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UK Newswire Archive

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How Anti-Iran Policy Contributed to War in the Caucasus

16-08-2008 01:26

Since the attacks by Georgia which sparked the fighting (which, alone, suggests Georgia had been promised the support of a larger power) took place on the day that the last two US carrier groups started for the Strait of Hormuz, it would appear that one motive (besides the pipelines from the Caspian which rival the new ones the US built in Afghanistan) appears to be tying up and/or demonizing Russia, in order to minimize its response to US/Israeli Aggression towards Iran.

The following article from the Jerusalem Post appears to support this, as does the US/Israeli line seen today, as well as the willingness of the bulk of the Western press to so horribly misrepresent this conflict.

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Manchester Pride Launch Interrupted by Protesters

16-08-2008 01:12

Lord Mayor Prepare to Launch Pride 18th Birthday Balloons.. public not invited
Young Activists Ejected from Lord Mayor's Reception - Council Balloon Launch Ambushed in Surprise “Birthday” Message - Around half a dozen young gay activists gave Manchester Pride an unexpected surprise this evening when they surrounded the imminent balloon launch set to mark the event's 18th anniversary. City wide LGBT event faces tension within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

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"Shot" reporter "from Georgia" may be from United States

16-08-2008 00:24

An expose of the video the Daily Mail's Sam Greenhill has been promoting as part of his warmongering efforts that supposedly shows a female Georgian reporter named Tamara Urushadze getting shot.

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Abundance Manchester fruit picking to start soon!

15-08-2008 22:44

Abundance Manchester is a new project to pick fruit from gardens and public places and distribute it with bike trailers to groups who need it. These will include The Destitution Project, which provides food to destitute asylum seekers, The Mustard Tree, which distributes food to homeless people, a healthy eating group for mothers with young children and a homeless hostel for young people.

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Now this guy is onto something .....

15-08-2008 22:43

M25 protest causes huge tailbacks.....

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War of words over Georgia (by Latuff)

15-08-2008 20:52

Bush, Putin, war of words over Georgia
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Pheasant shoot sabotaged & attemped arson at Burger King

15-08-2008 19:21


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Cameron ambushed

15-08-2008 19:21

Cameron visited the Wirral yesterdayfor a Q&A session and "faced a dozen protesters opposing (hunting) reintroduction on the way in, and one fierce questioner on the issue within the hall." - Liverpool Daily Post

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Rossport update

15-08-2008 18:40

update on recent events in rossport, county mayo

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Britain's Racist Police

15-08-2008 16:34

Making communities safer since...
While the BNP's notorious Red, White & Blue bash is this weekend set to benefit from the protection of hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of policing, a simultaneous event promoting racial unity in Derby has been cancelled - due to direct pressure from the Police.

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This Week in Palestine week 33 2008

15-08-2008 16:04

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for August 9th, through August, 15th, 2008.

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Caesar’s-Messiah’s Vicar Calls for Peace (Again) in Georgia?

15-08-2008 15:32

Caesar’s-Messiah’s Vicar Calls for Peace (Again) in Georgia?

Seamus Breathnach 15/08/2008 06:51

Unfortunately, the Pope and his enormous empire is quite capable of suing the whole world. Through Opus Dei, he already owns most of the Supreme Courts and , in some countries, he even has a Special Place drafted into their Constitution. This was so for the Republic of Ireland and East Timor; and , if you looked closely enough at a couple of dozen other Catholic countries , you would find the same anti-secular bias, even when such countries brag about 'every citizen being equal before the law'. Catholicism makes tin-pot dictatorships out of the most well-meaning countries. One has only to mention Spain, Portugal and Austria to see what they did to these countries in the past, or to Spain, Italy or Germany before , during and after WW11. The personality of the Christian, when you have taken away the Janus-mask of White Pope (who does the PR from the Vatican) and the Black Pope , who does the biz abroad, is one of deception, forgery, incalculable violence and aggression ,not just to women and children in 'State-run Catholic schools', but in the broadest theaters of universal civil and international war.

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More pics from the Orange March plus the not so fluffy police

15-08-2008 14:55

Pics include the police charging into the kid filled crowd with horses and batons to arrest a guy (later released) for breaking the plastic police tape around the marchers!

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Militant anti-racist attacks in Germany - 13th-15th August

15-08-2008 14:43

Hamburg: Several militant anti-racist attacks before the anti-racist camp
Hamburg: Several militant anti-racist attacks before the anti-racist camp
Cyberspace: Website of speculator and right-wing organisations Hacked
Cologne: Stones and colour against the racists of "Pro-Köln"

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Self-Harm in Immigration Detention 2nd Quarter 2008 April/May/June

15-08-2008 14:39

Self-Harm in Immigration Detention 2nd Quarter 2008 April/May/June
There were 61 incidents of 'Self-Harm requiring medical treatment' in April/May/June 2008 an increase of 27% on previous quarter Jan/Feb/Mar 2008, 48 incidents.

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AMW slams Israeli inaction over Reuters death, & British media silence

15-08-2008 13:34

Fadel Shana
Arab Media Watch condemns the Israeli military's decision to take no action against a tank crew that killed Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana and wounded soundman Wafa Abu Mizyed in Gaza in April 2008. AMW joins the International Federation of Journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists and other media watchdogs in calling for a full, independent inquiry.

AMW expresses concern that the investigation's decision has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream British press, the sole exception being Guardian correspondent Rory McCarthy. This is surprising given its life-threatening implications for all journalists reporting from the occupied Palestinian territories.

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Protest against monkey export in Belgium

15-08-2008 12:34

Once again on the doorstep of the Belgian embassy of the island of Mauritius, in solidarity with Shac prisoner Dan Amos

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A Mexican-wave style collapse of bullfight stadium!

15-08-2008 12:20

SchNews 641 : Over eighty blood-thirsty maniacs got all the blood they could wish for in Columbia recently. Unfortunately for them, it was their own.

Bull-fighting fanatics got a taste of their own medicine when their seating gave way at the local bullring in the town of Planadas.

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Solidarity with Workers in Iran

15-08-2008 11:52

On May Day this year in Iran, two brave women - Sousan Razani and
Shiva Kheirabadi - participated in open celebrations of the
international workers' holiday.

The regime considers this to be a crime and the women were arrested.

They have just been sentenced to 15 lashes apiece, as well as four
months in prison.
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