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UK Newswire Archive

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Oppostion to Telford opencast mine plans continue...

06-03-2010 11:44

Banner drops
CAMPAIGNERS AGAINST UK COALS HUNTINGTON LANE SURFACE MINE were out on the bridges of Telford this morning, equipped with a large banner broadcasting their message of 'No New Coal'. The opencast coal site near New Works in Telford is due to commence operations in the near future.

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Russell Tribunal Palestine

06-03-2010 11:15

Russell Tribunal on Palestina, Barcelona
The recent war waged by the Israeli government and the Israeli army on the Gaza strip, already under a blockade, underlines the particular responsibility of the United States and of the European Union in the perpetuation of the injustice done to the Palestinian people, deprived of its fundamental rights. It is important to mobilize the international public opinion so that the United Nations and Member States adopt the necessary measures to end the impunity of the Israeli State, and to reach a just and durable solution to this conflict.

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British Politics controlled by the Committee of 300/John Adam Street Gang

06-03-2010 10:43

The British Crown, controlling the John Adam Street Gang/Committee of 300, each of the major political parties, Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems as well as UKIP. They do this via various institutions in the John Adam Street Gang; this includes ARK Academies and the London School of Economics.

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Photos from clashes in Greece 5.3.2010

06-03-2010 10:03

Clashes in Athens, Greece during protest against the new economic measures taken by the "socialist" government (5.3.2010).

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Graffiti in support of green wedge in Somerset

06-03-2010 00:11

THE fight against hundreds of new homes on a green swathe in Taunton has turned nasty. A group calling itself The Green Wedgers has claimed responsibility for graffiti around the town centre.

Other campaigners opposing up to 750 homes earmarked for the area in the Draft Core Strategy have distanced themselves from the militants. After large ‘Save Vivary Wedge’ graffiti appeared on walls in Bath Place and High Street, the County Gazette received an e-mail from The Green Wedgers.

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Leeds market is STILL selling neo-nazi celtic cross flags.

05-03-2010 23:45

white celtic cross
yes, Leeds market is STILL selling neo-nazi celtic cross flags.
The stall has even started displaying the more iconic red celtic cross.

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Riots in Athens..

05-03-2010 23:37

syndagma sqr. 5-2-2010
Riots in Athens .. during big demonstration against the economic measures announced by tthe Papandreou goverment.

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EDL: Carrying on Pissing.

05-03-2010 22:10

EDL members piss on our english heritage
The EDL march on Parliament once again highlighted the weakness of the enemies bladder!
EDL: Taking the piss? If muslims did this....

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Sea Shepherd: It All Pays Off..

05-03-2010 22:07

Southern Ocean, February 2010

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Shock Horror! Tory Party Discovered to be Right Wing

05-03-2010 21:24

Expose about to come out in The Guardian revealing the dark right-wing heart of the Tories.

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Letter from editors of 6 Iranian news agencies to their Western counterparts

05-03-2010 21:12

The Times' front page on the eve of June 2009 presidential elections in Iran
Chief-editors of six news websites in Iran composed an open letter to some American and European news agencies (newspapers and websites) and criticised their way of covering Iran’s news in the aftermath of the 2009 June election and objected to the unprofessional behaviour of these media outlets in escalating the tension and chaos in Iran and distorting the news about Iran.

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Across the Big Blue Students March Fourth.

05-03-2010 20:30

Why is it that neoliberal banks and corporations are bailed out while students are squeezed of every last penny by predatory student loans amidst this current financial feeding frenzy?

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Changes at Pogo Cafe

05-03-2010 19:09

An update on the changes which have been happening within the Pogo Cafe co-operative over the last few days. Pogo is a vegan, anarchist social centre, based in Hackney, London.

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Mitziton: community in Chiapas resisting the government road

05-03-2010 19:01

The increasing use of paramilitary groups in Chiapas, often disguised as evangelical organisations, as instruments of counterinsurgency, to repress, intimidate, torture, threaten, injure and attack social movements, especially those connected in any way with the Zapatistas

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EDL/UAF London 5th March 2010 - disinformation and what actually happened

05-03-2010 18:47

UAF continually created disinfo about this demonstration. why?

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Kudos Pharmaceuticals to Close Down! Solidarity with ex-workers!

05-03-2010 18:16

Kudos Pharmaceuticals - campaigners and ex-staff unite!

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The Kray twins in Parliament Square.

05-03-2010 17:25

"We were fucking untouchable"
In what must be the prime site in the UK, outside the British Parliament building, under the bell of Westminster clock-tower, now sits a stencil of infamous crime syndicate twosome, Ronald and Reginald Kray...aka The Kray Twins.

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Lance Corporal Joe Glenton jailed for 9 months

05-03-2010 16:39

On the same day that Gordon Brown -- whose war polices have killed thousands -- insisted that the illegal Iraq war was the "right" thing to do, Lance Corporal Joe Glenton was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for refusing to return to Afghanistan to fight a war he believed to be unjustified and a sensless loss of life for Afghans and Iraqis alike.
By Peter Walker
5 March 2010

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UPDATE: Peter Tierney’s court date moved – protest still on

05-03-2010 15:59

Liverpool Antifascists have learned that, perhaps in a bid to deter protests, Peter Tierney’s trial for assault at the Crown Court has been moved from Monday march 15th to Wednesday March 17th. With the express aim of highlighting the violence used by even high-profile members of the British National Party, we will still be picketing this event.
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