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UK Newswire Archive

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Squatted Community Garden Opening Day - Sat 19th May - Reading!

13-05-2007 14:34

Please FWD >>>


(Reading Squatted Community Garden)


1pm till Late!

** BBQ, live acoustic music and dance exhibition by local kids from 6pm! **

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Scotland to remain Corrupt Britannia's Colony?

13-05-2007 13:47

If it was the intention of Blair's venal Nu Labor administration in London to make a mockery of the Scottish electoral process they certainly succeeded.

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A Theological Balance by Dorothee Soelle

13-05-2007 12:02

Believing in love is more than worshipping the heavenly button-pusher.. Our way of life and politics separates us from Jesus' life, not what happens in the bedroom.. Learning to share is a feminist project annulling the oldest injustice.

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The Treaty of Amsterdam

13-05-2007 11:48

Number or one

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National Day Of Action For Refugees: 2 London Events

13-05-2007 11:19

Friday 18th May demostrate outside Communication House, Old Street, 1- 2pm
Saturday 19th May street event in front of Wood Green library, 1- 3 pm
All welcome! Bring your bannesrs, your friends, musical instruments and nosiy objects.

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In terms of money

13-05-2007 10:27

The real scandal

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Campaign to reopen the Colne – Skipton railway missing link

13-05-2007 10:17

Over 60 MP’s now back SELRAP’s Campaign to reopen the Colne – Skipton line as part of the National Rail Network.

he 11.5 mile closure should never have happened. Restoration would open up so many travel opportunities, not only for the residents of Skipton and East Lancashire but for the Yorkshire & Humberside and North West Regions.

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The very worst prime minister, ever.

13-05-2007 09:56


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Is porn a left issue?

13-05-2007 09:13

“No woman was put on this earth to be hurt or humiliated in order to facilitate male masturbation.”
-Gail Dines quoted in Not For Sale

“When you suffer from childhood sexual abuse or were severely abused as a child, you usually repress those memories. You are unable to say, ‘I am doing this because I was abused as a child and this is all I know how to do. This is all I know how to feel.' I think a lot of the women are in denial…and they don't realize what post-traumatic stress disorder is. You either totally go a whole different direction and turn your life around and get as far away from that abuse as you can – or you re-live the experience, and a lot of these women are re-living what they know how to feel.”
- ex-porn performer Carol Smith, in Not For Sale

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Deciphering Images- Advertising Cultural Debasement.

13-05-2007 08:25

The primary focus of a small piece like this would be accompanied by the
two images which I considered putting up, but everyone who is regarding
the debasement of their culture in the face of globalisation would have
an image in their mind that fulfills the picture.

My focus is usually on gender and debasement.

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Tea Party lives on

13-05-2007 08:15

Basta etc

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Palestine to lift roablocks around Tel Aviv

13-05-2007 07:23

Palestinian roadblock Tel Aviv5
At request of US

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"It Takes an Enormous Amount of Courage to Speak the Truth When No One Else is O

13-05-2007 00:32

World-Renowned Holocaust, Israel Scholars Defend DePaul Professor Norman Finkelstein as He Defends Himself Against Libel & Fights for Tenure.

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Zionists Assured US 'Peace Push' Just PR

13-05-2007 00:31

As critics have alleged, the drive by the US to renew the 'peace process' is not genuine, but merely a scheme to improve the image of this failed Regime. Since this is true, it's about time someone else takes the reigns.

It's always interesting to hear what US politicians say to these various groups behind closed doors, such as this year's AIPAC annual conference.

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Mayday Sur 07 - Brief Chronology

12-05-2007 23:00

MayDays of the precarious take place in many cities [euromayday network | lists on imc estrecho and imc uk].
MayDay Sur 007 was a five day gathering with meetings, actions, workshops, manifestation, discussions, parties, and lots of socialising [program | call | Desobediencia Mutante Rumbo al Maydaysur 07 (mutant disobedience on target for Maydaysur 07)]. This year, it took place in Malaga, with people mainly from cities in Andalucia in the south of Spain, a border region between the Continents of Europe and Africa. People came from Sevilla, Granada, Madrid, Tarrassa and Jerez. Here is a rough translation from indymedia estrecho [original].

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Sheffield Palestine Demo and Rally Photos

12-05-2007 21:45

On 12th May 2007 there was a big Palestine solidarity event held in Sheffield.

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Apartheid Wall Street Theatre

12-05-2007 21:21

At the march and rally for Palestine held in Sheffield on 12 May 2007 a mock up of an Israeli checkpoint was created and people queued up to be abused.

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Michael Moore,U.S.Treasury Dept.,SWIFT Brussels,Cerberus,Bawag Bank,Cuba

12-05-2007 21:01

When I informed SRA International as well as their 'spinoff' Mantas AML or anti-money laundering software had failed to stop massive illegal pump and dump account of Endovasc and even the SEC said Mantas' client Charles Schwab ran pump and dump frauds of U.S. penny stocks in collusion with Vfinance of Democratic Congressman Tim Mahoney and LOM or Lines Overseas Management of Bermuda and that the Treasury's own 'IT' or internet technology provider and developer of Mantas AML had allowed their own shares to by promoted and manipulated by a Kuala Lumpur and Dubai connected boiler room called Bellador Group,I was met with silence and both Christopher Cox's corrupt SEC and John Snow's and now Henry Paulson continue in cover up mode.Why ?

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National Day of Action in Defence of Asylum Rights, May 19 - Manchester Event!

12-05-2007 19:23

Nation Day of Action - Manchester Leaflet!
Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) have called a National Day of Action in Defence of Asylum Rights on Saturday 19th May.

In Manchester, the North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group are supporting that call!

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Northern Palestine Rally, May 12 (Part 2)

12-05-2007 18:58

Handmade placards
Report from the Palestine solidarity rally in Sheffield on May 12.
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