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UK Newswire Archive

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Climate activists glued to doors at airport : Pictures 1

17-06-2007 01:30

On the afternoon of Saturday 16th June, climate campaigners glued themselves to the doors of the short-haul East Midlands airport to draw attention to the environmental impacts of flying as part of a European day of action on short-haul flights called by pressure group Airport Watch.

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When Market Journalism Invades the World

16-06-2007 21:29

When one listens to the mass media, modernity is equated with free trade, strong currencies, deregulation, privatizations, communication and Europe. Outdated notions are associated with the welfare state, government in general, unions, the nation-state and the people.

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Iraq's cultural heritage in ruins

16-06-2007 19:59

Iraq's archaeological and artistic culture is in danger of being wiped out due to a lack of protection and targeted assassinations, a group of archaeologists and artists have told Al Jazeera.

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Chronicle of state violence at G8 2007

16-06-2007 19:42

This an approach of an incomplete reconstruction. Please help to verify the events due to place and time. We are happy for any feedback, comments or corrections! So, we cannot give any garanty for the correctness of the mentioned facts.

Sources: Camp AG, Streetmedics, Infopoints, Indymedia Ticker, lawyers, police, eye-witnesses, press, pressgroups, Linkspartei Bad Doberan, Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy, own reports etc.

Translation: Media G8way International Pressgroup

[Gipfelsoli Infogruppe]

Update: June 15th 2007
under permanent construction

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Labour’s deputy leader challengers present their tarnished wares

16-06-2007 18:03

With Gordon Brown anointed as British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s successor, after no one gained enough support to stand against him, the Labour Party deputy leadership race is being hailed as an arena for a battle over issues that matter to ordinary voters. This is being done in a desperate attempt by the Labour Party to posture as connected with the population at large.

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G8 2007 - Been there, done that. What next? discussion - Sun 24th June @ Rampart

16-06-2007 16:26


Sunday 24th June 2007

Discussion and social night

with repression update, and films and footage

discussion begins at 4pm

@ Rampart Social Centre

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IAEA Head: Iran Attack 'Act of Madness'

16-06-2007 15:07

Note that, even though this is an AP story, very few media outlets have picked up the story. Please forward it to any media contacts you might have.

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Document details 'US' plan to sink Hamas

16-06-2007 15:06

Some context that the MSM seems to have missed.

Hamas may have been motivated by the knowledge that Abbas and Fatah were unwitting partners in a US-Israeli plot. Sadly, however, now the shoe seems to have now been placed on the other foot.

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Climate activists glued to doors at airport

16-06-2007 13:37

Climate campaigners this afternoon glued themselves to the doors of the short-haul East Midlands airport to draw attention to the environmental impacts of flying as part of a European day of action on short-haul flights called by pressure group Airport Watch.

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US occupiers complicit in Sammara blast: Nothing new in this Imperial strategy

16-06-2007 13:24

"In a message on the recent bombing of the shrines of the two revered Shia Imams in the Iraqi town of Samarra, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei blamed the intelligence services of the Zionist regime and the occupation forces in Iraq for the bombing, saying such terrorist acts are meant to intensify sectarian violence in the Muslim world."

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Palestine: divide and conquer (by Latuff)

16-06-2007 13:09

Divide and conquer 1
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Fatah exacts revenge in West Bank

16-06-2007 12:50

Fatah fighters went on the rampage against Hamas targets in the West Bank on Saturday, stoking fears deadly factional violence could spread as the Islamists tightened their grip on power in the Gaza Strip.

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"News" NEWS shock. . . . at last, the BBC remembers "Provocations Are Possible"

16-06-2007 12:32

. . . . see the intriguing, wiser treatment of at least a couple of the recent pieces in the coverage of the latest attempts to whip bits of the middle east into a distraction from continuing arrests, revelations etc about the puppet neo"cons",in the states, with odd names of recent arrests, inquiries etc in the uk getting nearer to the sad facts at the back of a lot of "spooky" front tales. . . .minderbinder warbux "opinion influencers"spin into news despite media stooge"cult" bunch. gotcha. . . .

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SOCPA - THE MOVIE showing tomorrow

16-06-2007 12:18

socpa movie pics
after nearly two years of work, it's finally here. funny, shocking, thought-provoking, and hopefully inspirational by turns, it's a one-hour documentary with original music soundtrack covering the fight against the 'serious organise crime and police act 2005' that outlawed 'unauthorised' protest near parliament.

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CCTV cameras can now watch you in the toilet

16-06-2007 11:17

Unbelievably, at least three British pubs are using CCTV cameras in their loos - and the number is growing as a national chain has plans to install more cameras around the country.

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The Day After We Strike Iran. What Will We Do Then?

16-06-2007 10:53

Let us suppose that the Bush-Cheney administration answers the neocons’ prayer and does indeed bomb Iran sometime soon. The plan apparently involves more than the destruction of nuclear facilities, replicating Israel’s attack on Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981. (That attack, by the way was condemned by the whole world, including a furious President Ronald Reagan). It includes an all-out assault on the Iranian political and religious leadership. Government buildings and officials’ residences will be targeted, guaranteeing collateral damage.

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Ban products with a criminal flavour

16-06-2007 09:04

Produce from illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley (Anna Baltzer)
One of the reasons why Dutch consumers choose to buy organic products is the use of environmentally friendly cultivation methods. To protect consumers against improper use of the hallmark 'organic', the European Union published the Regulation on organic production of agricultural products and indications referring thereto on agricultural products and foodstuffs 1991.

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“Free Education for All” remains a pipedream under the policies of the ‘New ANC’

16-06-2007 02:46

This article argues that by adopting neo-liberal policies, like Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ Party the ‘New ANC’ has also sold out. And because of anti poor policies, on the 31st anniversary of the June 1976 ‘Soweto Uprising’, for poor working class kids, “The Doors of Learning” remain as shut as during apartheid.
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