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UK Newswire Archive

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Anti-CPE Solidarity Benefit at the SQUARE

04-04-2006 10:00

Solidarity with Anti-CPE movement (France) feat. talks and music

Over the last months, the struggle against the new labour laws and the hard fights on the streets with the french riot police has led to many arrests of youths, students and workers. Tonights event will be an evening of discussion, debates, films and also a fundraiser featuring Live Bands, DJ's and Visuals from the demonstrations and occupations of French Universities. More tba!

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Save the Palestinian children NOW! (by Latuff)

04-04-2006 07:03

Save the Palestinian children NOW!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. funded Israeli occupation.

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68th Woman Organizer Killed in the Philippines

04-04-2006 06:13

This is the 68th killing of a woman activist under the Macapagal-Arroyo government and with the ascendancy of Brig. Gen. Jovito Palparan in the Philippine military. Palparan led the Philippine Mission to Iraq which was forced to leave when a Filipino worker was kidnapped. He has a string of human rights violations charges against him, none of which has prospered. During his tenure in the province of Mindoro Oriental, 18 progressives were assassinated, including a young town vice-mayor active in women's rights campaigns.

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Illegal Alien Anglos in Mexico

04-04-2006 05:42

Los Yankees

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Naming the Dead event report

03-04-2006 23:16

Report from the Naming the Dead event. An act of deliberate civil disobedience against the occupation of Iraq.

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Coca-Cola- Sucking communties dry

03-04-2006 22:33

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The company claims to adhere to the “highest ethical standards” and to be “an outstanding corporate citizen in every community we serve”. Yet Coca-Cola’s activities around the world tell a different story. Coca-Cola has been accused of dehydrating communities in its pursuit of water resources to feed its own plants, drying up farmers’ wells and destroying local agriculture. The company has also violated workers’ rights in countries such as Colombia, Turkey, Guatemala and Russia. Only through its multi-million dollar marketing campaigns can Coca-Cola sustain the clean image it craves.

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Bristle goes ballistic about the nuclear option

03-04-2006 22:24

Choking on the pro-nuclear PR offensive
Environment feature in issue 21 asks: how do we save the planet?

Yer ever-cuddly but barbed Bristle mag is back with a very mature issue 21, hot on the heels of the outstanding success of its book ‘Political street expressions in Bristol & the south west – a photo archive 1998-2005’ (see, although we’re yet to win the ‘snappiest title of the year’ prize for that one!

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Water as a Commodity

03-04-2006 22:09

The rage of the residents of Soweto is directed at the installed meters.. The first mammoth prepaid water project started in 1992 under Margaret Thatcher in British Birmingham.. The water suppliers cynically described this as "self-disconnect."

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Critical Mass this Friday 7th April

03-04-2006 21:49

This is how dark it was at last month's Critical Mass
"Everyday, all over the world, people are resisting the problem culture of the car by getting on their bikes and riding, instead of driving. Critical Mass is a celebration of the alternatives to cars, pollution, accidents and the loss of public spaces and freedoms. Not an organisation or group, but an idea or tactic, Critical Mass allows people to reclaim the streets with their bikes, just by getting together and out-numbering the cars on the road"

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Inside the Chicken Run - Ramallah

03-04-2006 21:24

These posts are from a Brighton based activist spending April in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, a network of international activists set up to support Palestinian non violent resistance agaisnst Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. In these posts I will be writing short accounts of aspects of the occupation and resistance.

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Robin Brookes’ peace tax court appearance

03-04-2006 21:23

Peace Tax campaigner Robin Brookes outside Swindon Combined Court
Around twenty supporters were at Swindon Combined Court on 3rd April 2005 to hear the judge uphold the Inland Revenue’s claim against Peace Tax Seven member Robin Brookes for unpaid income tax.

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Protest Outside BBC Offices in Brighton

03-04-2006 21:13

Members of various Brighton Peace groups will hold a small demonstration outside BBC offices in Queens Road, Brighton tomorrow lunchtime.

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Jack Straw insults the people of Iraq

03-04-2006 20:49

Jack Straw has insulted Iraqis by asking their elected representatives to hasten the formation of a government in return for an invasion and occupation that they did not ask for and by enumerating CF losses without mentioning Iraqi direct and indirect losses.

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What can be done to backup US protest? Legalize Illegals!

03-04-2006 19:19

"We consider ourselves true MAGONISTAS! In fact, some of the flyers that circulate our harbor come from Leavenworth, Kansas, by RFM himself. The entire industry wants to know who the hell Ricardo Flores Magon is." - accompanying email.

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Aspartame Causes blood Disorders

03-04-2006 18:57

As Europe's largest aspartame manufacturer, Holland Sweetener, reports it is ceasing production of this toxin, more breaking news on the diseases it causes. The aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World tells how Don Rumsfeld got it approved when FDA said no.

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Assassination attempt on Nick Griffin or belated April Fool?

03-04-2006 17:44

The BNP has reported what it claims was an attempt by Swedish Communists to murder its leader, Nick Griffin.

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Manchester Critical Mass photos

03-04-2006 17:33

After last month's police harrassment, March Critical Mass in Manchester was celebrated without interruption again.

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Brian Haw high court case

03-04-2006 17:21

Brian Haw was at the High Court again today as the Home Office appealed the decision that he is exempt from the law banning unauthroised protest around Parliament.

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Oppose Boatyard eviction

03-04-2006 15:58

Castle Mill Boatyard, in Jericho, Oxford, is under threat. As the last public boatyard on the Oxford Canal, it is an indispensable resource for the local narrowboat community, in particular residential boat owners. However British Waterways wants to develop the land for another unsympathetic, unsustainable development in association with Bellway Homes Ltd.

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London Mayday Cycle Ride.

03-04-2006 15:31

Here is an A6 leaflet you can print out and distribute, or you could even design your own to hand out instead, as long as the details are the same.
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