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UK Newswire Archive

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BP AGM Protest: BP in Iraq = 'Blatant Piracy'

28-03-2008 14:14

BP is using war and occupation and fuelling sectarian conflict by trying to control Iraqi oil for the next 30 years. We need to stop them.

Whilst not the only oil company angling for long-term contracts in Iraq, Shell is too and we will target their AGM too, BP is wholly British and enmeshed with the British occupation effort and establishement.

Thats the Bad News - the Good News is that they havent got their hands on Iraqi oil yet and there is space to stop them....

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Demo outside Home Office In Leeds

28-03-2008 12:57

A Demonstration calling for an end to detention and deportations was held outside the Home Office immigration reporting centre at Waterside Court in Leeds yesterday.

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West Midlands Pensioners Convention

28-03-2008 12:34

Help stop devaluation of YOUR state pension! Join in our state pension demonstration and rally.
Saturday 29 March, Birmingham.
Demonstration Assembly point: Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre 1:00pm and march to Carrs Lane Church Centre.
Rally: Carrs Lane Church Centre, 2:00 - 4:00pm
Programme: Clarion Choir (1Ž4 hr)
History of State Pension: David Kippest (Unison)
Women & State Pension: Vera Kelsey (CWU)
Banner Theatre (1Ž2hr live show)

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Interview With Nottingham Activist On Return From Whale Saving Mission

28-03-2008 12:21


A Nottingham resident who joined the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as part of their crew on the vessel Steve Irwin has returned home. Dan, who has volunteered with Sea Shepherd previously, rejoined in the middle of this year's anti-whaling mission against the continued Japanese whale hunting activities in the Southern Ocean. Named Operation Migaloo, after the only known albino humpback in the world, this was Sea Shepherd's fourth expedition to the remote southern waters off the coast of Antarctica and has been typically eventful.

In January, two Sea Shepherd volunteers were taken hostage by Japanese whalers. Then in March, several of the crew were injured when the Japanese military threw grenades onto the ship and opened fire on them. The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin covered a total of 20,090 nautical miles (37,205 kilometers) during Opertaion Migaloo and made 3 return trips from Melbourne, Australia to the coast of Antarctica in 3½ months. In total, the ship was at sea for 83 days between December 5, 2007 and March 15, 2008. It is estimated that due to continued harrasment by the Sea Shepherd, the Japanese have not managed to get even half their whale quota this hunting season.

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Benefit gig for CIPO-RFM prisoners in Oaxaca, Mexico.

28-03-2008 11:24

Feel free to download and distribute....
CIPO-RFM are a pressure group campaining for the rights of indiginous people in Oaxaca which is Mexicos poorest state. They were part of the APPO uprising in 2006 and have a long history of struggle against the corrupt Mexican political establishment. For a basic intro (In English) about who they are see this page:

Indymedia coverage here:

As a result of their work many of their activists are in prison on false and trumped up charges. Nowhere is the state repression of CIPO-RFM more acutely felt than in the remote village of San Isidro Aloapam where men and women have been murdered by paramilitaries supporting an American logging company who are trying to cut down their local forest. Other villagers have been detained and imprisoned by corrupt Police supporting the local establishment. At the the end of last year two London based IMC UK volunteers visited San Isidro to report on the situation. After many months of translating our findings from both Spanish and Zapatec we will shortly be publishing our material on this newswire. WATCH THIS SPACE....

In the meantime there will be a benefit gig for CIPO-RFM prisoners in London on April 16th. Details below. See you there.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 28th March 2008

28-03-2008 09:41

Another Three Family's Here to Stay

Over recent years NCADC website has published many campaigns. I just want to update you on the news of some families who managed to succeed to stay in UK and fight their corner to be rewarded with their right to work and settle here.

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Boycott War Criminals USA & Israel

28-03-2008 05:51

The Geneva Conventions: the core of international humanitarian law
The Geneva Conventions and their Protocols are international treaties that contain the most important rules limiting the barbarity of war. They protect people who do not take part in the fighting (civilians, medics, aid workers) and those who can no longer fight (wounded, sick and shipwrecked troops, prisoners of war). Links to selected resources.

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Women Busker Survey

28-03-2008 05:07

I am documenting the History of Women Buskers and it is *really* difficult since practically nothing has been written down about this topic. I am doing research, reading books, looking through archives, talking to people, just trying to find leads as to where our own history is buried. I have been a busker for 28 years so I know some of our haunts and ways but I am looking for more info..

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Gaza: Oxfam Has the Answer

28-03-2008 01:30

It is unconscionable that Western Governments allow this to continue.

It is a betrayal of everything we've been taught to believe in.

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Israel Defies Law With Illegal Settlements

28-03-2008 01:29

For more on the Playbook used to write this one-sided report:

How to Become an Israeli Journalist

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Reminder about Zimbabwe event (Fri 28th) & demo (Sat 29th) this weekend in Nottm

28-03-2008 01:00

1. 'A NIGHT FOR ZIMBABWE' at Nottingham's Sumac Centre on Friday 28th March! Starts 6.30pm. Food, info, music.

2. DEMONSTRATION on Saturday 29th March at Speaker's Corner in the Market Square, Nottingham, at 2.00pm. All welcome.

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Terminal 5 Flashmob Photos

28-03-2008 00:19

The flashmob at terminal 5 today was a roaring success, here are some photos I took. (All are copyright, but email me if you'd like to use them for something.)

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Emergency London Protests In Support Of Mumia

27-03-2008 23:43

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an innocent man!
Free Mumia immediately!
Abolish the racist death penalty!
All Out for Mumia!

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NO2ID Informal Meeting, Liverpool, Friday 28th March

27-03-2008 22:41

NO2ID Logo
A number of North-West NO2ID supporters will be meeting on Friday evening at Liverpool Lime Street station for drinks, chat and planning. National co-ordinator Phil Booth will be there, along with Liverpool co-ordinator Kev Beaumont and Manchester co-ordinator Dave Page.

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On The Verge Tour - Police Harassment Backfires ;-)

27-03-2008 22:26

Members of smashEDO are sure someone is co-ordinating a campaign against the film. Andrew Trivett says: "At first we thought it was just Sussex police being spiteful. But it has become clear that there is an organised effort to stop people seeing it." Sussex police deny involvement in a campaign. A spokesman says: "To confirm, we haven't sent a circular to other police forces."

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Emergency protest TODAY for Mumia Abu-Jamal!

27-03-2008 22:09

URGENT! Emergency protest TODAY at the US Embassy!
All out for the emergency protest!

5pm Friday 28 March 2008
US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, W1 (Nearest Tube: Bond Street)


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Press Release: (TSX:GBU) Dead and Buried: Gabriel's EIA

27-03-2008 21:15

(Canadian mining company wishes to destroy 1800 years old town Rosia Montana to open a cyanide open-pit gold mine. Government is complicit.)

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Repost of a report of protests outside Chiapas State Government HQ

27-03-2008 21:01

English/Spanish Translation report of hunger strike and police reaction in Chiapas by an eye witness Gabriela.

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T5 a complete shambles, but Flashmob a success.

27-03-2008 20:46

Heathrow's Terminal 5 opened today with a great fanfair. By mid afternoon the much vaunted, computerised, luggage system was shut down and dozens of flights cancelled.

However the 11am Flashmob went ahead without a hitch.

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Mumia Wont Die, Yet!

27-03-2008 20:40

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