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Why we need to NOT kick-off on Oct 20

14-10-2012 14:45

Please read all these points carefully before posting responses -

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Urgent Animal Cruelty Appeal...Ban “Dig-Outs”

14-10-2012 11:23

A hunter proudly displays a magled fox and his dog after a dig-out
October/November 2012
Ireland’s animal welfare laws are being updated...and we need people from around the world to tell our government to outlaw, as a matter of urgency, a number of extremely cruel practises that make life a living hell on earth for animals in Ireland. You can do this simply signing the online petition below.

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badger cull interview (radioKEBELE)

13-10-2012 22:55

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Facts About Romney

13-10-2012 19:37

Romney vetoed elevators for the disabled.. now he's adding elevators for his cars to his 2 story garage at his 5th home

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Introducing Elliott Fountain: candidate for PCC

13-10-2012 18:55

Elliott Fountain, the English Democrats candidate for Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner, is one of only two far right candidates standing in the East Midlands*. His political hero is Enoch Powell and he has expressed a strong dislike of East European migrants. Fountain has described his approach to crime as “zero tolerance“, which involves “throwing tenants out of houses faster”, expanding Lincoln prison, bringing back the death penalty and encouraging the harassment of migrants by the police.

[For more screenshots see]

So far, so far right. But is Elliott Fountain a fascist? Thanks to screenshots of his Facebook profile leaked to us we can safely conclude that he is.

As well as liking and promoting the English Defence League, Fountain also likes the British Friends of Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn is the Greek neo-Nazi political party whose leaders have openly praised Nazi party leaders and used Nazi imagery. Its leader proudly proclaims his racism and has called for vigilante attacks on migrants. Golden Dawn members are believed to have fought alongside the Serbs during the Bosnian war and may have participated in the Srebrenica massacre of Muslim civilians, have vandalised synagogues and sent death threats to critical journalists. Is this the kind of “zero tolerance” that Fountain wants for Lincolnshire?

It’s not just foreign far right violence that Fountain promotes. He approvingly reposted a picture of a bloodied EDL member after the group’s Walsall demonstration, supporting the group’s violent clashes with the police. EDL members attacked the police with bricks, bottles and litter bins and 30 have been arrested in connection with the day’s events. I have a feeling that Fountain’s support for this disorder might not get the support of the police he wants to direct.

Fountain’s support for groups like Golden Dawn and the EDL seems to be motivated by his violent hatred of Muslims. Reposting a video of a protest by Muslims outside the US embassy, Fountain commennted “shoot the lot of them”. Commenting on Muslim outrage about The Innocence of Muslims film he said “they enrage us the goat  ragging backward rats”. Reposting a film of a Muslim protest in Australia getting attacked by a violent mob, he wrote “this is what muslims should get!!”. Promoting racist mob violence is a strange activity for a “law and order” candidate, unless you favour the kind of “law and order” practiced by the Nazis of course.

On that note, Fountain thinks “we should of never started a war with Germany” in the 1940s, “its all a giant conspiracy but cant say to much on here else i will be killed of mysteriously”. Fountain is a conspiracy theorist (perhaps an anti-Semite?) as well as a Nazi appeaser.

Fountain’s public zero-tolerance anti-drugs approach (“bang all smack heads up”) does not appear to extend to his private life. His posts are full of favourable references to taking ecstasy and asking his mates for pills. It’s all a bit strange coming from a man who has pledged to cut crime by targeting drug offences! “It’s all about helping younger people to keep them away from crime, from drugs, from doing things which are wrong” he told the BBC in a clear case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

He’s also not averse to drinking until he passes out. “who was sleeping with me 4 or 5 years ago” he asks Facebook,  “because i was in a drunken state for a year or two”. Maybe it was during this time that he was photographed getting his arse out in a public square in a German city. We can only imagine his response if one of the dreaded “East Euros” behaved in a similar manner in his hometown of Boston.

But Fountain’s real passion seems to be ogling at women with their tits out: Boobies, Phantom Models, Silks Gentlemans Lounge, Laptastic International, Nuts,, EroticaUK, fetish burlesque, Hedonism Resorts and Nottingham’s infamous branch of Hooters all feature on his likes list. Whilst Fountain might be a xenophobe in his political career, he’s more of an internationalist when it comes to perving, even getting into Slovak Girls & Women (as long as they’re not taking English jobs, of course).

 All in all, Elliott’s a bit of a sad case and the English Democrats must be really desperate to be standing him as their candidate. Fortunately, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of actually winning, only managing a grand total of 45 votes in his past two election appearances. There goes another deposit down the drain for one of Lincolnshire’s veteran fascist losers.


* The other is Alan Spencer-Bennett, also of the English Democrats, standing for the post in Northamptonshire

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Worldwide Declaration Delivered Mexican Embassy

13-10-2012 16:01

The following document was delivered to the Embassy:


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Time to move on: IMC London signing off

13-10-2012 14:55

The Indymedia London collective has taken a decision to close.

Collectively we have racked up almost 100 years of involvement with the Indymedia project; from the beginnings of Indymedia in 1999 and the launch of Indymedia UK in 2000 as a manual website and evolution to a content management site, to the creation of local indymedia groups in 2003, and then the launch of the current IMC London website in 2008.

So it is with a sad heart that we bring this latest chapter to an end. Firstly thanks to all the people, friends and comrades who have participated in the project with us over the years, as users, as members of the london collective (over 50 people) and other imc collectives, or as supporters behind the scenes. All of us wish to continue working in a similar terrain and view what comes next as a development from the work that’s already been done. However for us, this Indymedia project is for many reasons no longer the one which we think is tactically useful to put our energy into. There are still many features of the project that we believe to be important and essential, but others which are less so. Below we set out some thoughts on both of these, and some of the challenges and limitations of the Indymedia project over the years.

On a practical note, the open publishing newswire of this website is now closed and the content will be archived, along with selected london related content from the previous different Indymedia UK websites. User logons for the website will no longer work. Our public email lists and wiki pages will also be closed and kept as archives.

We will add to the London Indymedia archive some further reflections and evaluations generated through more than a decade of practice, debate and argument. We also think the function of the London events calendar has been an important one and are interested in thinking about ways of retaining this function in one way or other.

If you wish to contact us or send any feedback on the rest of this farewell message please email us at

See you on the streets!
IMC London

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parl sq peace plinth in art exhibition

13-10-2012 14:16

different gallery
in a joint project between contemporary artists and peace activists, thursday saw the parliament square 'westminster cabinet' once more on public display, at the 'different' gallery in percy street, alongside works on a theme of peace by various contemporary artists.

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Protest of Somali refugees in Vienna

13-10-2012 13:58

Protest of Somalian Refugees in front of the Parliament in Vienna
At the same time with the refugee movements in Germany and in the Netherlands, also in Austria more and more refugees are going on the streets to protest for their rights.

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Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate Calls For IPCC Investigation Into Sussex Police

13-10-2012 13:54

Following the announcement by the Independent Police Complaints Commissioner (IPCC) to conduct an investigation into the Police handling of the Hillsbourough disaster, Matt Taylor says “It's time to do the same with Sussex Police.”

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Follow Globalnoise Live

13-10-2012 10:55

Follow GlobalNoise [2,3,4] live here:

and here: and

and here:

In London it's 2pm at st paul's til 5pm then a two day occupation

Around the world... see map

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From Bristol with Love 26

12-10-2012 20:55

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John Bowden Support Meeting

12-10-2012 20:30


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John Bowden: Call-Out For An International Day Of Action On October 19th

12-10-2012 20:23

Only a week to go until the Day of Action in support of prisoner John Bowden. Please organise activities in support of him.

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Israeli Company seeking to stop protest in the UK

12-10-2012 18:38

The CEO of Soda Club, an Israeli company with a production facility in the settlement industrial zone of Mishor Adumim, has vowed to stop the protests happening outside its UK shop.

Daniel Birnbaum told local paper The Argus today that the firm will take legal action to clear the protesters from in front of their store.

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Call OUT for Training weekend for Calais Migrant Solidarity (CMS).

12-10-2012 16:38

Often people come to Calais and feel unsure how to be effective during
their time. This weekend will be an opportunity to explore some of the
aspects of CMS work, look at how people can get involved in ongoing
practical solidarity and discuss new ideas for the future of CMS.

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Higher risk of evictions on the ZAD

12-10-2012 14:28

Several sources let us believe that evictions are imminent. We got wind of a first wave of evictions on Tuesday the 16th of October at dawn. We received precise informations about where troops will be staying, the planned route to access the area, the number of personnel involved (500 gendarmes).

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Gig at LARC

12-10-2012 10:52

What else you gonna do on a Sunday?
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