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UK Newswire Archive

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Terminator Patent granted in Europe

26-10-2005 10:16

Patent for sterile GM seed granted in Europe

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Doctors demonstrate Guantanamo torture technique at US Embassy.

26-10-2005 09:37

Firstly restrain prisoner.
On Tuesday some qualified doctors went to the US embassy is London to demonstrate the Guantanamo forced feeding technique which they believe to be 'medicalised torture'.

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Censorship under the Terrorism Bill

26-10-2005 06:29

Criticism and opposition to the Terrorism Bill has concentrated on the proposal to detain suspects for 90 days. The Bill also includes powerful powers of censorship.

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First Aid Training for Activists in Glasgow and London

26-10-2005 06:15

Would you know how to help someone if:
* They collapsed at a demo?
* They were hit by a police baton?
* They were suffering from the cold on a protest site?

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Ewa Jasiewicz talk in Glasgow’s Caledonian University on Iraq.

26-10-2005 01:41

This is a 920 word article about a talk given by freelance journalist and activist Ewa Jasiewicz at Glasgow's Caledonian University recently. 9 labelled photos and several relevant websites are attached.

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INDICTED! Cheney, Rove, Libby Out in Disgrace - War Scam Bared

26-10-2005 01:07

President Bush's Private-Eye
The long-awaited should arrive within hours. The Washington, DC, grand jury of US Attorney Fitzgerald will obtain indictments in the outing of CIA's Valerie Plame sometime this week, sources say, and one could be George Bush's closest advisor, Karl Rove.....In Alexandria, VA, the grand jury of Paul McNulty, investigating Israeli espionage against the US, has indicted a neocon Pentagon analyst and continues its work.....With these and other probable indictments, there will be trials that will EXPOSE FIXED INTELLIGENCE and ISRAELI MANIPULATION that pushed US into war.....Also, Italian officials promise to request in coming weeks the extradition of CIA man Bob Lady, a key figure in Imam Rapito and Downing Street Memos. See how these events are converging.

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Rolls Royce Blockade- Rainsway, Derby

25-10-2005 22:17

A weekend of activity against Rolls Royce in Derby started on Saturday, with a stall and protesters handing out leaflets to the general public with a surprisingly good reception from the Derby public.

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25-10-2005 20:53

a time sequence

Be at MATILDA For our usual Social Thursday and Join the Artists Celebrations

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repost of small version of SOCA arrest film from earlier

25-10-2005 19:37

after probs with picture on small quicktime version of this film, here is a 1.1Mb repost in mp4 format which hopefully should work
for report and other info see

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Poland: police raid on De Centrum squat

25-10-2005 19:17

view of DeCentrum squat
The DeCentrum squat in Białystok has been attacked by police.
Please watch Polish Indymedia and DeCentrum websites for
more info and please start telephone/fax/email pressure on
local authorities.

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Indymedia reporter on the ground in Iraq

25-10-2005 16:58

fantastic blog by Indymedia journalist on the ground in Iraq.

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Fasting in London against global corruptibility - Muhammad Haque Poetry

25-10-2005 16:35

I fast in London to uncover the lies
I fast in London to recover the ties
I fast in London so faith never dies
I fast in London so truth never dies
I fast in London for ethical life
I fast in London for an end to strife

I fast because I am part of
huge masses of selfless millions
across this world today
participating in action
against the aims the schemes of
those who trade in
global corruptibility

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List of MI6 Officers Worldwide 4

25-10-2005 16:03

13 October 2005. Thanks to A.

Bold names (29) are new, not listed among the 276 previously named:

See also: HM Diplomatic Service Overseas Reference List, August 2005

MI6's newly opened web site:

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Anarchist Bookfair 2005

25-10-2005 15:35

Lots of books, lots of activists, leaves falling off the trees. It's that time of year again, the Anarchist Bookfair.

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pics of this morning's arrests (see separate film thread)

25-10-2005 15:28

not the biggest of demos!!
two activists from 'justice not vengeance' were arrested opposite downing street this morning under the recent 'serious organised crime act' legislation which outlaws protest near government buildings around parliament square and whitehall

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The Rahimi Family must stay

25-10-2005 15:19

Alireza and Zohrieh Rahimi and their 6 year old son Navid are an Iranian family facing deportation back to Iran where they believe they face imprisonment, torture and the possibility of execution should they return. To sign the petition against their deportation, follow the link at

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film of SOCA arrest at whitehall protest this morning

25-10-2005 15:18

two activists from 'justice not vengeance' were arrested opposite downing street this morning under the recent 'serious organised crime act' legislation which outlaws protest near government buildings around parliament square and whitehall

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South Asian Alliance condemns violence against women

25-10-2005 14:27

This statement was distributed by the South Asian Alliance at Saturday's demonstration.

The South Asian Alliance is shocked by reports that a young 14 year Jamaican girl was allegedly gang raped by Asian youths in the Perry Bar area. This unconfirmed attack and the subsequent rumours that are going round have led to shops being closed, police being drafted into the area and increased tensions between African Caribbean and Asian Youths.

The South Asian Alliance calls on all sections of our community, both Asian and African Caribbean to come together and stop the situation from escalating and getting out of hand. We need to work together to establish the facts, at the same time we call on our youths to remain calm and exercise restraint.

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America's "War against Terror" (Part I)

25-10-2005 14:13

"Beginning an offensive war is the most serious international crime," the 1948 International War Crimes Tribunal declared.. The model of a peaceful world of law changes into a Hobbesian world of lawlessness in which only power conquers.
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