #1 - Out Now!

02-06-2008 22:34

The first issue features: occupations in Paris, Antispe vs. Novartis, news from the UK frontlines, the Sequani Six trial, SHAC watch and more.

Versions to read and print are available below.

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Protest Against the BNP: June 10

02-06-2008 22:12

On June 10, Amber Valley Borough Council will consider the licence application for the BNP's Red White and Blue 'festival' (planned for August 15-17). Local anti-fascists from Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP, Derbyshire Unite Against Fascism and other groups opposed to the 'festival' will be holding a protest outside from 6pm.

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Amdani Juma: Questions for Liam Byrne

02-06-2008 21:45

The sugested text for an email to Liam Byrne posing some questions for the Minister of State for Borders and Immigration about Amdani's case.


You might also want to cc in your own MP.

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Talks & Discussion: Academia & "Terror"; Moazzam Begg & more..

02-06-2008 21:40

Hosted by Nottingham Student Peace Movement, this event aims to discuss and respond to the violation of academic freedom, erosion of civil liberties and encroachment of 'terrorism' measures, as illustrated by the recent incident at the University of Nottingham.

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Urgent: from Iraqi oil union - Govt transfer of 8 workers 'a human rights crime'

02-06-2008 21:10

Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions leader Hassan Jumaa Awad has sent the following urgent email to supporters. He urges action in response to the oil minister transfering union activists from Basra to Baghdad - a 'human rights crime' and an escalation of repression against the union at a time when the controversial oil law is still being pushed in order to privatise Iraq's oil. The IFOU are on the forefront of resistance to this and the non-armed resistance to the occupation. Please email the Iraqi embassy in the UK in protest....

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Free Sean Kirtley

02-06-2008 21:00

Stencil 1
Sean Kirtley was sentenced to four and a half years by Judge Ross on Friday, Sean has done nothing but hold peaceful demonstrations against Sequani and its suppliers. He was identified as a main target by police as he updated the SSAT website and phone and internet records according to police showed a hierarchy and some form of organisation! (Which is clearly illegal now…)

We have designed some stencils for those willing to raise awareness of what has happened to Sean and our right to protest!

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As Predicted: Israel Delays Vote on Gaza Cease-Fire

02-06-2008 18:35

This delay has nothing to do with the "...the "vagueness" of Hamas' position", and everything to do with the fact that Olmert is fighting for his political life, in view of the corruption scandal which has emerged around him recently, and the Extremists demanding his head - because he 'dared' to speak to Palestinians (even though the process was designed to fail) - reject any peace or coexistence with the Palestinians.

Even though he is going to Washington this week, he may well be on his way to be a proverbial lame duck, in light of potential new elections in Israel.

Israel also knows that - as its own defence staff warned - its illegal Collective Punishment provoked the rockets it used to 'justify' military strikes on Gaza which were planned for over a year, and if these criminal policies are ended, so will the rockets, and this will prove Israel was lying all along, aided by a willing media.
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