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UK Newswire Archive

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Bush administration embarks on reckless new tactic in Iraq

13-06-2007 19:20

With its much-vaunted “surge” showing no signs of success and American casualties continuing to rise, the US military has begun to arm and equip sections of the Sunni insurgency, supposedly to fight against intransigent layers such as Al Qaeda-linked groups. Weapons, ammunition, cash, fuel and supplies are being provided to selected Sunni militia.

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Palestinians committing grave war crimes

13-06-2007 19:06

Both Fatah and Hamas military forces have summarily executed captives, killed people not involved in hostilities, and engaged in gun battles with one another inside and near Palestinian hospitals. On Saturday, armed Palestinians from Islamic Jihad and the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade used a vehicle with a “TV” insignia to attack an Israeli military position on the border with Gaza.

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Once more on the failed transit system fare strike in San Francisco in 2005

13-06-2007 18:22

A brief re-examination of this missed opportunity in working class-based radical mass action in this part of the world...

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Not all the media was terrible!!

13-06-2007 17:47

Although many people since returning from the G8 have been told there was not much in the news about the G8 summit itself. From a media group perspective it was actually very sucessful, we are working to compile a list of all the articles to send out
but this one is ok and can cheer us up after the daily mail bollocks

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Again: German Police Raids 11 Homes Of Activists

13-06-2007 17:05

In another strike against the the movement in Germany, police this morning raided 11 homes of activists in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein under suspiscion of forming a "terrorist organisation" (so called "Article 129a").

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The Right to Stay/ Refugee week, London

13-06-2007 16:11

Film evening+ asylum seekers and migrants speaking about their experiences.

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Daniel Pipes Details Israeli Attack Against Iran

13-06-2007 15:27

Earlier this week, warmonger and Israel Firster Joe Lieberman said “I think we’ve got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq,” predicating, as neocons are wont, his argument on allegation. Now we have yet another Israel Firster and former United States Institute of Peace—as in war is peace—board member nominee, Daniel Pipes, calling for an attack against Iran.

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Students To Do Epic 50,000 Protestations In Front Of Giant Gordon Brown Photograph

13-06-2007 15:12

gordon brown
In a marathon art performance that will last one week, students from Camberwell College of the Arts are to prostrate themselves an incredible 50,000 times in front of a temporary shrine and giant photograph of the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Starting on Wednesday 20th June 2007 at 10am outside Camberwell College on Peckham Road the students will work in ten hour shifts in an attempt to reach their target.

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Candidate Alexander: Iraq War, Many Diversions

13-06-2007 14:13

While Americans were being distracted by the tears and fears of Ms Paris Hilton, brave American soldiers were dying in Iraq. While Americans are watching television, the events in Iraq are dividing the Middle East. While Americans are watching television the Bush administration is assisting the multi-national oil giants in the attempt to privatize Iraq’s vast oil reserves, an effort that will destroy Iraq’s economy, will leave the people of Iraq in poverty and will weaken the existing government.

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East End of London community No to unaccountable public office holders

13-06-2007 13:44

Blair's allagedly cvritical refertences to the 'feral media' on Tiesday giot klengthy poryrauls in parsie of Blair.

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Cycle Cinema Public Meetng & Call-out

13-06-2007 13:17

A group of people in Cambridge are building a touring cycle powered cinema. They've managed to get some basic funding and their first gig and work has already started. They're holding a meeting this Sunday to introduce the project and hopefully get more people involved.

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G8 Media Gets the Massage - good article from 'unspin the g8'

13-06-2007 12:49

Good article from dutch media activist on the 'media battle', the press centre village and the media intervention made by some clowns at Kühlungsborn:

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9/11 Truth Group Protest At Parliament

13-06-2007 12:40

As part of the 11th of Every Month Action Campaign, a London 911 Truth group held a protest at Parliament Square, yesterday.

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ephemera 7.1: 'Immaterial and Affective Labour: Explored' online

13-06-2007 12:38

The new issue (7.1) of ephemera: theory & politics in organization, entitled "immaterial and affective labor: explored," has just been published at This latest special issue offers a critical engagement with the conceptual and political territory animated by the deployment of such ideas in the work of Hardt, Negri, Lazzarato, Virno and others, and follows previous explorations of class composition and politics in ephemera (for instance in the issues on 'the theory of the multitude' and 'writing: labour').

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Reclaim The Beech Style Party at weekend

13-06-2007 12:23

Pic from last weekend, when people gathered for a party in London at the sometimes used reclaim the beech place.

Police was waiting at the location, blocking off the steps, but before they knew what was happening the crowd moved off along the river to another site where the sound system was already set up!

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Asylum Week Event in Hackney on Friday 21st June 2007: Asylum Life

13-06-2007 12:08

Asylum Life. Films for Refugee Week and discussion with directors and people featuring in the films and Guardian journalist Natasha Walter, founder of 'Women for Refugee Women'

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‘Smash EDO’ and the Cyber-Spokesman.

13-06-2007 11:53

Protesting voices

Policeman – ‘I believe that you are an organiser of this procession. I notify you that…

Protester – ‘I’d like to notify this officer that there are no organisers on this procession…

Anti-arms protest 2005

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German G8 Police: Lies, Propaganda and Provocation (report)

13-06-2007 11:44

Below are a few examples of the lies and propaganda spun by the police during the G8 protests in Germany, as well as direct evidence that the police were at times using infiltrators to try and create conditions to justify further repression.

There are for sure many more examples of this during the last two weeks or so and civil liberties monitoring groups are investigating other incidents. It should also be said that while the media were able to report what appeared to be a tolerant attitude to the blockades at the East Gate, in other places sit down protestors were water cannoned, pepper sprayed and beaten. Also the police tried to provoke violence at various different protests and actions, arrested people for nothing more than having the wrong clothing on them, and failed to give medical assistance to injured people in a number of incidents. Police have also been criticised for using water canon at close quarters against peaceful blockaders resulting in several serious eye injuries, including a man from Liverpool who has lost the use of his eye after it was dislodged. Further criticism has come regarding the use of the military against protestors including the army on the A19 autobahn and the use of Panavia Tornado jets in low fly reconnaissance / intimidation runs over protest camp sites.

Other tactics used by the police included mass unrpovoked arrests, closure of transport systems to prevent people reaching legal assembly points and systematic feeding of misinformation to the media - details of which below:

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Refugee Week Protests in Glasgow

13-06-2007 11:18

Unity World Flyer
To mark Refugee Week the Unity Centre in Glasgow has called for daily protests outside the Home Office in Govan, Glasgow.

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Daily Mail G8 Blockade Reporting - Atrocious Newspaper Article Shocker!

13-06-2007 11:16

scan of article for analysis
Last night on newsnight Peter Oborne, a Daily Mail political columist said "It's the job of the press to bring to light falshoods". It's a shame the idea wasn't applied to the article below.

Published in print and on the web, it deals with the blockade protests against the G8 held on Wednesday 6th June. I saw a copy of it last night and was astounded at the shoddy quality of the journalism. I find it hard to believe that someone was actualy paid to produce such a mixed up shambles of misinformation and mistake.

It contains around 13 serious factual errors. This is a shocking number of mistakes for any article.

The Daily Mail does not have a good record when it comes to accuracy and G8 protests. This article confirms that their reporting should not be believed. Over 2.3 Million people read the Daily Mail...
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