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UK Newswire Archive

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Cambridge occupation latest: soup wars and proctor mumble

26-01-2009 15:52

Today was the first day of lectures, that had to co-exist with the occupation at the Cambridge law Faculty. A couple of notable events included an ultimatum to vacate from the university, the Great Soup Battle, and the the meek attempt to intimidate the occupiers by requesting them to give their names individually.

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Activists take action “In Defence of Ancient Forests”

26-01-2009 14:55

Early this morning 15 activist under the banner of “In Defence of Ancient Forests” gathered outside the Australian High Commission, Australia House in London to protest the logging of old growth trees in Tasmania.

Banners hung from trees read “End Old Growth Logging Now” and “Save Tasy Rainforests”

There where unnecessary amounts of police in the area but no arrests.

A copy of the World Heritage Crisis Report detailing logging in Tasmania has been handed to the Environment Minister.

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London Demo for a Secular Europe! No Vatican!

26-01-2009 14:53

14 FEB MEET @ 2 PM outside the Natural History Musem
March to the Italian Embassy in Grosvenor Square

This demo will be in solidarity with the demonstration happening at the same time in Rome against the Vatican and its intervention in Italian, European and world-wide politics.

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Hunger striker to take protest to Prime Minister's door - come and support

26-01-2009 13:55

Maria on the 6th day of her hunger strike
Come and Support! Maria has been on hunger strike for 2 weeks.

Meet from 8am in Parliament Square (next to hunger strike banner)

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South Shields Gaza Demo confronts Hutton & Miliband

26-01-2009 13:46

South Shields
Minister met by anti-war protesters
24 January 2009

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E.On Ref Off!

26-01-2009 12:59

Every fan counts...
Disrupting E.ON's image at the Chelsea vs Ipswich football match.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 26th January 2009

26-01-2009 12:38

Constant Moussavou, Still Here, Campaign fights on

"Constant said that a High Court injunction against the deportation order has been successful but he will still continue to be detained. It appears that the earlier legal ruling to disregard the new evidence and to not await the authentication of the documents (due to be received on Mon 26th Jan 09) provided on Constant’s behalf has been reversed.

He’d like to thank everybody for their support and expressed the need for your continued help and support in ensuring he’s able to resume his life and work in Leicester."

A special thank you also to Sir Peter Soulsby (MP), NCADC/supporters and to Canon Barry Naylor and colleagues for their continued support and interventions on Constant’s behalf.

Priya Thamotheram for the campaign /

Background: Sanctuary for Constant Moussavou

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Support The EDO Decommisioners

26-01-2009 12:31

Campaigners Decommision In The Attempt To Stop Supply Of Weapon Systems To War Criminals Israel

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wrexham , kids supermarket sweep, baby says no to israel produce

26-01-2009 12:22

this is no good dad,its johson & johnson
a boycott of johson & johnson baby produce.
baby says no to israel produce

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Names and Photos of Israeli War Criminals in Gaza

26-01-2009 11:50

I have decided to publish some names and photos of the Israeli military personnel who participated in the so-called "Operation Cast Lead". I consider each person who took part in this IOF and each one whose name appears in this report as a war criminal who should be requested by an international court of justice.

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We Are An Image From The Future -We won't pay for their crisis!-

26-01-2009 11:24

An afternoon of talks, discussions and ideas, with speakers from Greece, Italy and Iceland.

Saturday 28 February - The Common Place
3.30pm–7pm - followed by Greek food and a benefit gig

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Second attempt to remove Elsa and Bethlehem

26-01-2009 08:54

Elsa and Bethlehem
Friends want them to Stay in Leeds, where they belong

Elsa Temesgen Imbaye and her 11 year old daughter, Bethlehem are currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow Tuesday, 27th January 2009 on BMI flight BD913 from Heathrow @ 14:15 to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

They were dawn raided for the second time, in the early hours of Friday 23rd January 2009

As you probably know, a previous attempt to deport them to Ethiopia in October last year failed and Elsa and Betty were able to return to Leeds.

Elsa arrived in the UK with her daughter in December 2004 and has been living in Leeds ever since.

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Cornwall Arms Factory Disrupted

26-01-2009 07:27

Anti-arms acticvists do it again!

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Latest news and comment from the Cambridge Occupied Law School

26-01-2009 02:39

I just spent the last 6 hours at the Law School occupation in Cambridge – this is the last report from Sunday evening / Monday early morning. It seems the university has issued an ultimatum for students to clear the school by Sunday midnight, which still has to happen, as people are slowly drifting to sleep in the lecture theatres. It seems they otherwise have refused to continue negotiations which has not allowed for any progress on the demands or people to go home. The music night planned was delayed by a talk from students of Sussex University that is still under occupation, as well as a last plenary for the evening.

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Maoist Leadership in Nepal Bans Strikes

26-01-2009 01:19

As a strike wave sweeps the country, the Maoist leadership agrees to banning strikes.

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Press Release #1: IMC Server Seized by UK Police

26-01-2009 00:10

Indymedia targeted

Press Release #1 on the seizure of an Indymedia server in Manchester, issued on 26.01.2009 by the IMC UK Press Group for immediate release.

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Manchester's MPs Must Oppose Government Data-Sharing Powers

25-01-2009 23:43

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Local campaign group NO2ID are calling upon Manchester's MPs to oppose radical data sharing powers, to be debated in Parliament on Monday as part of the Coroners and Justice Bill.

These would allow Government ministers to take any private information about Manchester's residents, collected by any organisation for any purpose, and share it with anybody of their choosing, with no debate in Parliament. For example, the Minister for Health could access Tesco's club card database and see who's buying more wine than average.

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BBC Leeds Gaza Appeal Protest this Wednesday

25-01-2009 22:56

In response to the BBC's hugely biased decision not to air the Emergency Appeal for Gaza, the following protest will take place on Wednesday. Tell your friends. Bring things to wave and make noise with.

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Photos and short report from Gaza / bbc march

25-01-2009 22:21

Demonstration marches on down Great Portland St
Demonstrators marched past bbc to complain against the bbc's refusal to allow DEC appeal to raise funds to help with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Also to air their grievances about the bbc's general reporting of the situation in Gaza which many allege has been biased.

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Eleventh of Every Month Until Justice: LONDON

25-01-2009 22:09

Pictures from London and the January 11th 'Eleventh of Every Month Until Justice' Street Action. Visit for more details on International Days of Truth Action and to see more pictures/reports from around the world.
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