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UK Newswire Archive

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US hints at possible invasion of Northern Ireland

18-05-2005 16:23

U.S. to IRA: Lay down your arms now.

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City of Culture becomes City of Slavery with the help of the YMCA

18-05-2005 15:52

The Home Office have now ratcheted up the ante by re-introducing slavery through the form of 'voluntary service for people who have failed the Asylum System and needing subsistence and accommodation' with the assistance of the National YMCA Organisation.

Liverpool YMCA is going to be the first voluntary sector agency to collude with the Home Office in the immigration slavery scheme introduced by section 10 of the 2004 legislation.

While Liverpool is parading on its City Of Culture, 2008 Status (more like Culture of Capital, Here & Now), it would be worthwhile stating historical fact - Liverpool was home to the Slave Trade - and now in 2005, Liverpool could and may well become home to the New City Of Slavery.

The YMCA and the Home Office have called for a 'Closed Door' Meeting to be held at Liverpool City Councils Millenium House on Tuesday 24 May 2005 from 12:40 - 14:40hrs.

The aim of this meeting from what I can gather, is to 'embrace community dialogue' - through restricting the meeting to just a few (highly-paid & self-anointed) NGOs (whose own sources of revenue are probably paid for by the Home Office...)

The question is, can real community dialogue be achieved like this?

The meeting was posted on the SmartGroups Liverpool asylum seeker and refugee support group:

----Section 4 Support - 'Voluntary Service'

>> There is a consultation meeting with the YMCA and
>> the Home Office about this on 24th May - 12.40 - 2.40
>> at Millenium House in Liverpool.

As you can see this is the only outside knowledge of this meeting.

I contacted the Liverpool YMCA today which people believe to be the site of the Pilot Scheme, and the Office Administrator has denied any knowledge of the meeting, but said that, "if it's not Liverpool then it might be Chester which will do it."

If the meeting is being held within Council premises, can Trade Unionists based within Millenium House please make and take action with regards to this?

UNISON, and other Unions the call-out for you is here.

Individuals with a conscience, please make your views heard on this subject.

The following links are related to this meeting:

YMCA slave labour scheme

Section 4 Support - 'Voluntary Service'

There is a consultation meeting with the YMCA and the Home Office
about this on 24th May - 12.40 - 2.40 at Millenium House in Liverpool.

IND has announced that YMCA England will be running a pilot exercise for Section 10 of the Asylum & Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act in Liverpool.

Word document:

YMCA England Statement following meeting with Church Action on Poverty, Boaz Trust and Churches Commission on Racial Justice

Word document:

It is important that no-one allows this 'Pilot' to get off the ground.

While the YMCA may or could agree to the scheme, it can only be made unworkable if YMCA Staff take a stand on this issue - strike action, refuse on moral grounds, refuse on Health & Safety issues (will the refugees be given proper H&S training?)

Or perhaps I could 'release' the person out, if I saw a refugee doing what I called anything like 'labour'?

Or maybe, the homeless people within the YMCAs will start "getting refugees to do their 'dirty-work'", or cause deep divisions within already dis-enfranchised communities?

If this doesn't happen here, it could happen near YOU.

Maybe meet up at The Egg, Tuesday 24/05, 11:30am?

Anyone into it?

Banners, drums, trumpets, anything to make a party & noise.

Can the 'Outside Media' meaning The Echo/BBC do something on it?

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Interview with Independent journalist Dahr Jamail

18-05-2005 15:46

Dahr Jamail
This is a 2,000 word interview with 4 photos of an interview I had with independent American journalist Dahr Jamail in May 2005.

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"Managers Do Not Only Serve Shareholders"

18-05-2005 15:46

"It is not legitimate to exploit every conceivable outsourcing chance. It is not legitimate to declare jobs superfluous to realize double-digit profits.. Profit cannot be the only maxim of good entrepreneural conduct.."

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Al-Qeada's a spent force clain Pakistan police

18-05-2005 15:29

Article in London's metro paper May 17th

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18-05-2005 15:21

From 8th January, 2004. I have been in dispute with the Department for Work and
Pensions due to overpayment of the dreaded 'means-tested benefits'. This situation still
hasn't reached a satisfactory conclusion. Firstly, I would like to assure you that we are
not a couple "who could work but who presently languish on benefits doing nothing".
Neither do we work undercover and claim benefits illegally. In my opinion, the main
cause for this dispute is that from May 2000,

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Gordon "The Toad" MacLellan at Libra Aries Books

18-05-2005 14:41

Gordon "The Toad" MacLellan will be speaking on "Recognising the Sacred in Everyday Places" at 4pm on Sunday 22nd May, at Libra Aries Books in Cambridge.

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Social Centres round up

18-05-2005 14:33

Ok, rampART in London is celebrating it's first birthday next weekend (21st May) and they will be having a bit of a party with band and stuff. They also intend to do some kind of presentation and show films about various social centres around Europe. So, how about we get together something of a round up of the current social centre projects in the UK. Leave comments here listing those you know of or write up something about the ones you are involved in or frequent often.

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Edinburgh's Radical Independent Bookfair against the G8

18-05-2005 10:57

Opening the Bookfair, Thursday, 12th of May, 2005
The 9th Edinburgh Independent Radical Bookfair closed it doors on Sunday, 15th of May 2005, after four successfull days of book presentations, book and campaign stalls, discussions, readings, poetry and music.

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Buy your Tickets now for train to G8!

18-05-2005 10:39


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Big Oil & the World Bank et al: key meeting, LSE, Thursday May 19th

18-05-2005 10:11

*International Financial Institutions & Extractive Industries - Time for a Phase Out?*

New Theatre, London School of Economics
Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

*Thursday 19th May 2005 18:30 - 20:30*

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18-05-2005 03:40

"United for Safety 2005"

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Rough Music is online

18-05-2005 02:50

Rough Music 4
'Rough Music' - the free monthly(ish) rebel rousing, shit stirring news sheet for and about Brighton brings out a fourth issue, and goes online with a website.

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Religion exists to divide successful communities

18-05-2005 02:16

Religion is divisive worldwide. Here is a theory of how that may have evolved and why. And also, some suggestions as to part of what we can do about it.

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Sequani vivisection labs demo report

18-05-2005 00:33

Hate vivisection? Live in the Midlands? Want to get active against the animal testing industry?
Then visit: (Stop Sequani Animal Testing)
Here is just one report from a recent demo at the disgusting Sequani animal Testing Laboratoriess in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

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Gorgeous George upsets the Senate

18-05-2005 00:20

Accustomed only to hearing ‘positive’ pro-war sound-bites from the Administration, Americans were taken aback by George Galloway’s frank oratory. Facts are his defense in the face of monumental lies and his accusers expose themselves, while attempting to disgrace him.

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18-05-2005 00:00

Advance: 18 – 20th May 2005


Campaigners from Ghana, Nigeria, Georgia and Guatemala arrive in London this week to call on the UK Government to stop funding oil, gas and mining projects through development aid. The visit comes ahead of the crucial G8 meeting in July, when leaders will discuss issues of poverty and climate change.

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Galloway Full Testimony

17-05-2005 23:32

The following is a link to the full testamony of George Galloway to the House Unamerican Activities Committee today. Love him or loathe him, this is brilliant entertainment (requires Real Player).

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“Reporters without borders” serve US government intrests

17-05-2005 23:00

“Yes, this is correct, we receive money from NED and this isn't a problem for us”, admitted the boss of “Reporters without borders” Robert Ménard. But the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is not any organisation. It has been founded 1983 under the admistration of Reagan to enforce a politic which specifically aimed to destabilise Cuba and Sandinista Nicaragua.

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G8 Alternatives announce not to accept road blocks during G8 summit

17-05-2005 22:36

G8 Alternatives website, 17th of may, 2005, 23:18
As currently announced via the mainstream media, the planned G8 Alternatives demonstration against the G8 previously announced to take place on the 6th of july, from the meeting at 12 o' clock noon, passing via the front of Gleneagles hotel, in which the summit is held to the park in Auchterarder, got its permission denied by the authorities.
This coincides with the announcement of road closures during the G8 summit.
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