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UK Newswire Archive

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Kelly speaks from Israeli prison after first week

21-12-2004 12:50

Kelly (23) from Madison (Wisc, US) was arrested last week during demonstration against the Apartheid Wall near the village of Bil'in. She is being imprisoned and deported by the Israeli Ministry of Interior because of her role as a community activist in the collective.

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Army Blames Anti-War Movement for Drop in Recruits!!

21-12-2004 11:58

Army blames Iraq for drop in recruits

Lorna Martin, Scotland editor
Sunday December 19, 2004
The Observer

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Women's self defence in Oxford

21-12-2004 11:46

Radical Feminist Self-Defence in Oxford

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21-12-2004 10:27

According to the article, which Ive posted below, it seems as if the hangars for the b2s are now built. The b2s are the planes capable of dropping mini-nukes. Fairford would almost certainly be the base used if another US war is declared in the next few years. I understand that the base is currently being used to fly stuff out to the Gulf still?

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A Tale for the solstice

21-12-2004 09:06

Cad Goddeu or The Battle of the Trees
By Taliesin
(Translation by Revd. Robert Williams)

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Report of the Glasgow Film Theatre launch of `Dear Mrs Blair` . Sunday 19th.

21-12-2004 05:14

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) Rose Street, Glasgow.
This is a 1,600 word report of the launch of the film `Dear Mrs Blair` at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) on Sunday 19th December 2004. Five labelled photos of the night are attached.

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European Social Forum: Debating the challenges for its future

21-12-2004 01:33

After three European Social Forums (ESF) we need to step back and ask: what
next? This newsletter is an attempt to provide a multitude of answers to
this question, reflecting upon the Forum’s purpose, practical achievements
and methods of organisation.

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Defend Council Housing Organising Meeting - 22nd December

21-12-2004 00:18

Defend Council Housing Organising Meeting

7.30pm - 8.30pm Wednesday 22nd December

Oxford Town Hall

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Rose Gentle Calls for Blair to Be Sacked - Report Back from 'Dear Mrs Blair'

21-12-2004 00:09

Camcorder Guerillas screened UK premiere of 'Dear Mrs Blair' a film and message to the wife of the warmonger in charge of the country from a mother grieving the loss of her son in a war for capitalism

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Worcester Evening News gives the local BNP a plug

20-12-2004 22:41

BNP leader guest of county branch
20th December 2004 Worcester evening News

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Second Hearing of the Identity Cards Bill

20-12-2004 19:49

Here is a very rough summary of the first three hours of the parliaments second hearing of the identity cards bill. It has been posted 'as taken', so excuse any discrepancies. Where the speaker is refered to as 'MP', i did not know the MP's name. Otherwise i have reffered to the speaker by his name.
Of note is Charles Clarkes shift from the voluntary to the compulsory nature of the system. Also of note is Mark Oaten's (lib dem) talk against the card.

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Bomb Attacks in Iraq Work of U.S. Psychological Operations

20-12-2004 14:05

Bomb Attacks in Iraq Work of U.S. Psychological Operations
Sara 20 Dec 2004 14:44 GMT

Don't be fooled. Sunni resistance have absolutely no reason to attack Shia Iraq. The U.S. is behind these bombings "a la 'The Quiet American' (a film all wishing to understand our 1984 world should see). Sara
Don't be fooled. Sunni resistance have absolutely no reason to attack Shia Iraq. The U.S. is behind these bombings "a la 'The Quiet American' (a film all wishing to understand our 1984 world should see).

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Treatment of Children in Oakington violate Prison Inspector's recommendations.

20-12-2004 13:13


Two year old Sidhaant, who has been imprisoned at Oakington Immigration Reception Centre for 54 days, will more than likely spend his festive season in harmful detention. Sidhaant is mentally and physically suffering from his long experience of detention and has been repeatedly in need of what limited medical attention is available at the centre. There has been a recognised viral outbreak at the prison for some time now with inmates suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea and fever. Sidhaant has been unable to digest food properly, has suffered from the viral outbreak, and has been losing weight. One doctor told the parents that if they came to him under normal circumstances he would recommend they take their son to a hospital to be seen by a paediatrician and undergo the necessary tests to ensure his recovery. The doctor also told the family that, as they are prisoners, he was unable to insist on this treatment.

On Thursday 16th December the Hon Charles Vaudin D'Imecourt, the adjudicator at the bail hearing of Sidhaant and his parents, assured the family that their child would be better off in prison than outside, as part of his dismissal of the bail application.

This decision completely ignores the recently released Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) Report on Oakington. "It remains our view that the detention of children should be exceptional, and only for very short periods," said prisons inspector Anne Owers.

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20-12-2004 12:38

A night-long protest under tarpaulin in Parliament Square
When: 7pm, Wednesday 22 December - 7am, Thursday 23 December.
Where: Parliament Square
Called by Voices in the Wilderness UK

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Centre Point bleeds

20-12-2004 11:29

I was out "shopping" on Charing Cross Road on Sunday when I noticed Centre Point's foutain/ pond and decided to take some photos.

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Iraq: Conscientious Objector Witnessed Abuse, Killing of Iraqi Detainees at Abu

20-12-2004 00:46

Conscientious Objector Witnessed Abuse, Killing of Iraqi Detainees at Abu Ghraib

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We are all Ahmed Awwad: Popular Resistance in Palestine

20-12-2004 00:31

Reflections on recent acts of popular resistance in Palestine by Israeli member of Anarchists against the Wall

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International Dissent!/Anti-G8 Meeting in Feb 2005

19-12-2004 20:28

International Planning, Networking and Co-ordination Meeting Against the 2005 G8 Summit

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A Poem to the Dutch Fascists!

19-12-2004 18:56

A poem originally posted on [The] Cactus Lover, a Muslim newsletter set up in the aftermath of the murder of Theo Van Gogh

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Leafletters Face Harassment On Leeds Wilko's Picket

19-12-2004 17:20

Campaign Against Prison Slavery protestors face harrassment from lickspittle stree-wardens.
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