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UK Newswire Archive

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Pauline Campbell NOT arrested at Holloway.

18-01-2008 11:23

Another death at Holloway...
Just two days before the anniversary of her daughters death in Styal Prison in 2003, Pauline Campbell was back at Holloway on Wednesday to demonstrate over yet another self-inflicted death inside its walls.

24 year old Jamie Pearce died on the 10th of December though her death has only just been rerecorded as “self inflicted” from “Unclassified”. There are now officially 8 such deaths recorded in England and Wales in 2007 a 166% rise from the year before. This was the 27th protest that Pauline has staged since her campaign began in 2004.

The group of protesters included two ex-prisoners (male); two grieving mothers whose loved ones had died in the 'care' of prisons in England; the mother of a teenager currently incarcerated in HMP Holloway; and a friend of the late Harry Stanley, who was shot dead by police in 1999.

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More SHAC raids

18-01-2008 11:06

Three more arrests in SE england - Operation Achilles again!

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Kathleen and Bill Christison Talk Genocide in Palestine

18-01-2008 09:56

As Bush returns from his 'Peace' mission to the Middle East, Bill and Kathleen Christison, former CIA analysts speak out against the ongoing genocide in Palestine.

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Terminally ill Ghanaian woman deported and denied medical care

18-01-2008 05:27

Ama Sumani, a 39-year-old Ghanaian woman terminally ill with a malignant myeloma, was deported from Britain to Ghana on January 9. She was taken from the University Hospital, Cardiff, in Wales, where she was receiving dialysis treatment, as her kidneys were damaged by the myeloma. Five immigration officers put her on a flight from Heathrow to Ghana that day.

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Grave Ignorance or Serious Deception: the Existence of the Constitution of Brita

18-01-2008 01:47

For the record; we the People of Britain DO INDEED have a CONSTITUTION and in accordance with its statues, the matter of going to war lies with the monarch NOT Parliament!

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Global ALF & Underground Roundup

17-01-2008 23:40

Plenty more from the underground; France, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, USA and UK. Hens, turkeys and lab rats rescued, photos from furrier's home visit, Escada and other fur shops recieve more damage, foie gras removed from a menu, fast-food resturant is vadalized and HLS collaborators have property sabotaged.

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London Foie Gras Demo

17-01-2008 23:17

Meet at London's Liverpool Street Station - Bishopsgate exit {Starbucks kiosk} @ 4.45pm - leave at 5pm. New people welcome!! Just come up and say hello.

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Next Foie Gras Demo - This Saturday!

17-01-2008 22:31

Please come and join us on 19th Jan, 12 Noon at Midsummer House on Midsummer Common, Cambridge.

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Norfolk BNP's New Organiser

17-01-2008 21:20

The British National Party in Norfolk has a new organiser, one Mr.Robert Wright.

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Super Heroes!

17-01-2008 20:55

Spooner! is a 297 foot tall Coast Redwood located in Scotia, Ca USA
WOW! With gusts up to 55 miles per hour, it takes a lot of courage and dedication to stay HUNDREDS of feet in the air during hail, thunder, lightning, and severe winds. Even though mother nature and her fury tests treesitting activists, they stay strong in their cause.

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NYC Protest for Sea Shepherd Hostages

17-01-2008 20:38

Activists braved the cold of New York City today to protest yesterday's kidnapping of Giles Lane and Benjamin Potts by an illegal Japanese whaling ship. They were released earlier today to the Ocean Viking (Australia's ship).

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America's "Divide and Rule" Strategies in the Middle East

17-01-2008 20:26

It is no secret that the 2008 presidential tour of George W. Bush Jr. to the Middle East is more about rallying hostility and antagonism against Iran and those forces resisting Washington’s political and socio-economic curriculum for the Middle East.

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Whalers Hands Activists Over To Australia's Ship

17-01-2008 19:00

The activists -- Australian Benjamin Potts, 28, and Briton Giles Lane, 35 -- were detained Tuesday after boarding the harpoon ship to protest Japan's whaling programme. They were handed over to Austrialia's 'Ocean Viking' earlier today.

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Camden / St Pancras / Kings Cross BBC 1 ITN / Eurotunnel / Paris

17-01-2008 18:49

The NIMR / MRC intend building the "World's largest ever, highest level virus containment facility & animal testing lab" on a Camden council estate. Somers Town / St Pancras / Kings Cross stations. Please write a polite letter to the following councillor,Planning Chief for Camden, Mike Greene, who's Camden office details are in the following links. {I haven't read the links - apology if not there} .

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To whom it may concern

17-01-2008 18:48

Parvin residing in Cyprus was arrested by the Cypriot authorities on 20th December 2007 and was issued deportation order to Iran on 17th January 2008. On this day Parvin was arrested by the Cypriot police to be taken to the airport. Parvin kept saying to the authorities that her life is in danger in Iran and should not be sent to Iran. The authorities did not listen to her and forcefully and violently took her away. As a consequence she has bruises on her face. Her flight to Iran had a stop in Dubai where she is at the moment. She is suffering physically and mentally.

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Tony Blair and the business of making money

17-01-2008 18:42

Former prime minister Tony Blair made a rare public appearance at the weekend, speaking at a rally of French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s right-wing Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP).

Full article | 1 comment launched within days of Brown’s nuclear announcement

17-01-2008 18:25

Within days of last week's announcement by Gordon Brown in favour of building new nuclear power stations, P.A.W.B (People Against Wylfa-B). have launched a website as part of the campaign to prevent a second nuclear plant at Wylfa on Anglesey, north Wales.

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Google is making money by creeping porn sites into search results

17-01-2008 18:15

Google is making money by creeping porn sites into search results

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Sea Shepherd demo, Barcelona

17-01-2008 17:23

Protesting in the sun
Demonstrators today held a protest outside the Japanese Consul in Barcelona, also delivering a letter to the General Consul demanding the immediate release of two Sea Shepherd crew members currently held hostage by Japanese whalers.

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Ratcliffe Power Station Court Case : Nottingham Magistrates [day 3]

17-01-2008 17:03

Now starting day 3 of the trial of the 11 defendants, accused of aggravated trespass at the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. Prosecution and defence case having been heard, today was about final statements and the summaries of evidence given over the last couple of days.
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