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UK Newswire Archive

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Bomb explosion in Chile in solidarity with Mapuche political prisoners

10-11-2007 21:21

Friday Nov 9th, 2007, at 12.40pm

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France: Report from Nanterre University Nov 9th

10-11-2007 20:43

Yesterday a general assembly (Assemblée générale, or AG) was held at Nanterre, at the beginning around 1200 students were present, numbers dropped as the meeting took two hours but the final vote was over 600 in favour, 199 against and around 100 abstentions. Students voted to begin a strike and a blockade and also to occupy the buildings.

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No Borders anti-deportation stall, 10/11Cardiff

10-11-2007 20:12

Constance and Andreas
No Borders activists in Cardiff took to the streets in support of Constance Nzeneu's campaign against her and her 4 month old son's deportation...

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gay rights prottest

10-11-2007 19:58

david haywood of spondon derby gayrights protest

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Unpublished WTC "Collapse" Research Cited In September Is Now Available For Revi

10-11-2007 18:14

On September 11, 2007, the BBC ran an article describing a paper written by Keith Seffen of the University of Cambridge. Seffen said his research showed the collapse of the World Trade Center did not require explosives but was "an ordinary thing". The BBC claimed Seffen's paper had been published, although it hadn't. It still hasn't been published, but you can read it right now.

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Collective Punishment: Crisis in Gaza

10-11-2007 15:09

Why do the Palestinians not possess the right to defend themselves?

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Massive Israeli Aggression To Follow Annapolis PR Event

10-11-2007 15:08

As support and sympathy for Israel and its ruling Extremists steadily deteriorates, it appears that their intentions are to create facts on the ground and eliminate much of what remains of Palestine, before they're forced to end their decades-long war.

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Spooks Refuse to toe Cheney's Line on Iran

10-11-2007 15:02

Unlike Iraq, the intelligence community is refusing to play ball with the Extremists in DC.

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Israel, US Join Forces on Iran, Slander IAEA Chief

10-11-2007 15:01

Desperate to start a war, the Extremists in Israel and the US have now officially joined forces to determine a strategy for achieving the war the International Community and their own citizens have thus far denied them, and attacking those who refute their lies.

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Sunday 11th November 2007: London Socialist Film Co-op presents

10-11-2007 13:28

Dir. Amos Gitai, Israel 1980, b&w, 51 mins
The Iron Wall
Dir. Mohammed Alatar, Palestine 2006, 52 mins

Doors open 10.30am for 11.00am

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Papers for All fundraising party

10-11-2007 13:01

Friday November 16th at the RAMPART SOCIAL CENTRE in Whitechapel.

Music and dance from aound the world: SOFIA BUCHUCK(Peruvian Singer), DEMONS IN PARADISE (electro acoustic) RUBEN H & THE LANDING SKY (indie rock) & ABLEDEI UK (African Drumming & Dance).
call 07 900 405 787 if you have questions or want to become involved.

£5 suggested donation

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Israel's moral meltdown

10-11-2007 12:48

IDF watchtower in Old Hebron
The Occupation not only damages the lives of Palestinians. It also corrupts IDF and MaGav soldiers and its Occupation costs are bankrupting the Israeli economy. This corruption is no more apparent than in Hebron.

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NATO Expands into Arab South, Hindered by US-created Chaos

10-11-2007 12:16

Discreetly but progressively and confidently the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is expanding south and southeast almost uncontested -- after the collapse of the former USSR-led Warsaw Pact -- outside the mandate designated by its statute into the Arab Middle East as well as into the Caspian Sea regions.

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From the ashes of despair, the seeds of solidarity might spring?

10-11-2007 12:06

Faced with the pervasive onslaught and destruction of the ecosystems, the natural ecology, the social ecology, and the psychological ecology, by the way of the world as it is today, I express my frustration and impotence with traditional forms of protest and in the naked vulnerability of my lack of ability to positively influence the flow of events, I ask for input and hope to plant the seeds of solidarity.

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US Alliance Afghan Genocide - Six Million Excess Deaths?

10-11-2007 10:27

Post-invasion non-violent excess deaths in Occupied Afghanistan - a month on from the 6th anniversary of the war criminal US invasion and occupation on 7th October 2001 – now total an estimated 3.2 million. However comparisons with Occupied Iraq (1.5-2 million TOTAL post-invasion excess deaths, and 0.8-1.2 million or about 50% of these being VIOLENT deaths) suggest that the post-invasion violent excess deaths in Occupied Afghanistan could total 3 million.

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Academics on Methane

10-11-2007 09:05

Persons interested in Climate change should look at this URL for news of what happened with Methane long ago.

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TOTALitarian Oil Out of Burma - National Day of Action - Sat 24 Nov

10-11-2007 01:44

On Saturday 24th November, there will be a UK-wide day of action against TOTAL Oil. Petrol stations around the country will see protests calling for TOTAL to pull out of Burma and stop funding the Burmese junta.

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Iraqi Kurds Protest Against Detention and Deportations today in London

10-11-2007 01:03

The 9th of November was a day of action Iraqi Kurdish refugees groups. In London a group of about 30 Iraqi Kurds demonstrated along with supporters from London NoBorders opposite the UNHCR. There were simultaneous demonstrations of 500 protesters in the Swiss city of Berne, and in Norway and Sweden

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Appeal for Support to Lawyers and Judges in Pakistan

09-11-2007 20:55

The civil society of Pakistan urges bar associations all over the world to mobilize public opinion in favor of the judges and lawyers in Pakistan. A large number of judges of superior courts are under arrest. Thousands of lawyers are imprisoned, beaten and tortured.

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Venezuela: Reforms take away what is gained through the struggle

09-11-2007 18:57

El Libertario # 51, Venezuela
*This is the editorial of the latest edition of El Libertario(Venezuela, #51, November 2007, now available -in spanish- in in which this mouthpiece of Venezuelan Anarchism set outs its position with regard to the Constitutional Reforms which the current Government seeks to impose on this country.
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