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UK Newswire Archive

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Cameroon Support Network (CSN) AGM and Anti-Deportation Workshop

19-09-2008 08:15

No More Deportations to Cameroon or anywhere else
Saturday 27th September 2008
Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: 86 Durham Road
London N7 7DT
5 minutes walk from Finsbury Park Tube

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Venezuela Says U.S. Uses Anti-Drug List as “Weapon of Domination”

19-09-2008 07:41

Venezuelan government officials rejected the U.S. government's renewed placement of Venezuela and the addition of Bolivia to a list of principal countries where illegal drugs are transported or produced, calling it a political maneuver meant to weaken the Venezuelan and Bolivian governments at a time when both are confronting potential coup d'états waged by domestic opposition groups.

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Fight the Wall Street addiction fraud and "rescue" trap! Time for real socialist change

19-09-2008 05:25

The new Paulsen-Bernanke package to “rescue” Wall Street will only puff the speculative bubble and trap the working people’s money in it. It hopes to keep the addiction, greed and gluttony for speculative profits going. It’s time to beat down Wall Street capitalism! Time to put working people’s welfare first! Time for real, socialist change.

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UK Asylum system condemned by Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner

19-09-2008 05:09

"Improvements must be introduced to strengthen effective respect for the rights of asylum-seekers and immigrants in the United Kingdom.

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HRW goes on rampage against Venezuela...again

19-09-2008 02:25

Human Rights(sic) Watch does it again...prove its an arm of the US govt, with its latest risible attack on the Venezuela govt and people.
People may like to right to this stupid organisation and point out their ties to the US govt and NED make them very unreliable comentators on Latin America.

eg: '"Discrimination on political grounds has been a defining feature of the Chávez presidency, [as] has been an open disregard for the principle of separation of powers," it said.'

No Discrimination by the old elite, US govt and HRW against Chavez are what are blatant.

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Solidarity with Babi Badalov in Cardiff

18-09-2008 22:30

Short video of the solidarity demonstration that took place in response to the detention of our friend Babi in Cardiff's Borders Agency offices.

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Bolivia and the Echoes of Allende: Morales Confronts the Insurrection

18-09-2008 21:52

On September 11, 1973, the Chilean military staged a coup against president Salvador Allende. Like Allende, Bolivia's president Evo Morales is currently facing a powerful economic and political elite aligned with the United States that is bent on reversing the limited reforms he has been able to implement during his nearly three years in power.

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Microsoft Halts Intelligence Website

18-09-2008 21:15

Microsoft Halts Intelligence Website
Microsoft recently halted one of its publicly hosted controversial private intelligence websites after 10-years designed to fight online what later amounted to clandestine undercover frauds targeting wealthy global investors. A Microsoft intelligence entailing and entrailing the old spy versus spy game.

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Biofuels: The ignored principle of caution

18-09-2008 20:25

A road runs through the Amazon jungle, in the Brazilian state of Ceara. - HEMIS
The agrofuels boom arises starting from the energy necessities and reduction of consumption of petroleum in the European countries and in the United states mainly, that have found in the Latin American countries the ideal conditions to produce them, a pantry to which one can go so that they can continue maintaining its overwhelming consumption rhythm, what could be not too bad for Latin America if we strictly obey the principle of caution.

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From Ladbroke Grove to Guantánamo Bay: Iftar in solidarity with Binyam Mohamed

18-09-2008 18:55

Binyam, the last Londoner in Guantanamo Bay, lived in west London for over seven years and worked at the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre. After six and a half years of illegal detention, torture and extraordinary rendition, Binyam should be observing Ramadan in Lonon with his local community and friends. We invite you to join us for a shared meal and reflect on his plight. This event is open to EVERYONE.

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Iraqi Kurds deported to Northern Iraq

18-09-2008 17:38

Iraqi Charter flight landed in Erbil 02:00hrs this morning.

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Dikili Noborder Camp is Over

18-09-2008 17:30

The first noborder camp in Turkey which started on the3rd of September has ended up with future plans and with the created network of solidarity.

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Solitaire leaving Irish waters....coming to a port near you?

18-09-2008 17:19

Today, on day 10 of Maura Harrington's hunger strike, Shell finally issued a press release confirming that the Solitaire is leaving Irish waters this afternoon, heading to a UK port. Help needed to keep mounting pressure to get the vessel to permenantly stop its operation to lay the gas pipe line in Rossport.

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Palestine Today 091808

18-09-2008 17:09

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Thursday September 18, 2008.

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Mass 11.10 Walkabout?

18-09-2008 17:05

Call to mass action Saturday 11th October against the surveillance state in
solidarity with activists all around the world.

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They want to deport Babi Badalov on Saturday...

18-09-2008 16:38

All the up to the minute info on Babi's situation will appear on as soon as we have it.

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RT Climate Action News Sheet - 83

18-09-2008 16:17

Compiled and sent out by Rising Tide UK:
To receive this News Sheet monthly, email with the subject line 'subscribe' (without the quotes).

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In Support of CUBA

18-09-2008 15:47

We are sending an appeal to artists and intellectuals around the world to demand an immediate end to the criminal US blockade and to promote solidarity and support of our country.

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Beginning of the Inquest into the Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, 22 Sept

18-09-2008 15:09

The coroner's inquest into the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes will begin on 22nd September.
Proceedings will be held from Monday to Thursday every week, between 9.45am and 4.30pm at The Oval cricket ground (Kennington). Come on the first day at 9am and show your support to the family.

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AV Tour of Herefordshire

18-09-2008 14:13

Wednesday, 17th September

Campaigners today visited firms in Herefordshire who deal in the disgusting vivisection industry.
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