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UK Newswire Archive

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ALERT - Polish station got eviction (former Bethnal Green Police Station)

23-02-2005 18:16

The squatted police station at Stepney Green (Arbour Square) expect an unexpected eviction tomorrow.

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Polish Station eviction attempt (former Bthnl Gn Police Station)

23-02-2005 17:20

The squatted police station at Stepney Green (Arbour Square) expect an unexpected eviction tomorrow.

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23-02-2005 16:52

Film makers are invited to submit documentaries on human rights and ecology theemes for Brazilian film festival.

The festival is in Northen Brazil , is in its 4th year and held in the most beautiful location. All expenses covered for selected films...

See you in paradise

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Welcome to Oxford International Women's Festival 2005

23-02-2005 16:36

Oxford's 16th International Women's Festival starts on Tuesday March 1st and runs for nearly 3 weeks. This year the theme is clothes - women as workers and wearers. There's a rich and varied programme, mainly free, usually open to both sexes,including a day forum on sweated labour in the garment trade (see posters at More details/posters will appear here shortly.

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4 major UK?US eco groups to fight Aussie Corporation

23-02-2005 16:23

FoE,Greenpeace,the sierra club and Rainforest Action Network
join together to fight off challenge from Aussie corporation
'Gunns' (a woodchip co) who are lauching legal challenges against environmentalists and the Oz Gov over opposition to their logging etc activities.

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Silent Screams

23-02-2005 15:54

Covance Laboratories are building a new animal torture centre at thei rsite in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. If this lab is built it will be the fate of thousands of animals who will be subjected to cruel, barbaric experiments with no value to human health.

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Abengoa Vs Bolivia

23-02-2005 15:43

Multinational demands 25Million Dollars compensation from the poorest people.
In April of 2000 the Bolivian valley of Cochabamba was the setting for an entire nation’s rebellion against the multinationals Bechtel and Abengoa. Today company Abengoa continues its lawsuit against the Bolivian state, in which it demands compensation of 25 million dollars.

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Belgium: Three days of protest against the Bush policy.

23-02-2005 15:17

# Trois jours de résistance disant: halte à la politique de Bush.
# Driedaagse vol verzet en acties tegen de politiek van Bush.
# Three days of protest against the Bush policy.

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The resistible rise of the Cottenham residents association

23-02-2005 14:16

The so called Cottenham residents association (CRA) held a public meeting yesterday evening, 22 Feb 2005 in the local college hall. The turn out was impressive, a few hundred people gathered specially for the event. Despite what the name of the association would suggest its sole purpose is to handle a single 'issue' as they prefer to call it ('problem' would sound wrong to the BBC journalists that were present): the nearby traveler community of Smithy Fen.

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The Verdict. EDO Protest Camp 3 Found Not Guilty!

23-02-2005 13:24

Full Report Online soon

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23-02-2005 13:16

Rebel Alliance - for non-hierarchical groups and individuals engaged in projects of resistance.

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cultural inquisition

23-02-2005 13:12

Now that culture has replace religion, and the intellectual worshipers are gathering for the stability of the master scheme, eager to plunge the world on a nuclear holocaust. Reviewing the latest loom of the American administration towards the European Union, filled with overtones of closeness’ hammering the treacherous Iran and reaching a consensus over Syria, uncovers a back door, quietly urging European nations to procure military hardware. This flipside to disaster is slowly aiming at bypassing Damascus and hitting Tehran, enveloping once more this planet on another occupation on the name of freedom. This cultural inquisition applied to anyone who does not reflect as the intellectual worshipers demand entails a similar defensive response. Moreover, it is by this same ethnicity that the answer subsists; Venezuela should not wait until the rotten apple falls from the tree, it should act now and remove it, eat it rather than let it go to waste.
This unavoidable departure from the dollar dictum is gathering strength, Venezuela should not hang around it must act now while there still time. The manoeuvres of the cultural fanatics are not to be underestimated. We must remember that a wounded Empire can be more dangerous than a healthy one. It is annihilation of the Bolivarian revolution that is plot and disappearance of most of its followers.
Bringing back sounds of Argentinean dictatorships combine with the brutality of Pinochet; are the innovative proceed of the enemies of the state. Venezuelans must be conscious as in this moment of triumph it is when the enemy is most likely to strike, Venezuelans need extra attention at the foreign events they will signal the next association before the fatal blow. Move away now from the dollar dictum is a preventive action, not an aggressive one and most nations will understand it nowadays, postponing this issue at this instance will only reinforce the confidence of those who wish to eliminate president Chavez. In addition, gives them supplementary reasons to carry on with their deeds.
If you see a truck coming to hit you why linger until it whacks you, better move on and bank yourself.

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The Fourth World War, anti-globalisation film showing (Reading)

23-02-2005 13:04

From the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, 'the North' from Seattle to Genova, and the 'War on Terror' in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It is the story of men and women around the world who resist being annihilated in this war.

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23-02-2005 11:26

The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, warned less than two weeks before the invasion of Iraq that military action could be ruled illegal.

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NANOTECHNOLOGY: What it is and how corporations are using it

23-02-2005 10:56

A briefing published by Corporate Watch (UK) intended to give people an idea of the emerging use of nanotechnology by many major corporations.

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Illegal deductions mean many agency workers fail to earn the minimum wage

23-02-2005 09:14

Many agency workers in UK are earning less than minimum wage because growing number of employment agencies illegally charging inflated transport, accommodation, clothing and meal costs to temps who work for them, according to a report published by TUC

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Nicaraguan Day and Salsa Evening FRIDAY 25th Feb

23-02-2005 08:58

Oxford-Leon Link present a Nicaraguan Day and Salsa Evening


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Leeds Critical Mass

23-02-2005 02:17

Leeds Critical Mass - Friday 25th of Feb

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Queers without Borders at Harmondsworth detention centre last saturday

23-02-2005 01:43

By the Colnsbrook Fence
A group of Queers Without Borders , and friends protested in support of detainees and against the border regime at the Harmondsworth and Colnbrook Detention and Deportaions Centres, Saturday 19th of Feb. Here is one participant's report
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