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UK Newswire Archive

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IARD Demonstration at London Primate Lab - Sat 11th Dec.

02-12-2010 20:50

Alice: Innocent victim of the Institute of Neurology
International Animal Rights Day protest at London's secret primate laboratory

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UEL Students in Occupation Get Creative

02-12-2010 18:07

End of the first week of occupation at University of East London and still going strong

Talks, teach-ins and guitar lessons every day. Everyone welcome

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Monday: London Protest Against 'Bloodsports Banker' Lord Ashton

02-12-2010 18:00

Lord Henry Ashton of Hyde is a regular financial contributor to bloodsports, allows hunts to go on his land and rides with the Heythrop Hunt in Gloucestershire, as have generations of his family. Henry has also, in recent weeks, acted in a violent manner and held hunt monitors and saboteurs on his land.

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National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts

02-12-2010 17:43

Take action now to defend the Welfare State on the 15th of December 2010. We will not pay for their crisis.

The National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts aims to begin by focusing on the Housing Benefit cuts so why not organise a sit in, protest or demonstration in your local Civic Centre or Town Hall.

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Palestine Today 12 02 2010

02-12-2010 16:50

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, December 2nd 2010.

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Cops red-faced in Bologna: A new tactic?!!

02-12-2010 15:52

It is just the beginning! - students against cuts, riot in Italy - November 30th

These days the crisis of the Italian government, that is living an agony since the last two months, was spread over the country: students’ protests, occupations everywhere are unfolding the political crisis. We are facing a multiplication of its dimensions, of its temporalities.

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Nottingham Occupation Under Threat!

02-12-2010 15:48

Nottingham University occupation threatened with eviction by university security at 4pm. All supporters being asked to rally inside and outside the Great Hall before then. Get down there now!

More details on the occupation site:

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Greek police clash with students at British solidarity demo

02-12-2010 15:39

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek police fired teargas on Thursday in clashes with protesting university students and at least three demonstrators were injured, Reuters witnesses said.

Over 1,000 students tried to break through a police cordon to march to the British embassy in Athens, in solidarity with British students who oppose plans to increase tuition fees, and against austerity and education reforms in Greece.

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Sat 04/12 - 11am - Fight Corporate Tax Dodgers at Wood Green Shopping City

02-12-2010 15:16

Protest at Wood Green Shopping City, Haringey, against Corporate Tax Dodgers.

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Hamleys Cancel Penguin Promotion - Victory

02-12-2010 15:01

Following the formation of Greater London Action for Animals (GLAA) we announced that our first protest action would be outside Hamleys in London, due to their use of penguins as part of an in-store promotion.

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UK - War Criminals R US

02-12-2010 14:45

Campaigners warned that Britain will be made a "safe haven for war criminals" by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill which was launched in Parliament today.

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‘The Occupation is a Serious Matter’

02-12-2010 14:23

Tuesday 30th November witnessed the second national day of action against education cuts. In Leeds, there was a march of around 500 to the city centre and back, followed by the flash occupation of the Ziff administrative building. The flash occupation brought to the fore tensions over the ‘control’ of the unfolding politics; Who gets to make decisions? Who is subject to these decisions? Who is accountable to who?


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Students Against Cuts

02-12-2010 14:22

Stop ALL cuts.

Stop the education cuts

Tax the rich (like billionaire tax avoider and govt 'spending adviser' Philip Green)

The student occupations at Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cambridge and UCL universities, and the Royal Holloway Against Cuts group have all voted to call for a day of local demonstrations across the UK against cuts in education.

The decision was taken to hold this third national day of action on a SUNDAY so that parents, younger students, trade unionists and other supporters of the campaign who aren't able to join us on the walkouts can take part.

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the student revolts - reflections on leeds university occupation.

02-12-2010 13:43

the current occupation at leeds university has recently 'voted to ban autonomous actions'. questions on the SWP and the left controlling free spaces.

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Lewisham: Town hall riot?

02-12-2010 12:48

Inside the Town Hall
Monday 29 November was a turning point for the anti-cuts movement on two counts: Firstly, local students - who have recently been an inspiration to us all fighting the cuts - joined a local anti-cuts demo which was not about tuition fees, EMA or education cuts.

Secondly, the militant nature of the demo meant that it was the first time the riot police were called to defend a town hall meeting that was about to vote to implement Tory cuts. It was our own Millbank Tower moment, and it almost worked.

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Big Gathering already in and around Hyde Park - Demo 3pm

02-12-2010 12:39

European Tamils who travelled to the now cancelled event that was going to arrest President Rajapakse of Sri Lanka are already converging on Hyde Park.
Permission has been granted for the demo today at 3pm.

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NEW DATE Introductions to Kebele and facilitation skills

02-12-2010 12:22

Hello all. Please pass this on to members, friends and comrades.
As part of ongoing skills and info sharing at Kebele, on Sunday December 12th (sorry not saturday) we are offering:
Introductions to Kebele infoshare. 2.30-4pm.
This session aims to give practical, useful info about the workings of Kebele; our history, ideas and principles, how decisions are made, how to host cafes, how to get more involved etc... It is intended mainly for people new to Kebele, but old hands may learn a thing or two as well! Please spread the word.

Introduction to facilitation skills for meetings. 4.30-6pm. All Welcome
We've all been there: shit meetings that go round in endless circles / are dominated by a few voices / end up in chaos and scraps / suck the life out of us all etc etc. Meetings don't have to be a nightmare! Good facilitation skills are essential for organised and energised meetings which will keep people involved.
This is a skillshare which is geared to increasing people's confidence to facilitate meetings that are based on consensus decision making. We believe well facilitated meetings promote horizontal organising and egalitarian principles as well as making for more focussed, effective and fulfilling meetings as a whole.

We would like to continue to offer consensus and facilitation skillshares to activist groups beyond Kebele, so if you or any friends are involved with any groups in Bristol who may be interested, contact to arrange it.
Related Link:

For good resources and trainings in consensus and facilitation see

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Miliband and London Tamil Protests of 2009 - WikiLeak

02-12-2010 11:48

Amidst the various activity the WikiLeak cable of a US embassy communication 09LONDON1082 2009-05-07 14:02 2010-12-01 23:11 CONFIDENTIAL//NOFORN Embassy London
should not be missed

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Antifascist Films this Saturday at Bradford 1 in 12 Club

02-12-2010 10:17

This Saturday 4th December, 12 Noon - 10.00pm

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Boycott Amazon dot com

02-12-2010 10:01

The US struck its first blow against WikiLeaks after pulled the plug on hosting the whistleblowing website in reaction to heavy political pressure. Time to hit back, especially now at the "holiday season".
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